[NTBG] Chapter 28 (1/2): Aftermath

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited)

My father and sister who were supposed to consult with me…..have betrayed me!!! [1]

It seems only the lizard eating its fruit is visible to them.

Mysterious technical terms are flying around, I can hardly understand anything. Well it’s okay because at least they are happy.

“Yoshio, do you the know which type of lizard is this?”

Suddenly being talked to made me lose my balance there. Fortunately I had a predetermined setting in my mind. [2]

“The village which I am helping is in Hokkaido. This should be the part of their development plans.”

I answered but the two crazy lizard lovers never looked back.

“So as part of their village development plan, it seems they are trying to create new varieties through breeding and make it the specialty of the village.”

This is the setting which I had in mind. It’s hard to to figure out if this is a lie.

“That’s why I want the fruits and the lizard to be kept a secret. Don’t show photos to others.”

Both of them had been taking photos with their smartphones a while ago but now they hid their smartphones behind them.

They were facing their back towards me but I could see all over them that they are excited to show the photos to everyone. [3]

“The fruits should be fine as food for now but we should find out what else it eats.”

“If this is a new species then registrations and permissions are also necessary, so that’s why the village is prohibiting photos.”

My father convinced himself.

It’s not exactly like that but I will leave it for the time being. [4]

As I wanted to check out the condition of the villager so I kicked them out and soon as they are sastisfied. The lizard kept staring at them.

I closed the doors after both of them were gone.

Until now, my family never entered my room so I never locked the room but now since the lizard is here, they will definitely barge in.

It would be safer to turn off the display when taking bath.

The atmosphere became quiet after they left. I peeked at the life of the villagers as usual. [5]

The villagers were really quiet after such a terrible event.

Carol is sleeping on her bed and Lodis and Laila are stroking her head.

“I can only say that we are sorry for Mr. Murus. We fled the village when it was being attacked but we were really glad that our family was safe.”

“That’s right. Sadness will cure over time but I hope that he can recover soon. There is no time to be restless.”

Everyone has lost their village including Murus.

When I pay attention to the brother and sister pair, Gams seems to be tired and sleeping.

His sister was trying to pray to God but she was sleepy and will probably fall asleep very soon.

Although I didn’t participate in the battle, I knew that they travelled a rather long distance, and they also digged the graves so it’s natural that they are exhausted.

“Don’t overdo it guys.”


Murus moved from the floor to the bed but his eyes were still staring at the ceiling.

“I am worried…..”

If Murus never wake up tomorrow, I would not be surprised. He seems to have lost all hope of living.

Did Murus lose his family? Although he seems young, it won’t be surprising if he has a wife and children.

I don’t have a girlfriend. It would be awkward to say that I understand his feelings, but still I have my family. My feeling of worry is not a lie.

I don’t feel like going to sleep because of this.

He got up and picked up the dagger on the floor.

An unpleasant image comes in my mind but I don’t have any way to stop him, I can only watch.

Translaror and Editor Notes:

[1] Poor mc. He is being ignored. I wonder if they are planning to adopt the lizard and throw him out of the house 😂

[2] Poor mc. He might have died of heart attack there. 👍

[3] There action was really cute. 😂

[4] Probably he had a different setting in mind.

[5] Obviously you all must have noticed that he was peeking at the villager all along. 😐

I know….I know, there are lots of footnotes. Oh, yeah, one more thing, you dont know how much satisfaction I got from leaving such a cliff hanger. I reduced the size of this release, part 1 is only 40 percent while part 2 will be 60. I did it for the sake of this cliff hanger. I really hope you don’t like the cliff hanger. ~ Asada

BTW if you don’t want me to leave the parts on a cliffhanger then you can always donate on Kofi just like Sushi ~Asada

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  1. “Yoshio, do you the know which type of lizard is this?”

    Fix: “Yoshio, do you know which type of lizard this is?”

    I answered both of then but the two crazy lizard lovers never looked back.

    Fix: I answered both of them, but the two crazy lizard lovers never looked back.

    This is the setting which I had in mind. It’s hard to to figure out this as a lie.

    Fix: This is the setting I had in mind. It’s hard to figure out this is a lie.

    There are more, but simple fixes for ease of reading. Thank you for your hardwork! Osu!

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