[HGEG] Chapter 16: He Is A Demon

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Xiong JiaBao died. Qi XiaoKui died. And the team of six became four.

The group of four discussed and decided to stay there for one night to regain their strength, then, early tomorrow, they will head east.

The living room is very spacious, everyone has a different location. Xin Meng and You Yi had occupied a soft sofa, a huge one, enough for two people to lean side by side. Li Yougen took a quilt from the house and planned to sleep on the ground. The most admirable is Dong Xiu. Even in such environment, even lacking strength, he refused to settle for less. It took a lot of effort, but he dragged out a single bed from another room to sleep on it.

When everyone was ready, the house went quiet, the only sound heard was their faint breathing.

“You can’t sleep?” A low-pitched male voice suddenly whispered against his ear. It scared Xin Meng, until he understood You Yi was awake.

He turned around and looked at the man he had met today for the first time, but who was already so familiar. The room was dark, and he couldn’t see his expression, just the vague outline of his face. Xin Meng traced the man’s handsome figure and couldn’t help but blurt out: “Can you tell me something about you?”

He was very ashamed after. It was such an ordinary question, how did it sound so embarrassing under his soft whispers?

Is it due to the darkness around them? Should he use a harsher tone? But that would make him look bad, it didn’t look like a good idea… Right?

He was entangled in his thoughts and did not see the man, who gave off a serious and mature impression, hook his lips in the dark, a smile flashing for a second. He didn’t see it.

“I worked as a special soldier in the army for several years. After retiring, I became a mercenary, and then I happened to enter the game by chance.”

His words are very vague, but his tone is gentle. Because they are afraid of waking up others, their heads are almost touching. As he spoke, Xin Meng could feel the warm breath as he exhaled on his ears. His ears and cheeks became hot, his mind blank. He said, “No wonder why you are so good…”

Maybe he short-circuited. After Xin Meng spoke, he thought there was nothing wrong about it. Instead, he began to eye the figure of the man, as he didn’t pay attention during the day. Very tall, at least one meter and eighty, a whole head taller than Xin Meng. His body is a standard invented triangle, his whole body covered with strong muscles, not exaggerated to the point of being ugly, but rather delicate and symmetrical. If he wore loose clothes, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the power under it. The type who is thin when dressed and undressed… When he changed clothes before, Xin Meng accidentally saw that he had an eight-pack.

Xin Meng couldn’t help but to be jealous. Eight pack, ah, he wants that too. It doesn’t need to be eight, it can be six. No, four is also good…

Suddenly, a hoarse laugh echoed in his ear. Xin Meng then realized he just said something while he was thinking. Help!

While he was ashamed and didn’t know what to do, his eyes were covered by a warm palm. He heard the man say, “It’s late. Sleep. Obey.”

The gentle voice broke his embarrassment, the heat on his cheeks slowly reduced and You Yi’s hand covering his eyes was not taken away, and neither did Xin Meng pushed it, leaning on the sofa quietly.

He thought he would be unable to sleep, but he actually fell asleep right away.

Hearing the periodic breathing, You Yi took his hand away, his gaze penetrated darkness and fell on Xin Meng’s long eyelashes, revealing an unidentified smile.

Xin Meng, who is already asleep, doesn’t know that everyone beside him is destined to have a sleepless night.

Dong Xiu was lying on the bed, body covered by the sheets. Every time he closed his eyes; all he saw were pictures of Xiong JiaBao transforming into a monster. Repeating endlessly, creating a layer of sweat on his forehead.

He thought, Xiong JiaBao, don’t blame me. It’s silly, but it’s not like I wanted you to die. Anyways, it’s not like you really died, when I pass the game, you will resurrect, so… No big deal.

His selfish and cold-blooded nature didn’t allow him to feel guilty but frightened. After all, he has never seen such a horrible scene before.

Monsters, monsters, will the monsters look for him?

How can he kill it?

Dong Xiu kept thinking about countermeasures and didn’t sleep.

On the other side of the room, Li Yougen curled up in his quilt, leaning back against the wall, shaking.

His face was read, his sweat was at the maximum, his hands were constantly moving under the quilt. If an outsider saw it, it would be easy to misunderstand the situation.

However, with Li Yougen’s psychological persona, for him, who was scared to death today, where’s the mood to do something like that?

