[NTBG] Chapter 32 (1/2): Bad Naming Sense

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

Unexpectedly a very large group returned back to the base.

The carriage obtained in Murus’ village and the two carriages owned by Dordrod, which were hidden in the forest were now carefully following a rough road in the forest.

The Rodis Family, Gams and Chem, Murus, Dordrod and four adventurers, that’s totals to 11.

The destroyed village had very little supplies left, but the shortage of dishes and seasoning was satisfied.

I addition, I was glad to find vegetable seeds. I will leave the farming for after winter, in spring.

With such a large number of people, it was guaranteed that the return trip would be safe. So I left the room and went down to the first floor.

By the times the villagers returned, I used the restroom and took out the fried meat from yesterday as well as some fruits from the Village of Fate from the refrigerator.

One of the plate was for the Golden Lizard.

“Oh, are you hungry?”

The lizard sat beside the plate and started eating the fruits.

How did he got out? it’s obvious. At the top of the aquarium, the glass cover is out of alignment this leaving a gap for it to come out.

I was surprised at the lizards cleverness but more than that….how did he reach up there…Even if the soil or the tree is used…it’s still not possible right?

“Well, how did you come out?”

After asking the question and eating the fruits, the next thing which I did was to grab grilled meat.

After I put it in my mouth, I asked another question.

“What you eat meat? Weren’t you an omnivore?”

Of course, it silently ate meat without answering my questions.

I wonder if it will eat anything if I give it to him. I will ask Sayuki about this later on.

The lizard is growing smoothing after eating such delicacies. Within just a few days, it is already the size of a stuffed animal…..I guess it will grow up to few metres like a big snake. I can only pray that it will stop growing then.

“Oh, yes. I thought of a name. Tell me which one is better. First, since you look like a dinosaur, so about about Lizardsaurus.” [1]

The meat falls from the hands of the lizard and it started staring at me.

….it’s a surprising reaction. You didn’t even shake your head left to right. I think it was a coincidence but why does it seem like dissatisfaction. Then should I tell him the other name?

“Then, how about this? Destiny. Destiny in English means Fate. How about that?”

The lizard pickups the meat and nods while eating it.

I don’t really know what that nod means but let’s keep this name as it’s suitable for the pet of God of Fate/God of Destiny.

Destiny competes with me for the fruits and starts staring at the PC after he is full.

After I caught his view and looked over, I saw the villagers just arriving at the cave base.

Oops, I forgot about it but there is no problem. All I can do is watch and leave the business to Rodis.

The work is in the hands of right person. I shouldn’t squeeze in because this is the situation where he can show of his dad powers.

“I see, so now you live here. It’s easy to protect and there is no need to worry about rain and wind. A master in archery and a skilled adventurer. There is even a healer who can use recovery magic and perform prayers. A cure and cheerful daughter and a beautiful wife. You are a blessed man.”

I feel great after he praises the villagers and the base.

The villagers hand over the materials of the monsters they have defeated. He seems to be buying them higher than the market price. 

Rodis said, “Didn’t you give too much?”

“I gave it a little thought. Since you all are blessed by God of Fate, we can expect great future development. We gave to get favored in the long run.”

I don’t hate Dordrod both as a merchant and as a person.

The ore was also offered to them but he said that he will buy them later on because he would have little profit right now because of low quantity.

“We can buy it with the cash but barter will be fine in the future too.”

“It helps. There is one request though. As you can see, we are short on people. So if you find any migrants who are looking for a place to live, then we want them all.”

Rodis put out a recruitment.

As a last resort, I can just ask the oracle and pray to the Gods to help me.

“If it’s about immigrants then there has been a lot of fuss right now. It seems that lots of villages have been destroyed in recent years. I have heard that the ferocity of the monsters has increased and the different races are now having the ability to band together and attack. I guess many people are looking for a stable place to live.”

So after all, the recent behavior of the monsters is abnormal in this world.

It was not usual for Rodis and Murus’ villages to be attacked.

“But this forbidden forest is not safe place to live. If you listen to my suggestion then why don’t you all move?”

That’s a good suggestion but if they get out of the forest then according to the rules of the game, this game should be over.

I feel like it would be a rule violation to live in some other village in a village building game.

Still if the villagers can be happy then why not consider the game cleared instead of actually clearing it.

It would be painful to not act as the God of Fate in the future but I will still prioritize the happiness of the villagers. I don’t want to see the village be annihilated in the game.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] That is a godly naming sense.

What do you think the villagers are going to do in the next part. Comment your views 👍 ~ Asada

And I would suggest you all not to read the raws as I don’t want you all to spoil your reading experience. Believe me.~ Asada

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