[VHBF] Chapter 18 (2/2): YinYin Hates Injections!!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Again, they thought that this young father had such a good life. He was rich, handsome, and he had such a lovely baby, he was the winner in life!

Miss Wang was lost in her thoughts for a while, and the little dumpling had finished talking about the causes and consequences. She said those words repeatedly. It was not right to say bad things about her father. Her father was a good child. Nobody can say bad things about her father!

Luo Sheng’s lips cocked up into a smirk and in his arms he held it up to make the girl sit more comfortably.

How fierce and angry he was before entering the door. Now he was confused by the childish words of the dumpling in his arms. According to Luo Sheng’s original idea, whoever bullied his little cub must repent until they call them Tianliang Wang Po [1]. After all, he was not a good man down to his bones. Whoever provoked him, even if the problem was not serious, Luo Sheng would make them more uncomfortable! There were no words of concession and patience in his dictionary!

The little dumpling pinched her father’s big hand, “Daddy can’t do bad things! Be good all the time!”

Even if YinYin believed her father to be a good man, she would still fulfill her responsibility to uncle system and remind Daddy to be a good child. Because uncle system said that if her father accidentally does something bad, it will disappear, which meant that she would never find it again!

Luo Sheng nodded at Miss Wang. “I’ll let the lawyer talk to you tomorrow.” Then he left with his little daughter in his arms.

The middle-aged woman was really confused. By the time she responded, the father and daughter pair had already left. She spat at the door, “Bah, there’s no money for garlic!”

The middle-aged couple were leaving with their daughter’s hand in their hand. Just before the man returned, he said that they would let the kindergarten solve this problem. Now they had stopped talking. They were leaving after greeting Miss Wang.

The middle-aged woman waved at their back. “Don’t go. It hasn’t been settled yet. Let’s discuss it.”

The middle-aged man was scared stupid by this woman and he kindly reminded her, “You can’t afford that man. It’s a fluke to escape today. Don’t be an idiot again and go after him.”

He also felt that Luo Sheng was also a little strange this time. According to the former nature of being the overlord, when he was provoked he would not rest until he had taken his revenge. But this time, he was so amiable and he drifted away without making a sound? Or when you become a dad, do you become temperamental?

It was possible to think so. After all, that guy took over the Bai group. It was said that Bai group’s vice president gave his resignation. Later, Bai group was at his command!

The middle-aged man thought that it was the end of the matter. He persuaded himself to be lucky. Now he dared not talk at home, for fear of being picked up by a child. Then he went outside and said that his company, even if it had a good scale, can’t compare with the Luo and Bai groups at all.

Who knew, about three days later, the assistant prevaricate said that the project of an old customer in their company was shut down. This project is not big, not expensive either and only five million [~720000 USD] of worth.

But the problem was that that person was a regular customer. There were at least tens of millions of orders in their company in a year by that customer. Now one project is dead, will it stay dead in the future?

He ran back and forth for several days, only to learn from others that this man went to cooperate with the Luo family. The Luo group was so big that it was easy for them to see the tens of millions of dollars like running water in one year. People were walking in with hundreds of millions of big projects.

The old customer signed the contract happily. It seemed that he had gained a lot of money. He was not very happy. When people talked about doing business, they still had to find a way to cooperate with large enterprises. They were not greedy for your small money because of their high price; it was all about a good reputation.

No, once he said that he had cooperated with Luo’s, the company’s business orders kept coming, and the benefits were not a small, which was similar to the saying that to take shade under a big tree to enjoy the cool!

Xu Yuan’s heart was thumping. Suddenly, he thought of what Luo Sheng asked in the teacher’s office. How much compensation should he pay? At that time, the woman compared five fingers and said how much? Like five million!?

He quickly asked his assistant to inquire about the situation of that woman’s company, especially the figure of five million.

It was an easy thing to ask. The Li family was a new upstart in ‘A’ city. It was also a legend. They used to dig the dirt and grow crops in the fields. They got into a big city only after they became rich. But even if they had more money, the people in the circle would not look up to them.

The family didn’t know anything and they didn’t really have brains either. They didn’t understand that being rich was not all that mattered. In short, they had a high-profile style and offended people everywhere. It was too simple to ask if there was anything wrong with their family.

The assistant didn’t ask the boss why he wanted to inquire about then. He went to inquire about it and came back surprised and said, “Boss, this Li family is really rare. Mrs. Li went to an auction and won a pair of fake paintings and came back. At a time, she lost five million yuan and was making trouble with others at the auction!”

“And Li family was not ready to transform into real estate? It was said that boss Li let his insiders get in touch with each other and asked people to cheat him out of five million…… “

He wondered, “Isn’t the last five million toxic?”? Who’s the one in trouble with whom?”

Xu Yuan slumped down in his chair, wondering whether it was the knife that finally let go or something else, thought about it and said, “Don’t sign five million yuan bills in the future, but rather have less profit and more quantity. The total price can be raised again.” [2]

The assistant said that when he went out, he murmured that the boss really believed there’s something shady with five million?

