[NTBG] Chapter 27 (1/2): Prayer For Deceased

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

No enemy reinforcements appeared after the defeat of Red Demon. It seems that there wasnt any monster left alive.

They stared at the last hut without speaking. Various thoughts and emotions are swirling in their heads.

Murus tries to take a step in but Gams stopped him.

“First. I will enter first. There may still be enemies inside.”


Murus gently lowers his head with complex emotions. He still wants to rush and confirms the villagers safety.

However, he is fearing for the worst development which could be waiting for him.

Gams carefully walks into the entrance of the hut while avoiding being caught in the mud.

I was looking for any sound which can reach my ears but there wasn’t anything that can determine whether it was safe or not.

It’s frustrating that I can’t see inside hut from outside, and can only wait like Chem and Murus.

Gams came out from inside with a grim look on his face 

After confirming his safety Chem breaths a sigh of relief was about to run to him when she was stopped by Gams.

“Chem do not come here. Mr. Murus, I’m sorry.”

“Onii-san. I am a hunter. I am ready for this, someone might still be breathing.”

“I don’t want you to see this as a brother.”

I can’t say anything about that.

Chen stands while holding the Bible tightly.

I cannot judge how much time has passed. Was it few seconds, minutes or a few hours.

Their expressions were dark. What has happened was not mentioned.

“Both of you must have a hard time.”

“Please raise your head. Sorry for not being able to help.”

I coudn’t even say words anymore. My shoulders were shaking.

Oh…no….watching this is too emotional. I took out a tissue and wiped my eyes and nose.

When I think about Murus, I can’t maintain my calm. If they were someone of Village of Fate then tears would have naturally come out.

I used to think that I would rarely cry after I became an adult but in fact I became more brittle after thirty.

….every adult is just putting up with the situation when they are sad.

“Mr.Murus, we should pray for them so they can rest in piece.”

Tears were flowing from Murus eyes who raised his head in response to Chem who spoke gently.


Gams cuts the wall of the hut with his sword and enters it.

So you don’t want your sister to see those corpses?

One can see through the hole, three people praying inside. I also joined and prayed for the souls of the deceased.

After everyone dug graves and Gams and Murus carried and buried the corpses which wasn’t even in it’s original shape.

If this would have been a normal game then the scene would have been cut and we would have reached the base.

But this is not the case. Here people really live and die.

The atmosphere was heavy on the journey back home.

As the fence door opens, Carol is the first one to rush to them.

“Welcome home! Brother! Mr.Murus and sister in law.”

The three of them smiled but it soon disappeared.

Although they were forcing themselves to stay calm but anyone can figure out at a glance that they are depressed. Laila gently hugged Carol from behind who couldn’t say anything. Lodis also walks up to them.

“Everyone cheer up for your good work. Did you eat anything? We have prepared a light meal, so eat and rest.”

Lodis didnt asked them what had happened. He just urged them to eat and relax.

“I did my best, everyone….I really did..”

When I looked at Lodis who handled the situation like a adult, my tears were again to come out.

What will Murus do in the future? I want him to be a friend but only if we can understand his feelings.

If he decided to leave alone then we won’t force him to stay.

I observed Murus who was sitting down on the floor in his assigned room while looking at the ceiling.

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