[HGEG] Chapter 17: BUG

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia and TheMonitor

In fact, the place they choose to rest was not far from the Public Security Bureau. When they look downstairs, they can see its gate. It’s not that they didn’t want to go farther, but they were all injured and exhausted. Except for You Yi, no one could go any further.

So, to some extent, they haven’t completely escaped danger yet. The first thing they had done is carefully look at the Public Security Bureau in fear their will be discovered by the soldiers.

Surprisingly, however, the Public Security Bureau’s door was clean, and nothing was there.

The zombies in military uniforms and the ordinary zombies all disappeared and the door was slightly open, exactly the same way it was when they arrived there yesterday.

That’s not reassuring, but instead, makes everyone feel uneasy, and they all wanted to leave immediately.

It was a pity that yesterday Xin Meng didn’t find a car that could be opened in the parking lot. There’s no transportation tool and they needed to go through the entire town. They didn’t know how much time will take or how many dangers they will encounter.

When they were at loss, they saw You Yi take a mini window breaker from his backpack, walk to a car parked on the street, break the driver’s window and put something near the steering wheel. He opened, pulled out a few wired and the car actually started!

Xin Meng looked stunned and gave You Yi a thumb up.

The group got in. This time, they were driven by You Yi, Xin Meng sat at the co-pilot. Dong Xiu and Li Yougen looked at each other and didn’t dare discuss that, opening the back and sitting in the back seat.

He turned the steering wheel, stepped on the throttle and the car quickly head east.

On the road, they encountered many ordinary zombies, but all were avoided. Xin Meng knew that, when talking about driving, his skills were far worse than You Yi’s. It’s not his fault, is just that he’s very good at it. He’s actually a good driver, but it’s incomparable with You Yi. On the road, he almost didn’t see the zombies, just a shadow of them before the car passed by them precisely, not even allowing the zombies to chase them.

“If this is really a game,” Xin Meng said, “you must be an expert player!”

You Yi turned his head and looked at him with a meaningful stare. Xin Meng didn’t understand, but he didn’t explain either, and soon continued to drive.

Xin Meng hesitated and then decided to stop talking – even though he was curious as hell.

“What happened to you before?” While he was feeling guilty, it was the first time You Yi took the initiative to talk with him. His spirit was lifted and he told all that happened with Jie Zi. Once again, You Yi nodded from time to time as an answer.

The two talked in the front, their voices not too loud, sounding very harmonious.

However, compared to the warm atmosphere there, the two men behind didn’t feel comfortable. Dong Xiu moved his ass to the other side, looking at Li Yougen, “What the hell are you doing in broad daylight?!”

Li Yougen lifts an eyebrow and doesn’t understand the problem. Dong Xiu is sitting in the middle and looking at the front window, but he could see from the corner of his eyes that the hands next to him were constantly moving. When he looked at his side, he saw Li Yougen’s hand reaching inside his trousers… Moving around.

He thought that he had seen it wrong. He wiped his glasses and looked again, but it really turned out to be like that. Li Yougen turned red and his hands moved very fast, he couldn’t wait to get that thing off immediately!

Li Yougen gave off an angry explanation, “No, I’m not… I just have this itch. I’m just scratching… I’m not doing that…”

Dong Xiu really didn’t doubt him. After all, they are on the road to escape, with so many people in the car, and Li Yougen doesn’t look like a person who can do that in public. He couldn’t help but think that was weird anyways and asked him: “How come you are itching so much?”

“I don’t know” Li Yougen was bitter. “I think there were mosquitoes at the house yesterday. My legs are so itchy, I can’t stand it. If there’s toilet water or some oil, I will be fine.”

However, that didn’t inform which type of mosquitoes had bitten him, Dong Xiu thought about it. “Probably a poisonous mosquito, the black and white ones. I’m allergic to them, so even if it’s a small bite on my arm, it will be itching to the shoulders, I feel like I want to scratch my skin off.”

“Yes! Right! That kind of feeling!” Li Yougen nodded. “I feel that. I’m probably allergic too. Can we go to the pharmacy for a while? I want to get some anti-allergic medicine”.

After that, they just passed a pharmacy, and he jumped to the front seat, “I saw a pharmacy! Park there, fast!”

You Yi quickly drove past it with no intention to stop. Dong Xiu also held him back, “When the car stops, we will be at east and leave the game. Stopping due an itchy bite is a waste of time!”

“But it’s too uncomfortable…” Li Yougen knows that; it’s just too painful. The itch seems to spread quickly, not only in the middle of his legs, but now his whole legs were itching. He felt that if he waited, his whole body would start itching.

Dong Xiu glanced at him, “It will take half an hour to get to the east of the town.”

Li Yougen scratched his legs in pain.

Only Xin Meng noticed that the speed could become faster.

“You Yi…” Xin Meng then noticed it was actually the first time he called the man by his name.

You Yi turned his head and looked at him, his eyes mixed with a smile, “Hm?”

Xin Meng was a little embarrassed, he couldn’t ask what he wanted to ask, “Nothing…”

You Yi leaned down, smiling as he whispered to him, “Follow me for a while, stay behind me, don’t run around.”

This… Do you intend to protect me?

Xin Meng smiled at him. The sun shining through the window enlightened Xin Meng’s face and hair, making him look pure as he smiled.

He doesn’t understand it. Maybe it’s due the corner of their mouths or eyes, but when other people smile, they don’t look peaceful. Xin Meng is not like that. When he smiles, there’s always a feeling of gentleness and obedience in his smile.

When he looks at you with all his heart and soul, it gives the other person the feeling as if they are able to do anything for him, no matter how hard, you will be obedient and satisfied.

Enough to make any man’s desire to conquer burst out!

In short, when’s he’s not smiling, he looks like a simple and cute younger brother. But when he smiles, he becomes…

A male wife!

This is in fact a tragedy, because the truth is that Xin Meng is not that obedient. There are many people who get confused by his smile, but almost none of them got anything else but a fist.

You Yi’s throat moved a few times and quickly removed his gaze.

Probably because the right direction was found, the four people were very smooth along the way, and coupled with the acceleration, it took less than twenty minutes to reach the town’s east gate, where there’s a highway leading to the outside, with a lot of cars on the road, blocking the passage. The car could not pass, so they had to exit the vehicle.

There’s indeed a passage that can only be passes by one person at a time.

It’s the exit!

Dong Xiu and Li Yougen were very excited. They thought they could finally leave this small town filled with monsters. They were so happy they could go crazy. If they reached the door, they would be safe. At that moment, what Xiong JiaBao, what Jie Zi, what military zombies, none of it cared, they quickly jumped off the car and ran there!

Moved by them, Xin Meng’s mood was also high and he was ready to jump down, but You Yi grabbed his wrist. “Wait.”

Xin Meng didn’t understand, but watched You Yi getting of the car, go to his side and open the door for him. When he came out, You Yi pulled him. “What have you promised me? Don’t run around and follow me.”

“Yes.” The situation is critical, so Xin Meng doesn’t care.

You Yi carefully guided him along the gap in the workshop. He didn’t run, but didn’t keep a slow speed, constantly scanning around like an eagle, not looking down even at the wind. No danger could escape his eyes. He wasn’t with his backpack, but the gun was somehow already in his hands.

The man’s pace was calm, and Xin Meng’s confused heart was also infected. He felt an unspeakable sense of security and almost forgot the scenario around them. He followed his steps one by one, carefully moving forward.

Meanwhile, Dong Xiu and Li Yougen were almost there. They rushed forward and forgot everything around them. Their vision was black, and they just wanted to get there quickly.

No one saw that the door of the second-floor small building near to them had moved.


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