[HGEG] Chapter 18: Cleared

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

You Yi stopped, and Xin Meng almost hit his back.

“W, What?” Xin Meng asked.

You Yi moved his hand to protect Xin Meng, who was behind him, and took two steps back, “Nothing.”

Xin Meng blinked, bypassing You Yi to look forward. Nothing?

While he was wondering, he heard Li Yougen scream.

“Ah, aah-!”

The scream was loud enough to compare to that one during the Public Security Bureau when he saw hundreds of zombies in military uniforms. Naturally, the situation… Is exactly the same!

It was like those nightmarish monsters will appear again without warning. Just when they were about to escape, they were trapped again by them.

One, two… Fifty… One hundred…

All these zombies came out from the door, their faces and nails rushing together in a green ocean!

“Friends, we met again!” A wild laugh was heard. Jie Zi’s figure appeared on the roof. He barely showed his upper body and his exaggerated muscles. He looked down at the four people below, eyes stopping for a moment on You Yi, his eyes twitching for some reason, and then back at Li Yougen, smiling. “Where are you going? My baby can only think of you. I had to look for him. Hey, will you stay with him? After all, he is your former teammate!”

After he had said that, a mutant slowly appeared behind him. Xiong JiaBao?

Or just a monster…

Now, Xiong JiaBao’s appearance became more horrible. His body inflated again. The skin was ulcerated, revealing his bones and as he walked, the faint sound of his bones could be heard, colliding against each other. The small eyelids disappeared, and the whole eyes is now out of his face, staring at Li Yougen with greed.

Li Yougen slowly stepped back, trembling in horror, almost falling on the ground when he saw Xiong JiaBao heading his way. He turned around and fled, screaming. “Damn bastard! Why are you chasing me?! I didn’t kill you. It was him!” he pointed to Dong Xiu on the other side. “It was him who killed you, him! If it wasn’t for him, you would be alive! Chase him! Him!”

“You!” Dong Xiu clenched his teeth, glared at Li Yougen and hid behind a car close to him.

The monster turned a deaf ear and continued to chase Li Yougen. In fact, Xiong JiaBao’s conscience is not in that body anymore. There was only hunger and greed for “food” after his mutation. He was obsessed about Li Yougen and didn’t care about who killed him.

Because he is not Xiong JiaBao, just a mutant monster.

Xin Meng watched it clearly. He didn’t go help Li Yougen, but paid more attention to the group of soldier zombies, who ran, attracted by Li Yougen’s screams. They chase after him and don’t seem to notice the corner where Xin Meng and You Yi stand, seeing no one to help him, Li Yougen runs at Dong Xiu.

Dong Xiu finally lost his calm and cursed loudly at Li Yougen. However, desperate, he could only escape along with him. Fortunately, there were a lot of vehicles around, and the zombies were temporarily blocked outside of the mass of cars, not all of them came in, and the zombies that entered seemed a bit affected.

Pulling Dong Xiu was probably the right decision made by Li Yougen. When he joined, Li Yougen who was previously running around like a headless insect, followed Dong Xiu to the exit. Running, they were just about three hundred meters away from it, and there was a high chance of getting out!

As for Xin Meng, he was still watching, far away from the zombies.

“Ah” Dong Xiu suddenly screamed, and the speed of his running went up.

The door is getting closer and closer, just a little more, a little more and he can leave!


The deafening sound rang without warning, the car in front of Dong Xiu was instantly smashed. Jie Zi teleported himself to the exit with a speed and power no ordinary person could have. All the cars flew and cleared the space around them, but some of the zombies quickly occupied the space. They stood like soldiers in line, staring at Dong Xiu with joy and greed.

Dong Xiu was unable to stop and almost hit them!

Seeing that the road ahead was blocked, Dong Xiu turned to his right. According to his thoughts, instead of both of them attacking from the front, the right move was to separate and each turn one way, so their chances of survival would become bigger. However, his pig teammate Li Yougen was so scared he couldn’t think straight, directly followed Dong Xiu to the right, and so all the zombies chased after their asses.

