[HGEG] Chapter 22: Some Information

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

Some words would be inappropriate in front of the villagers. They will not act unresponsive towards irrelevant words like real NPCs. Just like Wu XueHua’s, they will be curious.

Therefore, Xin Meng asked the village chief to temporarily borrow a room so they could share information and discuss their plans and countermeasures.

The room was actually the living room of the village chief’s house. The village was really primitive, with no modern furniture such as sofas and coffee tables, just a few wooden stools and low wooden tables. The group sat on the small benches around the table, with five cards placed on the table.

Xin Meng naturally picked You Yi’s card and smiled at him before reading:

[Don’t look for it, there’s no exit.]

[Trigger certain conditions to leave the valley.]

“Indeed,” Dong Xiu said “I looked for it before coming here, even the villagers said that the so-called road to the outside world is dark and endless. I couldn’t get through.”

Xin Meng nodded, picking up Dong Xiu’s card.

[Those poor people must be so hateful.]

“What?” Xiong JiaBao cleaned his ear to hear better. It was just that sentence?

“Well, that’s it.” Xin Meng couldn’t figure out what that meant.

Li Yougen pushed his card towards Xin Meng, “What’s this? Mine is even simpler.”

Xin Meng took it.

[Pay attention to details.]

Pay attention to details? Is the clearance condition hidden in the details?

The words in Xiong JiaBao’s card are a little bit longer and attracted everyone’s attention. It says:

[There’s a reason for you to arrive at the Forbidden land.]

[Ignore it, or push it down. It’s your choice.]

“Forbidden!” Xin Meng heard that. “It really has something to do with it! I heard the villagers mention that!”

“Me too” Li Yougen replied, and the others nodded. It seems that it was an information they must have, and also an important clue. Everyone was “notified” about that, consciously or not. [1]

The other cards are pushed away, and that card is placed at the centre.

“It seems that we need go to the Forbidden grounds to see it” Xin Meng said thoughtfully.

Dong Xiu just glanced at him, “What about your card?”

Xin Meng didn’t bother with his attitude and read the contents of his card.

“Hell for the meat eaters? What does this mean?” Xiong JiaBao scratched his head, unable to understand.

“That’s right!” Xin Meng remembered something and asked Dong Xiu. “I remember that girl saying that, have you eaten at their house?”

Dong Xiu nodded. Li Yougen and Xiong JiaBao also answered, “We were brought here after eating at their houses.”

Xin Meng looked at You Yi and You Yi nodded. Those deep brown eyes have been following Xin Meng since they met. Xin Meng is still inexplicably embarrassed and his heartbeat became a lot faster. He quickly turned his gaze away and said nervously, “The village chief told the villagers to look for you. Why didn’t they bring you the moment they found you?”

“I don’t know” Xiong JiaBao shook his head. “Maybe they were just spreading out their hospitality. The people around here are very considerate.”

Xin Meng felt a bit weird, but couldn’t point out what was wrong, so he just continued the topic. “Did you eat meat?”

Xiong JiaBao answered cheerfully, “Ate it! I am telling you, it was really delicious. Ah, brother, I have never eaten such delicious meat. It was indeed a first rate pig!”

Delicious? Xin Meng looked down at his card, confused.

Li Yougen said, “The taste was quite good. It was more fragrant and tender than the meat I used to buy in the market.”

His family is from a rural village. He later passed the exam to enter university and moved out. As he got richer, he became ashamed of sharing his origins. He didn’t talk about it, and pretended not to know about it.

Now he cannot say that the meat of his domestic pigs was bought on the market.

“Well!” Dong Xiu snorted coldly. “I don’t know, isn’t it just that the stewing time is longer? The taste is far worse than the food in Wales!”

Wales is the highest five-star hotel in their city, and it’s also his most frequented place.

“Then what does the card mean?” Xin Meng frowned. “I originally guessed that those meats should not be good eat, but if it’s delicious then how can it be described as ‘hell’?”

The group talked about it, but it was useless. They already regretted eating the meat. Who knows what will happen, but they can’t spit it out now.

Xin Meng silently came to You Yi while everyone was discussing and whispered, “Did you also eat the meat? Was there anything weird?”

He didn’t trust Dong Xiu and Li Yougen, and just wanted You Yi to confirm that, but he didn’t expect You Yi to shook his head, lips almost touching his ear, saying slowly with a deep voice, “No, I don’t eat food made by strangers.”

He exhaled hot air as he talked right into his ears. Xin Meng felt as if someone was licking his ear and his heart went numb. His back became soft and his face went red. He hurried to distance himself while covering his ears with his hand. He almost bit his tongue, “Yes, yes, that’s great…”

You Yi looked at his slightly red cheeks and earlobes with a faint smile, not speaking anything and neither participating in the discussion.

“You… Do you have any ideas?” Xin Meng hadn’t been far from that person for long but couldn’t help returning quietly to his side.