His fingers were scratching his tight, skin red and purple. He frowned and cursed in his heart.

Damn, it’s so itchy, is this a mosquito bite?

It feels like there are many bites…

It was probably because his pants were ripped, so the mosquitoes were given a chance.

Itchy, how can he sleep? This damn place!

Li Yougen cursed with hate, and afraid of hurting his skin, he didn’t touch it anymore, enduring the torment until dawn.

Early in the morning, the four got up. In addition to Xin Meng’s who had a good night of sleep and is full of energy, You Yi looks as usual, but the other two are terrible. Dong Xiu is tired and keeps yawning, Li Yougen’s face is blue, his hands keep scratching his pants and he’s walking a bit weird.

Xin Meng originally wanted to ask what happened to them last night, if they didn’t sleep well. However, You Yi placed bread and milk in his hands and diverted his attention. He whispered to You Yi, forgetting about the other two:

“Your bag is a treasure chest, how come you have everything?” Xin Meng knows there’s also a gun in his bag. It’s nothing if there’s another gun, but he had seen him taking all kind of things from his bag. Spare clothes, medical supplies, food, compasses, magazines, hooks with iron claws, folding sabers (which was given to Xin Meng) and a mix of things. Xin Meng cannot name it all, he saw a lot of things, but the bad is not even that big!

You Yi squinted and took out a carton of milk from his backpack, “There’s room, you can put your clothes here.”

Xin Meng smiled, not pretending to be polite.

“Cut it!” Li Yougen scratched his thighs and cursed at the warm atmosphere between the two. He said to the cold-eyed Dong Xiu. “Hey, don’t you think they are abnormal? I’ve seen such people before, really disgusting. That Xin Meng actually looked like a human being; I didn’t expect him to be such a person. When he saw that man, he showed his real nature. It’s really…”

Suddenly, he felt something flying past his ear. A few cut hairs fell off his shoulders and his ears hurt. A warm thing slid down his ear and he felt pain right after. When he looked back, a knife was carved on the wall right next to his ear!

The tip of the knife even entered the wall!

He dared to look back, facing a pair of fierce brown eyes, killing intentions overflowing, like a wild beast, full of blood thirst, choosing people to devour before rushing into them!

Li Yougen wanted to escape, but found out his body was already frozen, the invisible tension making him unable to even move a finger!

What’s this?

What is this kind of terrorist force that can be materialized?

Li Yougen’s legs trembled. If he drank water yesterday, he would pee again. Even the itch on his leg could not be felt anymore.

He wants to kill me. He wants to kill me. I…

I will be killed!

Li Yougen’s mind emerged in this thought and he almost kneeled and begged for mercy. However, the tension suddenly disappeared and the horrible force holding him in place was also gone. Stunned, he saw Xin Meng, who had just returned from the bathroom, come back, and You Yi’s gaze moved to him, returning to the usual calm and gentleness.

It’s like a lion falling asleep.

Xin Meng didn’t know anything that happened now, he just smiled at the man, unguarded.

The Devil… He is a demon…

Li Yougen licked his lips, couldn’t help but whisper “Devil” and Dong Xiu, who was holding a mineral water bottle to drink, gave him a cold look. “You are stupid. Can’t you see you shouldn’t provoke him?”

Li Yougen couldn’t tell why, but it was certainly that they couldn’t provoke this man. What’s worse is that when he talked to Dong Xiu, he kept his voice very low in fear of being heard. According to it, normal people wouldn’t hear, so how did he? How could he be heard by that person?

He suddenly froze and he thought, “is this person really a monster?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

About the ‘Cold war’ I mentioned, it’s because recently my parents found out that my sister is bisexual, and now the mood here has been very dark, then yesterday they went crazy and are now practically pressuring me to choose between them or my sister, since they think she’s a bad influence stuff, that’s why I’m afraid of facing them (my sister is even more). I went out to eat already, I talked with them a bit, they don’t seem that mad anymore, but is still scary… My sister will live with her friend for a few days and when my vacations start I think I will spend a few weeks at my aunt or my friend’s house. Anyways, I think the mood will get better before new year… Thank you all for the nice comments!
Anyways… Ugh Li Yougen is gross. Everyone say thank you You Yi, kill him soon.~Zucci

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