[PBCT] Chapter 11: Are they Compatible?

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Translator: Redeyes

Editor: Asada and Kenny Stryker

“We might have managed to escape, but we absolutely can’t go back to the court. What are we going to do now?” ~Sugen

“I don’t know. Please don’t get me involved in this matter. I only took waste like you with me because I couldn’t just leave you to the Emperor.” ~Gettenwo

After successfully escaping from the tunnel. Gettenwo and I quarreled as we fell in the riverbank in the suburbs of Ando.

“Haaa… I guess I won’t be crowned when I return. For the most part, it’s not my fault I was helplessly kidnapped by a noble thief. Thanks for the trouble.” ~Sugen

“I was somehow caught in your family problems! You need to apologize to me!” ~Gettenwo

After quarreling for a while, both of them ran out of breath.

The enliven street above the riverbank was talking fervently about Gettenwo.

Last night, Gettenwo experienced an arson and managed to evade the ambush. This morning, the opium house was destroyed, which was deemed a well-deserved punishment.

The one who did that last night was my father, the Emperor.

“I’m glad their business was foiled.” ~Sugen

“It’s a shame. Seriously… Just return the borrowed items to the warehouse. Don’t forget about it.” ~Gettenwo

“Oh!” ~Sugen

Tired of Gettenwo’s willful warning, I resigned myself to just agree.

“More importantly, what should we do from tomorrow onwards? I cannot rely on my power as the prince anymore. Should I apply as a bodyguard somewhere?” ~Sugen

“If there was a bodyguard like you, it would be easy for your identity to get exposed with that strength and reputation of yours.” ~Gettenwo

“You’re right.” ~Sugen

However, there was no other job I could do. I was not planning to degrade myself and be a chivalrous person.

“If you want a job that won’t expose you, you could become a thief. It could be a new lease on life. No one is going to complain if you took some allowance for food.” ~Gettenwo

“After all, I should take my cut.” [Basically taking protection money like gangsters.] ~ Sugen

“Otherwise, you will not get to eat anything. But, it’s easy than being a thief without any conscience.” [Bandits 😂]

Gettenwo laughed mischievously. Until now, her expression was showing genuine justice, but now, she had a smile similar to her own siblings.

“Yeah, bandits, huh? That doesn’t sound too bad.” ~Sugen

I woke up thinking about the incident last night.


“Extra! Extra! It’s an announcement from the Emperor! The thief, Gettenwo, is being recognized as the fifth prince!” ~Random person

Newsprint spread around, from the court and throughout the city. The contents of the news were that the Emperor had finally recognized Gettenwo as the fifth prince.

A signboard was also put up on the main street of Ando, and the following text was written on it:

“We welcome Gettenwo to the court. The fourth prince, Sugen, is being sent as the messenger. You are invited with the highest honor. Please accept it.”

While looking at the signboard, I was already holding Gettenwo’s wrist firmly.

She struggled to escape, but she was not my equal.

“Ba… bastard! What are you thinking? However you think about this, it is definitely a trap! Wake up!” Gettenwo

“Too bad. As long as there is hope, a man should move forward.” ~Sugen

“This idiot! Hey! Release me! This is kidnapping!” ~Gettenwo

I held onto Gattenwo’s arm and went back to the court merrily.


At that same time, during the court session, the ministers reported to the Emperor with grim expressions.

“Is this really a good idea, Your Majesty? To recognize the fifth prince who has no relation with the court?” ~Minister

“Oh. She has spirit and skills. I was thinking of adopting her. A peaceful way to bait Sugen to come home.” ~Emperor

“And Gettenwo has the support of the citizens. Do you have to nominate her as the Emperor?” ~Minister

The Emperor replied while picking a booger.

“At that time, to make it more stable, let that idiot, Sugen, take her as his wife. Surprisingly, he seems to have feelings for her.” ~Emperor

Translator and Editor Notes:

In the original text, Gettenwo was referred as ouji (王子), or prince, instead of princess. I intend to keep that.  ~ Redeyes

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  1. Gettenwo and I
    both of them

    these are different perspectives, within the same scene, ie: without scene break or anything to justify it. Pick a perspective, and run with it, hopefully whichever one the author actually intended

  2. I’m glad this is being picked up again but the translation was a little rough. It needs more proofreading and in some places the word choice is akward. That said I can understand it mostly fine so I can’t complain too much since I’m happy this series will continue.

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