[PBCT] Chapter 12: Born with Destiny

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Kenny Stryker and Asada

Proofreader: JadeCloud

Each person has their own destiny.

It’s the role that Heaven has dictated for us.

In other words, a person who was in a prominent position like the Emperor was born with the destiny to be the Emperor.

It was an absolute destiny. No matter how much that person resisted, fate will inevitably lead that person to the throne.

However, despite that――

“Gettenwo, why are you trying to escape your destiny?” ~Sugen

“I could say the same thing to you!” ~Gettenwo

Tonight, the moon was well hidden behind the clouds.

I was walking in the Courtyard while holding Gettenwo under my arm. My siblings, Iifu, Ryausha and Sauran, yawned while walking. At a glance, it would seem as if the five siblings were taking a night walk.

However, this was not merely strolling at night.

“Seriously, I am not impressed that you ran away from home like that. Moreover, it is already late at night. Please let me take you back.” ~Sugen

“I don’t remember acknowledging this place as my home. Or perhaps I should say that this is a kidnapping, you bastard! Let me down!” ~Gettenwo

During Gettenwo’s attempt to escape from the court, she was caught by us four siblings and now was being taken back home.

The girl was quick to run away. However, she was not clever enough to escape from the four of us.

Iifu, Ryausha, and Sauran shook their heads while holding the rope, hanging in their hands.

“Well, don’t scold her, Sugen. Once in a while, everyone wants to be free.” ~Iifu

“But if you were troubled with her trying to run away from home, you should discuss it with us……” ~Ryausha

“I agree. Perhaps we may be able to do something as siblings.” ~Sauran

Seeing them talking in a solemn tone, Gettenwo’s expression turned hard as a rock.

“What happened?” ~Sugen

“Nothing, I was just impressed that you could say such shameless things.” ~Gettenwo

“What are you saying? From the bottom of our hearts, we are worried about you.” ~Sugen

“If that’s the case, you should release me now……” ~Gettenwo

Of course, I did not released her. Gettenwo kicked and struggled, but she could not escape.

On the other hand, my siblings persuaded Gettenwo with their kindness.

“It’s alright, Gettenwo. Let’s think this through. Isn’t the Emperor the pinnacle of the country? All power will be in your hands. You can do whatever you want. Why would you reject it?” ~Ryausha

“You should listen to your heart.” ~Sauran

What a stubborn person.

The notice with Gettenwo’s recognized as the official fifth prince has already been circulated for three days. She was given exceptional treatment as a leading candidate for the next Emperor, but she continued to refuse that position.

“I understand… if you had an excellent brother like me, you would be anxious to ascend the throne.” ~Someone

“Wait. When did anyone said that?” ~Gettenwo

“After all, you can hear my heart.” ~Sugen

Gettenwo turned to me.

“Is it not?”~Sugen

“No… I don’t want to argue anymore. Instead, you guys should be calm and think. I am doubtful that a person with questionable origins would be acknowledged as the prince. Therefore, it should be for the sake of calling back this idiot. After looking at a suitable time, he will decide to send me off.” ~Gettenwo

“I don’t… I don’t think so. Dad likes you. Or else, it would be impractical to put up the official recognization notice.” ~Sugen

That was not the case. Gettenwo’s expression turned annoyed.

“Making an outsider like me as the Emperor means cutting off the Emperor’s lineage. Do you know how serious this is?” ~Gettenwo

”Well. I it doesn’t matter. If it works, it does not matter who will seat at the throne.” ~Sugen

“Huh?” ~Gettenwo

Their father, the Emperor himself, had said that the most important thing was ‘motivation.’ From that point of view, all of the siblings were lacking. If that was the case, then don’t worry about the rotten lineages. Introducing a new breath of air may be a good idea.

I turned to my brothers.

“Older siblings, you guys wouldn’t mind, right?”~Sugen

“As long as I can do whatever I like, I won’t complain to anyone no matter who becomes the Emperor,” Iifu said.

“If I could maintain my current lifestyle, then, I don’t have any objections,” Sauran said.

Only Ryausha was holding her mouth with her hand to suppress her laughter.

“Elder sister? What’s wrong?” ~Sugen

“No. Nothing. But, do you think father did not have any plans in mind? I can’t imagine that being the case at all.” ~Ryausha

Gettenwo and I tilted our heads.

I cannot guess at my sister’s unusual happy attitude.

However, even if I asked her about it, she would not answer. Even if I was worried, I couldn’t do a thing about it.

 ――That was what I was thinking, but then my body got twisted as Gettenwo flipped herself up.

“I get it now! In other words, I am simply a stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate [1]. Maybe if I was recognized as the princess, you all could become more serious. For the next Emperor’s nomination, the Emperor would likely to exclude me and choose from the four of you. That’s right. If that was the case, then the imperial lineage will be preserved.” ~Gettenwo

I was shocked as if struck by lightning. No. Not just me. Iifu and Sauran were also showing startled expressions.

Certainly, ‘Gettenwo’s wild guess’ could very likely happen. We had been very optimistic since Gettenwo arrived.

Iifu had stopped going out half-nakedly and parading the imperial court with his eccentric behavior. Sauran, too, had stopped feigning an ‘incurable illness’ and became normal.

It was no longer necessary to perform a play to be disqualified as the Emperor.

But, what if that was what the Emperor wanted us to do?

If we assumed that Gettenwo had been decided as the successor, then we would have stopped intentionally exposing disgraceful behavior and felt at ease and would have shown our real ability.

When our real abilities became ascertained, the next true Emperor would then be chosen.

“… That was dangerous.” ~Sugen

IF… he was using this tactic, the next Emperor would definitely be me. If we eliminate Gettenwo, among the four royal heirs, then the most intelligent one is none other than me. After all, if we looked at intelligence and martial might, excluding personality, everything about me was perfect.

If I showed my ability, then I would not be able to escape from being nominated.

“Good job. Gettenwo. Now I understand more about father’s dirty methods.” ~Sugen

“Huh, you can understand it, if you just think a little bit.” ~Gettenwo

Gettenwo stuck up her nose proudly.

During this time, why did Ryausha tremble and huff and turned her face in a different direction? Was she vexed that she was able to see through the Emperor’s plan and thought that she was the only one who was aware of it?

“But don’t worry. This is the end of your strategy to push the throne onto me. Come on, give up. Let me down, and let’s go back to the castle――” ~Gettenwo

“What do you mean?” ~Sugen

In response to my words, Gettenwo, who seemed to be relieved, turned stiff.

“What are you saying… Didn’t you hear what I just said? The Emperor has no choice but to choose from one of you.” ~Gettenwo

“We’ve seen the trick now. If that’s the case, here’s a new strategy we could use.” ~Sugen

It was a simple case. If the Emperor intended to remove Gettenwo from the list of candidates for his succession, he should crush that idea.

“We should take away father’s right to nominate the next Emperor.” ~Sugen

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] 当て馬 – a stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate – like a test. In this case, perhaps Gettenwo figured out that the Emperor was pulling a trick

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