[HGEG] Chapter 20: Embarrassment

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

When he first saw the village surrounded by mountains, Xin Meng had a few guesses. Most isolated villages like this one would survive by farming, the cattle around would be used and not eaten, so there would be less meat and more vegetables. For those who enjoy eating meat, it can be somehow “hell”. As for vegetarians and the paradise, maybe the vegetarian dishes are not delicious?

If it’s thought about that way, the sentences could be roughly understood.

‘But… What is here?’

The two vegetarian dishes on the table are were very good, plus, the other fourteen dishes are all made with meat.

Xin Meng immediately realized he went the wrong way with his previous thoughts.

‘They didn’t lack meat.’

He hesitated. As everyone urged him to eat meat quickly, he didn’t pick those meat dishes, he instead went for the plate of potatoes.

“Hey, don’t eat that!” Wu XueHua stopped him as soon as she saw. “What’s good about those dishes, I’m telling you, those meats are all from our raised pigs. They are not the same from those outside, where they are forced to eat to grow bigger. The meat is so delicious, quick- eat some ribs!” After that, she put a rib on his bowl.

Xin Meng quickly waved his hand, blurting out in a hurry, “I-I believe in Buddhism, I can’t eat meat!”

“Hah?” Xin Meng then noticed what he had just said, and his face went hot right away.

“You…” Wu XueHua blinked and closed her open mouth, unable to believe it. She looked at Xin Meng suspiciously, “You don’t look like a monk…”

Xin Meng twitched his lips, he had already lied, he couldn’t go back, he would have to go with that. “Of– course I’m not a monk, but I still believe in Buddhism, so I can’t eat meat.”

The others looked at each other. For a while, the crowd was silent. Xin Meng felt a little bad, when he was about to talk, Wu Dacheng, the village chief who had not yet spoken, coughed twice and then said, “It’s alright if you don’t eat meat. HuaHua, pass him the vegetarian dishes.”

“Ah” Wu XueHua answered crisply, got up and put the two dishes in front of Xin Meng. The others also recovered and talked to him with a smile, “Vegetarian food is also delicious, eat!”

The stasis just now seemed to have never happened, Xin Meng couldn’t understand it, but didn’t refuse. He silently bowed and pulled the dishes closer. It turned out to be good, surprisingly, but he didn’t dare eat more. He had many doubts about it.

Wu Dacheng gave Wu DeLi a look.

Wu DeLi nodded, holding the rice bow, he got up and exchanged seats with someone next to Xin Meng, then asked on his ear, “Brother, you don’t eat meat?”

Xin Meng nodded.

He only listened has Wu DeLi continued, “Well, that’s a pity. In fact, people in our village don’t eat much meat. However, we killed a pig since you were here, but you didn’t eat it…”

Xin Meng listened with guilt for wasting their goodwill, but he had already spoken and couldn’t go back on his words.

“I’m very sorry.”

Wu DeLi asked again, “You really won’t eat?”

Xin Meng could only apologize again, “I’m so sorry…”

Wu DeLi smiled, “It’s alright, but you don’t have much food. The meat is really delicious.” After that, he put a mouthful of bacon in his mouth, making it look delicious.

Xin Meng saw the fatty meat go into Wu DeLi’s mouth, watching his lips become oily. He suddenly lost his appetite and put down his chopsticks.

Wu Dacheng said, “In that case, the slaughtered pig won’t be finished. After dinner, divide the food and give it to the folks.”

“Got it, uncle.” Wu DeLi didn’t even lift his head and continued to chop ribs. The others cheered a little, the atmosphere became lively and everyone started laughing and laughing.

Apart from this episode, the meal was very good. Rural people don’t pay much attention to meals, as they would normally chat while eating. They told Xin Meng many interesting things that happened in the village. Xin Meng listened to it and later, a word called his attention.

“Forbidden?” Xin Meng asked.

“Ah, that’s…”

The skinny boy, Wu Qiang, who sat next to him started to explain, but was suddenly interrupted as Wu DeLi sent a fierce stare at Xin Meng. The boy silenced himself immediately. Xin Meng was curious and tried inquiring further, but the village head began to explain. “It’s nothing. It’s just the place where food is stored. We are afraid of the naughty children making a mess there, so we say it’s forbidden.”

Xin Meng, however, saw that Wu Qiang bit his lips and knew the village chief lied. He silently stored this “forbidden place” in his mind. ‘What if it was a keyword?’

This time, the game was quite troublesome, Xin Meng found out soon as he entered the village. He’s afraid the customs clearance hints won’t be as obvious, because the people around seemed too real.

In the last gate with the zombies, they could notice things that were restricted and regulated by the game. For example, the only car and map in the neighborhood made him feel like he was inside a game.

‘This game is different… It’s too real.’

It really looked like he came into such a valley and entered such a village. The villagers don’t have a shadow of NPC behavior, everyone has their own character and their reactions to unexpected situations are no different from ordinary people.

In just one level, the difficulty rose dramatically.

Until now, Xin Meng has no clue about what the game wants them to do or what to do to clear them. He was given no clues at all. He could only write down what he saw and what he hears as much as possible, so when he sees his teammate’s cards, he could quickly find out the keypoints.

