[HGEG] Chapter 23: Everyone

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

In the evening, the group had to look for a place to sleep, which was troublesome.

The villagers were very enthusiastic, but the rooms were limited. There are very few outsiders in Xiu Se village, so there are no guest rooms. Only the village chief and Wu Deli and another big family have a small spare room in their warehouse. The village chief assigned them. Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao would be in the rich family’s house. Dong Xiu and Li Yougen would be in Wu Deli’s house while You Yi would be in Wu Dacheng’s house, secretly ordered by Wu XueHua.

Xin Meng saw Wu XueHua secretly glancing at You Yi’s body, and he didn’t know what got to him but his mind blanked out and he said, “I’ll change with him and let him be with Xiong JiaBao!”

Everyone’s eyes fell on him. Xin Meng was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t explain his sudden actions.

The village chief caressed his beard and ignored Wu XueHua’s anxious gestures. He nodded and said, “All right, all settled then.”

Wu XueHua stomped.

Xiong JiaBao dragged Xin Meng in secret, “Hey, Xin laodi, why don’t you share a room with You Yi?

How could Xin Meng explain there was something inexplicably twisted in his heart. He grabbed Xiong JiaBao’s hand and said, “The situation here is unknown, it’s dangerous to stay alone. How can I put you in danger!”

Xiong JiaBao was immediately moved and patted Xin Meng’s shoulders. “Brother Xin, you are really… So eloquent! This gege got it! But don’t hold back for me, I can stay at sister Wu’s house!”

Sister Wu… Xin Meng’s lips twitched and he didn’t investigate it. “Hold back from what?”

“Holding you back from that!” He pointed to You Yi, then gave two thumbs up at Xin Meng.

Xin Meng was baffled, “What?”

“Ah, aren’t you that thing?” Xiong JiaBao was anxious.

“What thing?” Xin Meng was confused.

“Well, you haven’t opened up yet!” Xiong JiaBao patted Xin Meng’s head. “Sure enough, not yet.”

Xin Meng “…”

Dong Xiu was also dissatisfied, and decided to order Xin Meng. He said, “I want to live by myself. Xin Meng, you go to sleep with Li Yougen.”

Although he didn’t care about Li Yougen biting him in the previous instance, he didn’t want to be in the same room as him. He said he didn’t want to share a room with anyone, thus he wanted to strongly exchange with Xin Meng.

But as soon as the words came out his mouth, before even Xin Ming can answer, he felt some kind of terrible coldness on his back. His neck turned around slowly, until You Yi was on his sight.

“No, no need…” Dong Xiu stammered. “I’ll be with Li Yougen…”

Xin Meng was in front of You Yi and he didn’t think much about Dong Xiu’s imperative tone. He never bothered with him. He didn’t pay attention to him even when he changed his words. He didn’t think there was anything weird there.

Dong Xiu looked away stiffly, his entire back covered in sweat.

If he hasnt changed his words… He would have been killed…

Receiving such reaction made Dong Xiu sweat rain and made his lips pale.

Watching everything, Li Yougen was only an observer this time, but he bowed his head in sympathy. He didn’t dare to say anything in dissatisfaction.

There’s no electricity in the mountains and there’s no entertainment at night, so the villagers sleep very early. They get inside their houses as soon as it gets dark. The group quickly followed the assigned villagers to their houses.

Xin Meng stayed alone and was brought into a small room by the village chief. It was very small, with a small amount of debris and a small bed, next to the window.

The bedding was already ready, Xin Meng thanked them. After the village chief left, he was left alone in the room.

He layed on the bed, but couldn’t fall asleep. He looked through the dark window with a strange thought on his head-

You Yi, didn’t have lunch neither dinner. Would he be hungry!!!

Of course, he attributed those thoughts to his concern about the team’s strength. After all, You Yi is their strongest fighter, if he’s sick due an empty stomach, their survival probability is going to decrease.

The more he tried to sleep, the more worried he became, he regretted that he didn’t change with Xiong JiaBao. What was he trying to do? How come he was so childish?

In the end, he couldn’t lie down. He turned over and got out of his bed, and quietly opened the door. ouHe foundt that he had to go through the village chief’s bedroom and might alarm him. So he held his backpack with food on his hands, opened the large window and jumped out of it.

When You Yi left, Xin Meng remembered the direction he went. When he got out of the village chief’s house, he followed the direction in his memory, but regretted right after. There aren’t many houses around, but it’s still a lot. He doesn’t know which house he is, and he can’t knock from door to door!

While he was standing in a tangled position, he heard faint footsteps. He immediately looked behind and saw that the person coming to him in the darkness was You Yi.

Xin Meng’s originally stiff body relaxed within a moment. He suddenly realized that no matter how strange the situation is, whenever he saw the other person, he would feel safe.

“Can’t sleep?” You Yi walked towards him, naturally holding his hand.