“Stupid!” Dong Xiu can’t wait to kill him!

The soldiers in front of the gates didn’t move. They slowly moved their heads, following the two. The dozens of movements were all completely synchronized, just as if they were alive.

Seeing that strange and horrible scene in front of his eyes, Xin Meng’s hands trembled, clenched on You Yi’s clothes, and the man just patted him.

The zombies were all attracted to Dong Xiu and the two people standing far away were not affected, and Jie Zi seemed to not have any interest in them. Only playing cat and mice to tease Dong Xiu, so Xin Meng and You Yi were temporarily safe, but that’s not mean they can stay out of the way. The zombies were blocking the exit, if they don’t rush, they will be killed here.

“What should we do?” Xin Meng anxiously looked at Dong Xiu and Li Yougen, who were getting slower and slower and then looked at the exit. He couldn’t help but ask You Yi, “Can you kill those zombies with bullets?”

You Yi stared at Jie Zi and raised his gun, “You go back and find a place to hide.”

Xin Meng always had awareness of his military value, without any sentimentality, he immediately obeyed and turned away, hiding behind a van and observing through the glass.

Without Xin Meng around, You Yi restored his usual harshness. The beautiful brown eyes were covered with frost. He lifted his gun, pulled the trigger, and hit right on the head of the zombies blocking the door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was a far shot, but his accuracy was amazing. There were almost no wasted bullets, each bullet hit one zombie’s head. Those zombies had no time to react and fell to the ground. In a blink of eyes, almost no zombies were standing. Dong Xiu and Li Yougen heard the gunshots and turned their head at You Yi, immediately turning on his heels to run at him, attracting another wave of zombies.

“You…” Xin Meng sighed, are they trying to kill him?

You Yi turned a blind eye at them, changing his plans. He didn’t wait for them to get close, but returned to Xin Meng’s side and pulled him to the exit. His other hand continued to shoot and killed the remaining zombies. The strange thing was that Jie Zi, who was previously at the exit, was missing.

When the land was completely free of zombies, You Yi took Xin Meng’s hand and smoothly lead him to the exit. Dong Xiu saw the situation and rushed over. He was originally far away from them, but in order to make You Yi kill the zombies behind him, he chased after him.

At the exit, You Yi left Xin Meng at the door, “Go first!”

Seeing he was given the opportunity to escape first, Xin Meng was moved and then pulled You Yi’s hand, “Together.”

You Yi did not pull his hand back. He waited for Xin Meng to enter first, and after he disappeared in the dark, he also stepped forward, glancing back before going in.

“Bats-! What are you doing?! You dare to bite me!”

Dong Xiu snarled wildly, stepping at Li Yougen with his feet, but Li Yougen was holding his waist, his face was already pale, pupils disappeared, blood reddening his teeth and lips, falling to his chin. It had started in the middle of his legs, next his tights, then the calf, his flesh quickly rotted until it spread to the whole body.

“Damn, damn!” Dong Xiu’s eyes are red, picking up a broken car piece from the ground and madly hitting Li Yougen’s face with it. Pus and blood splashed around, his face was completely smashed, but his teeth were not damaged and are still crazily tearing away Dong Xiu’s skin.

“Just a little… I can leave if I…” Dong Xiu looked at the exit with desperation, it was less than 50 meters away from him, how did it look so far…

As if he could never reach it.

You Yi glanced one last time, seeing that Dong Xiu reached out for him, as if he was praying that You Yi would give him a hand. However, You Yi’s eyes were empty, and he walked away, disappearing in the door.


In the strange white space, two figures gradually emerged.

One standing up, one sitting down.

The person sitting on the floor opened his eyes and looked dazed. He looked as if he had not yet woken up from his dreams. The man standing looked at him for a while, slowly walked in his direction, bent down, and his hand fell gently on top of his head.


The person sitting up looked up and smiled at him.

Translator and Editor Notes:

That’s it for today, thanks for accompanying this update apocalypse. And this is also it for this game… ~Zucci

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