You Yi shook his head and didn’t seem to have thought about the topic.

However, Xin Meng felt You Yi actually had some guesses, but he didn’t want to share it. He was like an outsider, standing by and watching. Watching them play, as if the game didn’t matter at all. He always had this kind of indifference, staying away from things.

Xin Meng’s heart was a little sad. As for the reason, he himself didn’t understand. There was only a faint idea, but he refused to think deeply about it.

Finally, everyone came to a conclusion: first, find Qi XiaoKui, look at her card, and then go to the forbidden land.

Before they came in, Xin Meng talked to the village chief and asked them to continue looking for someone. However, when they went outside the house, it was already getting dark, and the villagers couldn’t find another outsider.

“Don’t worry. I will soon call some of the big guys, give then skme torches to go up the hill and look for her.. They will definitely find her for you!”

Xin Meng hesitated, looking at the simple villagers and then at the dark mountains, “Village chief, are there any beasts in these mountains?”

“No,” the village chief shook his head. “Our ancestors didn’t know moderation, and hunted every wild animal around until they went extinct. Now we just have some hares, deers, small things, ah.”

“It’s better to look for her tomorrow. The sky is too dark and the mountain path is not easy, it’s better to stay out of danger” said Xin Meng. “She won’t run around during night. Let’s look for her tomorrow morning.”

Actually, Xin Meng subconsciously knew that the girl was probably hiding from them and wouldn’t allow herself to be found so it would be useless to go up the hills.

“The way she is, it’s alright” Dong Xiu was impatient. “The way she is, the beasts will be scared as soon as they see her. What danger would she be in, she will probably come down tomorrow.”

Seeing all them like that, the villager chief invited them for dinner, but this time, no one touched the meat, just grabbed a few vegetarian dishes, which made the village chief, Wu XueHua and the others feel strange.

“Why don’t you eat meat?” Wu XueHua was still scared of Dong Xiu, but when she noticed Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao were good to talk to, she restored to her previous cheerfulness and asked curiously, “Isn’t Xin Meng the only one who believes in Buddha? You also believe in Buddha? I heard that it’s possible to eat meat at noon.”

Xiong JiaBao and Li Yougen quickly went haha, barely covering up their mouth. Wu XueHua looked at You Yi, who had been silent and hasn’t even touched his chopsticks. Seeing that handsome figure,deep and beautiful eyes, somehow her face became a little red, her voice softened an octave and she whispered to him. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Xin Meng saw that scene, wondering why he felt so uncomfortable.

However, You Yi ignored Wu XueHua. Wu XueHua had no complains this time, her face was still red, with the coquettishness of a young girl. She bowed her head, constantly peeping at You Yi.

Xin Meng lost his appetite and put down his chopsticks. The remaining dishes were quickly devoured by the others.

“Won’t you eat?” You Yi immediately discovered Xin Meng’s anomaly and talked for the first time since he sat down at the dinner table.

“Well, I’m full.” The was a kind of blockage on his heart. Xin Meng was like that. When he was in a bad mood, he refused to eat, but he didn’t want to lose his temper, so he would sullen in silence. The most important thing is that he can’t even tell why he’s angry.

Xin Meng pursed his lips for a while, but still couldn’t not ask You Yi, “Won’t you be hungry if you don’t eat? If you don’t mind, I can borrow their kitchen and cook for you…”

His cooking skill are very good, and he also enjoys cleaning up, that’s why it was said he was almost like a wife.

Who… Who said that?

Xin Meng couldn’t remember it, but he remembered that he was very angry. After all, no man liked being called a ‘wife’.

You Yi glanced at him, who was deeply in trouble, and didn’t see the smile that flashed through his eyes, just hears him and says “Okay.”

Xin Meng didn’t think much, stood up and asked the village chief to borrow the kitchen.

He didn’t expect it but… He was rejected?!!

“All the dishes we eat, are picked from the ground the same day. Now the kitchen is empty. How can you cook without the materials?” The village head put the chopsticks inside his mouth, tasting it carefully.

“It’s alright, there’s still some meat.” Wu XueHua said. “Aren’t you a believer of Buddha, can you make meat dishes?”

Xin Meng was speechless.

“Brother You, how about tasting my dishes?” Wu XueHua blushes and says to You Yi softly. “They all say that it’s very delicious, try it…”

Saying that, she tried feeding You Yi, but Xin Meng was still in the middle. Xin Meng saw Wu XueHua’s chopsticks reaching out to You Yi and, without even thinking, he pushed her by instinct. “He also follows Buddha, he can’t eat meat!”

Wu XueHua bit her lips, retreated her hand silently, bowed her head to eat and ignored them.

Wu Dacheng ate his meal with sorrow and sighed, “Our Huahua is ready to be married.”

No one answered him, just Xiong JiaBao looked at Wu XueHua several times.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] They remember about Forbidden land, even if they didn’t pay much attention to details. ~Asada

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