[NTBG] Chapter 27 (2/2): Prayer For Deceased

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi(edited)

“Yoshio. Dinner is ready.”

I removed my gaze from the screen after hearing my mother’s voice.

“It’s already time?”

After confirming that the villagers are doing fine in the cave. I went downstairs.

“Hey, did you look at your phone?”

Sayuki took off her jacket and asked me in a blaming tone.

Why is she grumpy today? 

“No. I was a little busy so I haven’t seen it.”

“…..I can’t believe it. I wanted to have picture with the lizard and myself.”


I remember sending the image of the golden lizard to my sister and father.

So my father and sister might have been a little ticked off because of the lizard?[1]

Did my sister wants to take care of the lizard?

Maybe it’s just my imagination.

Wait the golden lizard should still be out of the case.

“What happened? Go and bring it here.”

“Well because I had my phone on the desk. I had already told you that I had some work.”

I conveniently came up with a excuse. When I looked back, the golden lizard was sitting on the stairs.

Why is it here? Doesn’t it seem different?

Although it was only large enough to just fit inside the egg, it seems to have doubled in size. 

Do reptiles grow so fast?

“Oh….so that is the lizard-chan”

His sister said in a sweet voice which he never heard before and then she approached the lizard while running slowly.

After hearing the rattling sound, my father almost sat up for a moment but then sat down again. [2]

“Oh, it’s really golden. I thought it looked like that due to reflection of light. Some lizards and snakes are golden, but this is like gold…..what do you think?”

“Yea…show it to me.”

I put the lizard in the palm of my hand without any fear and took it to my father.

“Although the color is different, the sharpness of it’s large scales is similar to that of an armadillo lizard. Is this a mutation?”

The two lizard enthusiastic talk about this and that joyfully.

“Both of you, do the lizard talk after the meals. First eat your food. Um,….what’s the name of this child?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“Quickly make a decision. It’s hard to call it member of  our family if it doesn’t have a name.”

Did mother also like you? I will give you a good name later.

“Oh…onii-sama what are you feeding this child?”

“Oh…I didn’t tell you, it are fruits a while ago. The one sent from the village.”

“It’s rare for it to not be a carnivorous.”

I was excited about the topic about the lizards more than I thought but If I didn’t start eating quickly then my mother’s smiling face will be replaced with an angry one.

“Wait a bit. I am going back to my room.”

Father and Sister weren’t much happy about it but still they let me take the lizard to the room.

“I am sorry but can you stay there?”

It’s big eyes are looking at me.

“I will give you delicious fruits so you can grow up.”

Then it’s shakes its head vertically many times.

…Do you really understand my words?

I feel like I have seen on TV that maybe the lizards have the habit of moving their heads vertically.

“I will go and eat and then come back. Don’t get out of the case.”

Once again I returned to the dinner table.

I sat down in a hurry because everyone was waiting for me.

I somehow forced myself as I had no appetite. I was worried about the lizard.

When I tried to go back to my room, I felt the presence of two people. 

Looking back I saw my younger sister and father.

“Show me that guy again.”

“Do you need advice?”

There eyes are telling me not to refuse.


I will leave this to reptile lovers.

I checked the game before letting them enter my room. 

I turned off the display and then invited them in.

When we put the fruit brought from the refrigerator in front of it, it ate it as if it was hungry.

“Wow…..look at it. It’s eating so cutely.”

“Yes..yes. Its adorable.”

Both of the stuck to the glass case and did not leave.

I too liked reptiles but that was not this much…. [3]

I was talked into this by promise of giving advice but it seems unlikely today.

There were moments where I think they ignored me completely, but my feelings of depression have faded thanks to my family and the lizard, so i guess everything worked out.

Translaror and Editor Notes:

[1] Basically he wants to take a look at the lizard

[2] It seems he is not being able to control himself 

[3] basically he is trying to say that he only like reptiles and nothing more. He want obsessed with them or anything lol

The female lead will introduced very soon. Hope you all are looking forward to it. What do you think that her personality is gonna be and how will he meet her? ~ Asada

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