[HGEG] Chapter 21: Conflict Outbreak

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Asada

“Turns out you were really looking for me.”

Dong Xiu said as he walked towards the gate, but didn’t go any further. He stood in place, looking at Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao and the two girls behind him said with a smile, “See, we weren’t lying to you.”

Xin Meng was about to say something when, suddenly, Xiong JiaBao made an angry face and rushed out like an angry bird, grabbing Dong Xiu’s collar!

Dong Xiu saw Xiong JiaBao distorted expression, and presumably thinking of the last game, his face went pale. He failed to break free from his grasp.

“You! Tricked! Me!” Xiong JiaBao was furious. He waved his fist and punched Dong Xiu, making his glasses go flying.

The small courtyard fell into chaos. The villagers hurried forward to separate them. Xiong JiaBao still wanted to punch him. Dong Xiu didn’t dare confront him, and allowed the villagers to take him a few steps back.

“When did I trick you? You were the one that wanted to go down, it wasn’t me!” Dong Xiu lost his glasses, so his vision was a bit blurry and he couldn’t see Xiong JiaBao’s face, making him sigh in relief. But, in the end, he felt guilty and lacked confidence, but refused to admit his mistakes.

“You!” Xiong JiaBao waved his fist and rushed forward to hit him again. He was stopped by the teenager behind him, so he shouted, “I wouldn’t be that impulsive if you hadn’t tempted me!”

Hearing that, Dong Xiu didn’t panic. He shook the girl holding him off, fixed himself and picked his glasses, then sneered at Xiong JiaBao. “If I didn’t tempt you, you wouldn’t have gone down? Weren’t you and Jie Zi good friends? Wouldn’t you listen to him if he told you to go down?!”

Xiong JiaBao remembered the other man who deceived him, he was even worse than Dong Xiu!

Dong Xiu took the opportunity to continue questioning him, “Answer me! You wouldn’t go down?!”

Xiong JiaBao froze, and the colorful feathers on his hair seemed a bit down. He lowered his hand. “Hm, I’ll let you go this time but if you dare to deceive me again, I’ll make sure your mother won’t recognize your face!”

After he spoke, he turned around and walked to the house’s door. He sat there and saw the tea pot that Xin Meng had put down, and angrily drank it. Wu HueXua glanced at him, her fingers playing with her braid, and pouted.

After that, Xin Meng, who had been watching, came over to Xiong JiaBao and asked, “Do you remember what happened after you touched that stone?”

Xiong JiaBao had no bad opinions about Xin Meng. In the beginning, he treated everyone as friends and so his defense against them was miserable. But he’s not that naive. He asks others to treat him with respect and in return he will treat them with respect too. If not, then they won’t be friends anymore!

That’s why Dong Xiu has been removed from his friends list and Xin Meng, who has always been friendly and kind to him is still his friend, so he’s naturally willing to answer his questions.

“I don’t remember the details, just some vague memories.” Xiong JiaBao scratched his head, not sure how to describe it. “I lost consciousness right after touching the stone. When I woke up, I was at the mountain. Things naturally came to my mind, but if you ask me how do I know those things, then I don’t know what to say.”

Xin Meng nodded, a bit relieved. “That’s fortunate. Just knowing it and not experiencing it.”

Hearing what he said, Xiong JiaBao remembered what happened after he turned into a monster. He seemed to have eaten human flesh? He couldn’t help but tremble, “That’s right, fortunate! Very fortunate…”

At the same time, another group returned. Xin Meng looked back and found out that Li Yougen had been found.

When Li Yougen saw Xiong JiaBao, another angry bull appeared in the courtyard and the villagers once again had to separate a fight.

Li Yougen continued to curse at him endlessly: “You damn bastard became a monster! You didn’t even go after the culprit, you kept chasing me! I became a zombie because of you, jerk, I won’t forgive you!”

However, Xiong JiaBao is different from Dong Xiu who refuses to acknowledge his mistakes and quickly apologized. His attitude seems very sincere, which makes Li Yougen’s anger dissipate a little. He gave Xiong JiaBao an unsatisfied glance and turned around, but met Dong Xiu’s gloomy face.

After remembering that he held Dong Xiu down and bitten him, Li Yougen felt sick. He felt a surge on his stomach and before being able to speak any further, he rushed to the wall and vomited.

Dong Xiu’s expression was even uglier, but he didn’t look for a fight. He was rational. He knew that, at the time, Li Yougen had lost consciousness and became a monster NPC. Fighting him would be useless, so he just ignored him.

Four people appeared right after another, but Xin Meng frowned. What about Qi XiaoKui and You Yi?

It was strange, he had known You Yi for less than a day, but he already felt You Yi was kind and truly cared for him. He seemed like a friend who he had known for a long time. As soon as he spoke, he would walk towards him by instinct and he didn’t even know why.