Xin Meng looked down at his hand being held. You Yi’s hands were large and wide, and his fingertips were calloused. It was not very comfortable to touch, but his palms were very hot.

This seems too intimate…

“I wanted to find you…” However, instead of pulling his hand, he accidentally said what he was thinking.

You Yi didn’t ask why he was looking for him, just held his hand and pulled him forward, “This place is weird, be careful.”

“Okay.” Xin Meng was next to him, holding his hands like a child. He didn’t ask where they were going, just asked and asked, “Have you eaten? Are you hungry? I have some food in my bag and I brought it for you.”

“En.” You Yi stopped and Xin Meng looked around. They have reached the edge of the village, the mountains at their feet, the woods behind them.

They sat down at a trunk of a large tree. Xin Meng quickly opened his bag, took out the food and handed it to You Yi. You Yi took it, opened and ate quietly, and so they fell into silence, with only the sound of chewing and the food package. The forest was extremely dark during the night, Xin Meng could barely see a thing, but felt inexplicably reassured, with no embarrassment.

When You Yi finished eating, Xin Meng heard him say, “Try to not go out at night, there’s something wrong with this village.”

Xin Meng noticed that he finally expressed his opinion and quickly turned around, eagerly asking, “Why do you think so?”

You Yi answered, “Don’t forget this is a horror game.”

Yeah, they are inside a horror game, but…

This village is so peaceful.

If the appearance is comforting, then the darkness should be buried underneath it. The tranquility before the storm. It seems like the game won’t let them pass so easily and peaceful.

As soon as Xin Meng started to panic, he felt his hands being covered, the back of his hand against a strong palm. You Yi said, “Keep calm, there will always be way to clear the game.”

“Mmn” Xin Meng nodded.

He turned around, kicked the ground and made a mess with grass under his feet.


“What?” You Yi asked.

“Just…” Xin Meng pursed his lips and couldn’t see his expression in the dark. “The village chief’s daughter, the one named Wu XueHua, she seems to like you…”

Although she also seemed to like Xin Meng, but it could be seen at first glance that it was different. At that time, it was obviously just curiosity, only when she saw You Yi the kind of shy young girl showed up. He rarely talks about others behind their backs, but now, when he talks about Wu XueHua, his tone is not good, “She is an NPC, shouldn’t…”

“I don’t like her.” You Yi answered without hesitation.

The corner of Xin Meng’s lips could not help but tilt upwards. He continued to say, “But she looks cute…”

“You are much cuter.” You Yi said again.

Xin Meng whispered, “How can a man look cute…” but he couldn’t help smiling.

Near midnight, You Yi escorted Xin Meng to the village chief’s house, watched him jump through the window, lay down on the bed and cover himself with a quilt, then said goodnight and turned again. Xin Meng ignored that the quilt was dirty and buried half of his face in it, whispering, “I just don’t want to admit that he likes girls more than me… Yes, that’s it.” After hypnotizing himself, he gradually sank into dreamland.

At Wu DeLi’s home.

Dong Xiu stood by the window and looked outside. Li Yougen was lying on the bed, but he wasn’t asleep. He turned around and asked Dong Xiu, “The two are not back yet?”

“En.” Dong Xiu frowned. “So late, what those guys went out for, it’s better not to discuss.”

“Cut it” Li Yougen dismissed. “They probably went out for an exhibitionism session. Xin Meng is a slut, he’s putting on airs.”

Dong Xiu also thought so. He heard him curse at Xin Meng and felt refreshed, suddenly Li Yougen wasn’t so unpleasant. “But that You Yi, he’s dangerous.”

“It’s your fault,” Li Yougen stood up and complained. “Who asked you to say ‘go to sleep with Li Yougen’, that’s too ambiguous. Not only you were at risk, I was also almost beaten. I wanted to kill you. You know the relationship between them, isn’t that disgusting!”

Dong Xiu also regretted what he said at the time.

“It’s not good. The two are ganging up, be careful when we clear the task!”

Li Yougen hesitated, “That’s probably not it, there must be no conflict.”

Dong Xiu pushed his glasses and sneered, “There was no conflict between us but when you were escaping, why did you push Qi XiaoKui?”

Li Yougen felt guilty and turned his head to the side, changed the topic, “Anyways, just be careful with them. It’s important to clear the clearance mission.”

“That’s it.” Dong Xiu nodded with satisfaction, but didn’t know that You Yi was walking towards the end of the road and looked back at his window. When Dong Xiu looked out of the window again, there was no one there.

Translator and Editor Notes:

…. I swear to god. I spent half an hour in this damn dialogue between Li Yougen and Dong Xiu. All because of this damn slang:
 野战 means, literally, field operation. It’s a rude slang for exhibitionist sex.
There, he accuses Xin Meng of selling his body in change for protection, that’s why he calls him a slut and says he’s faking it. ~Zucci

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