[NTBG] Chapter 31 (1/2): Suspicious Group

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

I closely observed the people who suddenly appeared.

For a moment I thought that they are survivors, but from their appearance it’s clear that they aren’t from around.

A middle aged man with rounder ears cannot be called a beautiful elf.

While the others were armed, only he is different. He seems to be on some kind of journey around this world

Leathers boots, thick coat, the outfit is simple but his impression isn’t poor. Aren’t those clothes pretty expensive?

The rugged look is probably because he witnessed the current situation in the village.

Except for that fat middle aged man, everyone else is wearing leather armour similar to Gams. There is also woman with a dagger and a small bow and light clothes for mobility as well as a small man wearing a hood with a big wand in his hands. So he is a classic fantasy wizard.

“It feels like a classic adventuring party in middle ages. Are they adventurers of this world?”

A mysterious profession called Adventurer is often found in recent fantasy works.

Their basic mechanic is to accept tasks for monster subjugation, then defeat and kill the monster, sell the materials on its body and make money. There seems to be those adventurers in this world.

I have been wondering for a long time, is it really okay to defeat deadly and evil monsters just to make money? The typical adventurers from novels seems to be pretty poor…

It’s strange. If you defeat one monster after all that danger, how can you still not earn enough money to live comfortably for one month?

Aside from my doubts, the problem is this shady group.

I operated the mouse and clicked on them but only ??? is displayed and hence no information is obtained.

I tried to enlarge the map to see if I can hear the conversations.

“Well, as expected.”

I have been worried about when the sentences of a conversation are displayed and when they are not. I can guess it to some extent.

Probably the conversations are not displayed until the Bible is close enough.

When the monsters attacked the base, only Gams’ words were recorded and not of the Lodis family hiding inside the cave.

One more thing, when I activated the Golem manipulation in the rescue mission, only that small statue made by Carol was operated and not the one back at the base.

In other words, the game is centered and function based on the Bible. Both the miracles and oracles can be executed only when the Bible is nearby. If I forget this someday, then everyone can be hurt.

Well, because of this conclusion, I decided to bring in Lodis family as well.

“Now…they are…”

Who I this suspicious group? One thing can be possible and that is they are an adventurer group who dropped here by chance.

The fat man looks weak but maybe a master of martial arts. In animes and mangas, ordinary people often turn out to be masters.

However, to guess practically….I feel like they are a group of adventures and their employer.

The fat man is giving instructions and other seem to be acting on it.

Whenever they examined the house, the lightly dressed women entered first and after she examined the house, other followed her.

The employer like man always had an armed man standing next to him.

“When it comes to this, how about merchant and escorts?”

It seems they have large backpacks on them.

If so, it could be reasonable to assume that they stopped here by chance while traveling to investigate the village as it was destroyed.

When you look at their faces, they look like good people. Before entering the house, they join their hands and pray, hence they really might not be bad.

Some may think of this as an act but they can’t know that I am looking(peeping 😂) at them. There is no need for them to do an act in a place and situation where no one else can see them.

“Wouldn’t it be better to tell Gams and others about this via the oracle. But if do that they I won’t be able to contact them about danger in case of an emergency.”

How about activating the oracle, if they seem bad……not a bad idea.

…I should write the lines beforehand so the oracle me can be activated immediately.

It will not be executed unless I press “Enter”

Let’s wait in this state.

I am becoming nervous as the distances between both the groups reduces. Both of them have not yet noticed each other’s presence.

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