Later, Xin Meng analyzed himself, and thought it was probably similar to a girl in puberty who made a nice girl friend and after knowing each other for a while, wished to even go together to the toilet.

It’s just too terrible!

His minds were full of messy thoughts, but his eyes continued looking at the door, and when he finally saw the familiar figure, all those thoughts turned into soap bubbles and popper. He quickly ran towards him, looking up at his eyes with a stare full of joy. His eyes had become even brighter.

You Yi stood in front of him and smiled at him, he reached out to rub his head. The atmosphere between the two was extremely harmonious.

Li Yougen squinted at them and murmured, “Devil…”

He stopped his sentence, remembering what had happened before and quickly swallowed his words. Sure enough, when he saw You Yi casually glancing at him, his frightened legs went numb. He turned his head and covered his mouth his his fingers, whispering, “Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!”

Dong Xiu sneered, looking at Xin Meng’s eyes filled with contempt and joy, but he wasn’t stupid as Li Yougen, and though he understood the truth, he said nothing.

He glanced at the scattered people around the yard. The dirty glasses and the corners of his mouth compromised his appearance, but he wasn’t aware of that and still looked arrogant, with a cold voice he said with impatience, “Now that everyone is here, let’s discuss about the task. First, show your cards…”

Xin Meng turned his head at him and interrupted, “There’s one person missing. Qi XiaoKui hasn’t arrived yet.”

Dong Xiu was very dissatisfied with his interruption and his tone was very impatient, “It’s still the same without her.”

After saying that, he glanced at Xiong JiaBao, his eyes flickered and he adopted a resentful tone, “If it wasn’t for her, we would have known the meteorite was dangerous, and Xiong JiaBao wouldn’t have turned into a monster. It’s all because she refused to cooperate!”

“That’s right!” Xiong JiaBao reacted and slapped his thigh. “If she had shown us her card from the beginning, I definitely wouldn’t have turned into that thing as I wouldn’t have touched it!”

Xin Meng was disgusted by Dong Xiu’s behavior. “If you think that then go ahead. If you didn’t hit her while we were in the supermarket, she would have showed us her card!”

“You!” Dong Xiu was furious and stared angrily at Xin Meng, while clenching his fists. How dare he go against him, he couldn’t wait to choke him!

But then he saw You Yi, who was right behind Xin Meng, he resigned his gaze and cursed in his heart. “He’s not a rabbit, what kind of person is he!”

Xin Meng is well protected. Almost his whole body was covered by the man behind him, so without any fear he continues, “Did you forget your lesson? If we don’t wait for her, we won’t see the contents of her card, then we might fall in danger. What then?”

Everyone was quiet. Xin Meng finally concluded, “We still have to find her!”

“Excuse me…” Suddenly, a clear female voice interrupted the conversation. Wu XueHua had her eyes wide, staring at them with curiosity, “What are you talking about? What monsters, meteorites… What dangers?”

“Ah, we…” Xiong JiaBao didn’t know hot to explain, but Dong Xiu answered impatiently, “It has nothing to do with you, Don’t worry about it.:

The atmosphere cooled down. Wu XueXua was reprimanded with harsh tone for the first time. Tears gathered in her eyes, she pouted, feeling very hurt, and the villagers were not happy about it, “Hey, young man, watch your words!”

“We even gave you dinner, how can you speak to Wu XueHua like that?!”

The villagers, although they were kind yet didn’t lack temper. They were unhappy after being scolded by an outsider. They were now full of opinions about Dong Xiu. Dong Xiu didn’t expect his words to cause such a commotion. He froze while unwilling to apologize.

Xin Meng, who was afraid Dong Xiu would ruin the whole team’s reputation, quickly said, “He has a bad temper. He always speaks like this. It was not intentional. He often scolds us too. Don’t care about him.”

The villagers noticed that since he arrived, Dong Xiu really wasn’t nice to anyone, so they believed Xin Meng, but Dong Xiu didn’t appreciate it. In his mind, Xin Meng’s words were not an apology but he was actually bad-mouthing him!

“Just you wait!” Dong Xiu whispered angrily, not letting anyone hear his voice

Translator and Editor Notes:

Hello! I noticed I’ve made a mistake, hah… I was confused with the name of the game, (谷中村) i saw the 村 which is village and thought it was referring to a real village; yeah I actually thought 谷中 (which would be like, middle of a valley) was the name of the village lmao Like… Ignore the fact that they said in the first chapter the name was Xiu Se village, please, I’m already feeling dumb enough. I’m not getting enough sleep, I’ll blame that. Besides, english is not my first language, but I’m thinking “Village in the valley” is a tad weird… Can someone suggest a smoother option? ~Zucci

Also, don’t worry guys. The novel has 135 chapters in total, you really think those stupid teammates will be around till the end? lmao… In a few games, it will change, don’t worry 🙂
BTW, the next game is my fav… This one seems so slow compared to the others, though it’s a good one still, just not my favorite around. ~Zucci

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