Xin Meng looked up and saw Wu XueHua smile as she handed him another glass of water. Xin Meng noticed as he accepted it that the cup was clean, but as he had just drank a bowl of porridge, he wasn’t thirsty. He politely thanked her as he placed the cup on the table. Wu XueHua seemed unhappy as she stared at Xin Meng.

Xin Meng looked at the village head with doubt. Wu Dacheng smiled, patted Wu HueXua’s back and made fun of him, “What do you think of my girl? Isn’t she pretty?”

“Ah?” Xin Meng asked, flushed, but not because of shyness, but more like distress. “She’s pretty- very pretty, but…”

Wu Dacheng touched his beard, “You see, my girl is so beautiful, and our village is very good too. Outsiders are welcomed, why don’t you think about it?”

“Dad!” The girl pulled against his clothes harshly.

Xin Meng felt goosebumps all over his spine.

He didn’t know what was going on. The girl was very cute and charming, any other man would diligently rush forward. ‘Didn’t the other teenagers have a pair of eyes?’

He couldn’t feel anything towards her in his heart. He had no feelings at all.

‘If they were talking about being beautiful, You Yi was much more beautiful than her!’

After thinking that, he didn’t feel right.

‘Why did I think that?’

Moreover, the girl did nothing to him, she was very nice to him. He was very sorry for having compared her to another man.

In the end, Xin Meng decided that the reason behind it was that it was all a game in his mind. No matter how beautiful the girl is, she’s just an NPC, there’s a racial barrier on his mind, so, naturally, he can’t appreciate her as if she was a real woman.

‘But You Yi…’

He always felt this inexplicable sense of familiarity towards him, but there’s no such memory in his mind. ‘What happened?’

‘Does You Yi looks like someone I knows?’

‘Or maybe I actually have amnesia and I’m unaware of it?’

Xin Meng’s thoughts got further and further, and his mind went astray, so the people around him looked a bit disoriented. Seeing him like that, Wu Dacheng spread his hands to show that he couldn’t help. Wu HueXua stomps her feet, walked back to Wu DeLi and sat down with a angered sight. Wu DeLi patted her back in an attempt to coax her.

After eating, they all began to clean the dishes. Xin Meng was excluded, as usual, and sat down, watching everyone working.

Although the villagers were very enthusiastic and sometimes caused a little embarrassment, they were really simple and kind, and those smiles were very warm.

After cleaning, some youngsters returned to their houses. Only a few people very close to Wu XueHua stayed to accompany Xin Meng, who anxiously waited for news of his teammates.

This time, they didn’t talk for long before Xin Meng saw several villagers arriving with a group of people. If it wasn’t Xiong JiaBao!

Seeing him intact, he looked like Xiong JiaBao when they first met. Xin Meng’s heart was very complicated. Although they changed games, it was like a night for him. He still had the monster Xiong JiaBao’s rotten appearance in his mind, making him unable to look directly at him, but in the end, thanks to his strong psychological qualities, Xin Meng successfully controlled it when Xiong JiaBao came over.

“Xin laodi! I was looking for you! My family!” Xiong JiaBao almost cried when he saw him. Exaggerated, he rushed to give Xin Meng a bear hug, which was quickly avoided by Xin Meng. It was the same when they met, it made him relax a lot.

He joked, “What are you doing?”

Xiong JiaBao didn’t bother, scratching his colorful feather-like hair, standing in place as he smiled at Xin Meng.

Xin Meng wanted to ask if he knew what happened after his death the previous game. He was curious, ‘What exactly happened after death in the game? Will you lose consciousness immediately after dying, or do you spectate?’

This was very important, otherwise, it would be terrible to die and become unstable from the memories.

He was a tad hesitant. ‘If Xiong JiaBao remembered, would he retain his painful memories?’

Just when he didn’t know what to say, another figure appeared in the door.

The author has something to say:

Little theater:

Meng means all*: (Touching his chin) I think you are really familiar. We have never met before?

Favorite Xiao MengMeng: (Deeply) All encounters in the world are reunions after long periods of absence.

Meng means all: Σ( ° △ °|||)︴)You even know how to sweet talk?!!!

Favorite Xiao MengMeng showed the phone screen to him, and Meng saw the web page: <One hundred techniques to impress a girl – Elementary Love story>

Meng means all: … Who is a girl?

Translator and Editor Notes:

*Meng means all ( 萌就一个字 ) I believed it was a play with (爱就一个字) that means Love means all… As for You Yi’s nickname, it’s pretty obvious lmao I think I may have missed the author’s small theaters in the last chapters, I will go back to them later to translate anything I missed, sorry guys!
Also, I’m reading a very cute story, it’s about this guy who died and woke up as a princess, but he’s still a male… And he needs to defeat the demon king, who is playing as the hero lmao But it’s ongoing, so when the author finishes, I will probably translate that one, since I’m entering my three month vacation next week!  ~Zucci

Oh, yes, thank you all that comment on the chapters, I really enjoy reading your guy’s thoughts 🙂  ~Zucci

There were a lot of problems with third and first person perspectives. In English the omnipotent third person narrator doesn’t ask questions or have emotions unlike first person, since this chapter in particular kept changing in perspectives I ended up properly labeling Xin Meng’s thoughts in first person with apostrophes. Also for clarification, “The Author has something to say” means Author’s Notes and the chapter has ended, I was a bit confused on this for a couple seconds as well. Thanks for the support and see you next time! ~xTechon

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