In fact, Xu Yuan was relieved. According to the way that the overlord used to do before, the means are milder now. A few days ago, Zhang Su and Liu families had suffered terribly under his hands, but even if they scratched their heads crazy thinking about who was against them, they couldn’t get any evidence.

They could only guess that it was the Luo family who did it. At that time, Mr. Luo went to the hospital. Maybe he wasn’t the one who did it. Who else could there be?

Mrs. Luo was a typical housewife. It was obviously impossible for her to do these things. Then there was only one possibility left. Even if they couldn’t believe it, that was the only possibility left.

So if you think about it, he still felt lucky. Five million yuan was the cost of him talking about other people behind their backs, and now he will keep his mouth closed tightly.

As for the Li family, those fools without eyes, sooner or later the whole family will have to go back to their hometown and farm.

The little dumpling was dirty all over, her face, hands and feet were all covered with bruises. Mrs. Luo had asked her son to bring the girl back from school, but when Mr. and Mrs. Luo saw her like this, they were shocked.

She quickly picked up the little dumpling and touched the little mark on her face painfully, and asked, “Who pinched you?”

“YinYin who bullied you, tell Grandma!”

It was a quarrel caused by children’s jealousy and then rose to physical conflict, but fortunately, all of them were three-year-old children with little strength and nothing too bad happened.

Mrs. Luo took the medicine box and was about to apply the medicine. After washing his hands, Luo Sheng said silently, “I’ll do it.”

She was surprised to let her son take the medicine from her hands.

Mrs. Luo took a look at her husband and both of them peeped from the back to see their son clumsily applying medicine to the dumpling. However, little YinYin was not afraid of pain. While he was applying medicine, she would occasionally encourage her father saying, “Dad, YinYin doesn’t have pain!”

Even though she was saying that, Luo Sheng’s movements were lighter, even a little hesitant, and his movements very slow. It had already been an hour since he took the medicine and was taking all that time just to clean the wound.

Luo Sheng looked at his daughter and was worried whether the tooth mark on her hand will leave scars or not. At last, the three-year-old dumpling was also a girl and loved beauty. She was also very worried. She frowned at the toothmark and sighed, which made people want to laugh for no reason.

Luo Sheng’s mouth formed a smirk, and he suddenly thought about the starting point. He took his mobile phone and searched: “Do you need to take an injection when someone bit you?”

He twisted his eyebrows for a long time, and finally picked up the ball and walked out.

Mrs. Luo shouted at the back, “Hey, have you eaten yet? Where to? “


The little dumpling shuddered as soon as she heard it. For the first time, she rebelled against her father. She struggled to get down. “I don’t want injections, I’m not afraid to leave scars!”

“Wuwuwu, no injection!”

He pressed the ball in his arms. “Shut up!”

YinYin: “…”

After her son went out with the girl, Mr. and Mrs. Luo ate their meals. She sighed: “Our son has really grown up since he became a father. At the beginning, he didn’t even like children and now he knows to hold her skillfully.”

“He tied YinYin’s hair by himself. Did you see it, just now he has learnt to apply medicine to children’s wounds. Even I had never been such a good mother to my own child in this life! “

Mrs. Luo laughed. “I used to be afraid that he was too playful and arbitrary. Now it’s better to have YinYin. Recently, it’s a lot more stable.”

Mr. Luo nodded in agreement. “Good children.”

Mr. Luo also said behind his back that he still had to scold his son in front of his son. When the little dumpling got back after getting the injection with tears in her eyes, Mr. Luo scolded his son with a straight face. He said that even if the adults were hungry, they still had to feed children blablabla first, which was a revenge for the little dumpling.

YinYin hugged grandpa’s arm and shakes. Little YinYin was soft. “Dad is very good, YinYin is not hungry!”

Well, he should have known that this girl was loyal like a little dog and can’t hear others scold her father. When he got angry, Luo first groaned and twisted his head.

YinYin: “Daddy is good, and grandpa is also good!” She looked at grandma and quickly added, “grandma is good too!”

The little dumpling didn’t know what it meant to be good, but adults always praised her for being good. The little dumpling thought that being good was the best adjective in the world and the most sincere praise!

She opened her eyes wide and said sincerely, “My father is the first, my grandparents are the second, YinYin is the third!”

Mrs. Luo laughed and fell on the sofa. Her heart was so sad and tender that she couldn’t bear it anymore.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Probably a reference to a famous line from the poet Xin Qiji. It seems to be a play with words. It’s original meaning is something about turning seasons, but can also be read as a name. So my guess is that bad children should be scolded until season changes? ~Bluehm

[2] Poor guy. This five million keyword will now hunt him for his entire life. Probably he would rather go bankrupt than take donations of 5 million 😂 ~Asada

Everytime I read ‘overlord’ I can’t help but think of Ainz riding on Hamuske. Gave me a good laugh in this chapter 😀 ~ Bluehm

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