[VHBF] Chapter 19(1/2): The Pink and Yellow Skirt

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

When YinYin went to kindergarten the next day, just as she entered the class, several small kids surrounded her and started to interrogate her.

She was absent for yesterday’s last class, and the next day she arrived with a band-aid on her face and with her little arm bandaged.

The little introverted pretty boy seemed to look very worried. He frowned in displeasure and helped the girl to her seat like a little gentleman. Afterwards, he himself sat beside her on his seat. Their table was surrounded by a group of worried and curious children.

The always calm and gentlemanly little adult, the blue dumpling, looked at the pink band-aid on the little dumplings face and asked anxiously, “ YinYin, who hit you?”

He looked really angry.

YinYin was a naturally optimistic child. Even if she was once a poor girl who was abused by her parents and had to pick up bottles to support herself, before her father had picked her up, she still had no gloom on her face at all. She was only occasionally sad, but she could come back happy to life after being sad.

So yesterday, her father had come to pick her up and just stared at those bad aunts and uncles, scaring them silly. YinYin thought it was really cool. She was very happy!

Her little paws took out a few milk candies from the pink bunny school bag and carefully gave them to her little friends one by one. Little dumpling’s face was full of pain and said, “This is what Dad gave me today.”

The little classmates of the dumpling knew that YinYin’s father was a really fierce and scary man. He never allows YinYin to eat sugar candies or sweet snacks. He only allows for her to have a little at a time so she doesn’t spoil her teeth!

So even if YinYin shows off her father, telling them how good and powerful he is, they were not even a little bit envious of her. They felt that YinYin was so pitiful. Her father was so cruel and bad to her!

Since it was so hard for her to get several sweets at a time like this and even sharing her candies with them, in the eyes of the little children, YinYin must have regarded them as her best friends!

One of the most important criteria for a greedy group of children to measure friendship was, whether they share their delicious food with them!

At this point, there were so few snacks that they were even willing to take out theirs and share it with her. They were so moved!

They carefully took the candy with their reddened eyes, tore the package and put it into their mouth. They didn’t know where the candy was produced. It was sweet but not greasy. There was also a smell of milk and fruit mixed. The dumplings were satisfied and broke their mouths into a happy smile. One by one, they felt that the dumpling was a lot more complete!

YinYin also tore open the last one, put it into her mouth, her eyes narrowed and her face was full of happiness, “Dad said it was to comfort me!”

The other classmates did not understand the meaning, but Shiyuan quickly responded, “Is someone bullying you?”

The rest of the children looked at the bandages on YinYin’s body and were furious. “YinYin!!! Say, who bullied you? Let’s beat them up!”

Their mouths were filled with candies. Just when they were moved with the little dumpling’s kind gesture, they heard that someone was bullying the little dumpling. They collectively looked at the band-aid on her forehead. The dumplings were fried(i.e. They started fuming in anger)!

These children, who were spoiled by their rich parents, usually were very delicate. They would start crying even if they just had a scratch or fallen while playing. They felt as if the sky was going to fall since YinYin even had a bandaged arm and a band-aid on her forehead. Her injury was so serious!!!!!

YinYin didn’t want to mention about yesterday. She felt that she had already gotten her revenge on the spot. She couldn’t speak ill of others behind their back. Then she would be a bad girl!

There were sweets in her mouth, and she also spoke sweetly, “Yesterday my father came to pick me up, and he taught them a lesson. It doesn’t hurt at all!”

Even just a week ago, the group members in the class were used to playing dad on YinYin daily. They ignored the question of who hit her. The young group members had both a sense of justice and love for YinYin. They wanted to revenge her with their small fists.

Just then two more people came in.

One was wearing a pink skirt, the other was wearing a yellow skirt. They were Li Xiao Ai and Xu PengPeng!

In the past, both of them would make faces when they saw YinYin, or deliberately came to embarrass her. But now when they both entered the classroom, they pretended not to see her, and deliberately took a detour to their own seat.

Other children in the group looked at each other, thinking that their behaviour was strange.

After thinking about the issue for a while, Shiyuan suddenly said, “Did they bully you?”

They couldn’t ask any further as the class teacher was here! Teacher Wang was here!

Miss. Wang put down a box of toy balls from her hands and said, “Before class begins, I have to tell you all something.”

In the past, these spoiled children always had ADHD(1). Even in class, they were chirping continuously like a group of little birds. But, today these hyperactive children were behaving well, maybe due to YinYin’s injury. They calmed down and blinked at their teacher innocently.

“Yesterday, Li XiaoAi and Xu PengPeng from our class said bad things about Bai YinYin’s father, and the three of them had a fight. This is a really bad thing. After this, no one shall fight, and no one shall talk about people behind their backs…”

Translator and Editor Notes:

  1. ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A kind of disorder commonly seen in children. They are very hyperactive and cannot concentrate on one thing for a long time. In other words they are just naughty…. Really naughty. [EDN: There is a tendency to naughtiness, yes, but that doesn’t mean that all children with ADHD are naughty.]  ~ ShiXiaoLing

Edited ~ Bluehm

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15 thoughts on “[VHBF] Chapter 19(1/2): The Pink and Yellow Skirt

  1. Uneducated authors sometimes, lol. Is ADHD something you toss around at your convenience? A permanent disability people struggle with their whole lives, used to describe children being naughty…
    That’s like… Comparing a simple cold with cancer?

    Ah well, not the worst comment I’ve seen.

  2. Hey! Translator- Sama I like this story very much❤

    Just a little correction:
    ADHD is a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.
    ADHD often begins in childhood and can persist into adulthood. It may contribute to low self-esteem, troubled relationships and difficulty at school or work!
    It’s more than just being naughty!

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