[NTBG] Chapter 29 (1/2): Depressed Yamamoto-san

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

I felt relieved after Murus joined the villagers, but then I remembered something important.

“I had work at noon.”

I got down to the first floor while still buttoning the sleeves of my work clothes.

I woke up late today and was too focused on the game.

There is still some time for them to come and pick me up. I still haven’t had my breakfast and lunch yet. If I miss the meal now then I will be able to eat only at dinner time.[1]

My mother wasn’t present. I decide to eat the boar meat which was sent in large quantities as tribute.

“Thanks to them being able to defeat large number of monsters, we were able to receive this, but I’m glad they didn’t send the whole monster.”

Most of the meat was smoked and preserved as they defeated more than 10 of these during the Temptation of the Evil God. I was assured that this would reduce worries for the food during the winter but then they offered it as tribute on the homemade altar.

Well, the following day, a chunk of meat was sent to my house. 

My mother was so happy that she clapped her hands and said,” We don’t need to buy meat for a month now.”

I just tried the meat yet it was so delicious.

It was a little harder than pork but became surprisingly soft after simmering. [2]

I really liked the taste and texture and there there was a lot of fat.

The sweetness of the fat is also not a surprise.

“It seems that anything can be offered as tribute but it’s limited to just once a day.”[3]

Once they choose a plate of fruits as the tribute but only the fruit with largest quantity disappeared and arrived at my house.

Is there some weight limit?…..I don’t know much about the tribute system.

The horn rang just as I finished my meal. I took the dishes to the sink and then left the house.

It’s really helpful that they come to pick me up everyday.

It seems that some people have hard time communicating or going to school. [ Really no idea why this line is even there 🤔 ]

“Sorry to make you wait.”

“Oh..We didn’t wait at all.”

My seniors were already seated at the back seat.

Yamamoto-san was playing games on his smartphone as usual.

“Thank you.”

Yamamoto-san is usually cheerful but today he seems rather grumpy.

Should I talk to him in such a state? I was looking at the scenary outside the window but Yamamoto-san who was being reflected at the window was looking at me.

Maybe he wants me to ask him.

“Oh, what happened?”

“Can you hear some of my complaints….”

 “Oh, sure, please.”

I was really surprised. It seems even cheerful people like Yamamoto complain sometimes.

“Actually, as I told you before, there is a game which I am hooked too.” [4]

“Yes. You told me about it.”

“It’s like a strategic simulation where you capture enemy land. Everything was good until I decided to take rest the day before yesterday, after the event where I attacked a big base. But yesterday one of my bases was destroyed.”

Oh, you are depressed because of the game.

“I was strengthing and upgrading the way before it went all awry. I still have a base and it’s good but I spend half of my salary on that one so I am now little tight on money…”

Wow, I am more shocked than feeling sympathy for him. 

I am a similar person. What Yamamoto-san is playing is some of online game. I had played a lot of them. These kind of games have a lot of billing methods which companies take advantage of. So I left them.

“To be honest, I understand. The game which I am currently playing also has some billing elements and I spend tens of thousands at the event, the other day.”

He seems to be angry that he used up his salary for such a thing so I said this in a low voice to him so only he can hear.

“Oh, a true comrade. Let’s do our best together.”


We hold each other’s hand tightly.

The friendship over billing system in the game is not something to be praised about. I am just purely happy that we got along on some topic.

I want to know a little more about the game but let’s stop for now.

Right now, I need to focus solely on Village of Fate, so I should not listen to information about other interesting games.

I was worried about Yamamoto-san as he was depressed and seemed uneasy but it seems that he is doing his job properly.

His personality was a little sloppy but he did his work honestly. He sometimes joined and helped the President as well.

Today’s cleaning job ended without any problems. They dropped me at a convenience store near my house.

The winter nights were considerably cold so I quickly entered the store.

“Meat buns eaten at late at night when you shouldn’t eat are the best.”

If you look around at the store, you would want to buy more stuff but my mother always prepares the evening meal so let’s just keep it simple and sweet.

I bough four pudding as my whole family likes them.

I checked my smartphone after paying the bill and just before leaving the store.

I was not used to the operation method on mobile so I need to watch carefully or I will miss many things. I need to develop a habit of this.

Right no, I was looking at the Village of Fate on mobile.

“There is no change in the village…….No phone, no email…..”

Isn’t it natural as I don’t have much contact except my family and my coworkers.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Well it’s the time when it’s hard to judge whether it’s breakfast or lunch 😂

[2] The meat was heated in presence of moisture upto just below the boiling point. This made the meat soft.

[3] Actually it will be twice a day, if we include the tribute sent by Carol 😂

[4] Basically addicted

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