[NTBG] Chapter 31 (2/2): A Beautiful Scene

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

“This is the village where I used to lived. Lodis, should we go on ahead?”

Murus stops at the village entrance and questioned Lodis.

The villagers corpses have been buried and the monster corpses have been disposed, but they might be wondering if they should show this abandoned village to others. Some body parts might be still lying around.

“You don’t need to worry. It might be a tough path for Carol but it’s inevitable if you live in this world.”

“Yes… someday, we may come across something worse…..”

The world beyond that screen is different from the peaceful Japan. It’s not a surprise that the parents don’t want to show such sights to the children.

But world of Village for Fate is cruel. If they don’t get used to such kind of situations then they might become scared and hesitant in emergency situations and that could be life threatening.

“Carol is a strong child. She will be fine….”

She answered while holding down her trembling hand tightly.

After Gams holds her hand, she feels relieved.

I was little worried when looking over to Chem. I thought that maybe she would not be jealous in this situation and look at them with gentle eyes.

…..I assumed too much….She was holding the Bible in her hands so tight, that I could clearly hear some tearing sounds. [1] 

I put my finger on the key as everyone went into the village.

Gams’ group is on the south while the suspicious group is in the Northeast. Both are moving toward the centre of the village.

Soon they will be close enough to see eachother.

“Chem. Hide behind that house. Murus!”

“I already know. Looks like someone is here. Monsters or bandits? Either way, I can’t let them get away for free.”

Gams’ pulls out his sword with caution. Murus also takes out her now.

Chem without saying another word took the horse behind a house with Lodis and others.

The other side also noticed them at the same time. The other group would appear soon.

“What are you doing in my village!……Dordord?!”

“Oops, Murus please put down your weapons. It’s safe.”

Murus puts back her bow after seeing the fat middle aged man.

Gams’ and other relaxed their hands on her weapons as well.

In a bouncy and sloshy way, the man called Dordord approached Murus and squeezed her hands.

“I was worried since the village has been destroyed like this. It’s really good that Murus is safe.”

Dordord wipes tears around his eyes.

You can understand by the exchange till now that he is a good person, unless this all is an act.

“I am the only one left…. Please rest assured. This is Dordord, a peddler who often came to my village for business.”

After hearing the story, Chem and others came out from behind the abandoned house.

So after all he was a merchant? Strangely my prediction was right.

The encounter with the peddler has saved us a lot of work. The skins and bones obtained from the monsters can be sold as raw materials and even the ore in the cave can be sold.

And if he came to the village then he must have some goods. This is perfect for the winter.

“Then should I delete the oracle?”

If I sent it by mistake then it would be embarrassing so I deleted everything.

Looking for top to bottom. The merchant Dordord seems to have mild and fragile character.

“Everyone must have struggled. It’s about the matter we just mentioned, we will be glad to buy your items. How about visiting the cave with us as soon as we finish our work?”

“Of course. Thanks for your help.”

Lodis also seems to be a merchant so he talked and negotiated everything.

From now on, he will bring back supplies to the villagers and in return we will provide him with raw material of monsters and ores.

It seems that he will buy anything which is left untouched here. He is looking for essential items for sale with permission from Murus.

The remaining carriage was somehow damaged but still we used the safe parts from other carriages to repair it.

So now there is something which I am thinking for a while.

Maybe a miracle has been running since Murus has joined the village.

[A peddler visits] [2]

This seems to be the result of activating that miracle. Can a miracle take three days to be executed instead of occuring immediately depending upon the content.

….I learnt something new. Let’s remember this.

All the task were over in the village after few hours.

“Please rest in Peace.”

Finally, Chem prayed in front of the graves.

Carol and her escort went to pick up the flowers and put them in front of the tombs.

Seeing everyone praying, I decided to trigger a miracle. I set the area around each grave to sunny so beams of light fell on then from the sky.

The dust in the air shimmered with sunlight as if the dead have been called to Heaven.

“It’s sacred but beautiful…….”

A large drop of tear falls down from the face of Murus after witnessing this scene.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] The Bible is in danger. I think I will name this chapter after this situation 😂

[2] Remember the miracle which was accidentally triggered by Sayuki 👍

I have added clear guidelines about Kofi donations. Go check them out. You will now know exactly what you are donating for. 😂 ~ Asada

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