[HGEG] Chapter 15: Where The Sun Rises

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

The group stumbled out of the Public Security Bureau and found a residential building nearby, broke into the third floor, killed the zombies inside and settled down temporarily.

After meeting the terrible, almost immortal zombies, killing these ordinary ones is nothing. Even Li Yougen is not scared anymore. And the man called You Yi has been silent the whole time, following Xin Meng, not taking any initiative, just helping him in time when he’s in danger.

Even without a gun, it didn’t make the man less powerful. He had a sharp knife on his hands, and it only took a light stroke for the zombie’s head to fall on the ground. The zombies looked as if they were made of paper, but they, who had experienced terrible murderers, knew the truth; is not that the zombies are weak, just that the man is too strong!

Later, everyone sat in the living room to rest. Dong Xiu and Li Yougen were as far as possible from the new member, not daring to provoke him, but Xin Meng didn’t care, he feels very safe around that powerful man. Anyways, he’s not willing to sit next to Dong Xiu or Li Yougen, so he sat next to You Yi.

He even found out that the man’s gaze often looked at him more than others. There’s no special emotion on his eyes, just calmness, a calm that infected Xin Meng and allowed his mind to be in peace.

Suddenly, the man opened his mouth, “What happened to your arm?”

This is the second time Xin Meng heard his voice. His voice was very low pitched, almost magnetic. If described in popular words, “can make ears pregnant.” He was being very close to Xin Meng, talking on his ear. Xin Meng went slight red, due to the sensitivity on his earlobes. “Well… Just got hurt by Jie Zi.”

The man didn’t answer, he just got up and went out of the living room for a while. When he came back, he had taken a piece of bandage from his backpack and two pieces of wood. He sat next to Xin Meng and help him, fixed his bones on the place with the wooden boards, wrapped with bandage around his arm and neck, fixing it on his chest. “Don’t move.”

He is quick and his movements are skilled. Xin Meng only feels a short pain as he is bandaged, when the broken bones are fixed, he feels much more comfortable.

Dong Xiu sat on the other side of the room, eyes moving back and forth between Xin Meng and You Yi, then he asked after a long time, “You two knew each other already?”

Xin Meng answered, “No. Just like you, it’s our first meeting.”

Dong Xiu eyes them suspiciously. Obviously, he didn’t believe it. In fact, even Xin Meng thought it was strange, he could not explain him and You Yi’s ‘affinity’ even after much thought. He had never seen You Yi before, he wouldn’t forget someone like that. This inexplicable sense of peace and closeness is probably because he’s very eye-catching.

Sometimes people do that, when they see someone who looks good, they will be inexplicably close.

Plus, this man saved his life. He’s also his saviour.

He thought so, but he saw Dong Xiu still staring at You Yi with alert and hostile eyes. He couldn’t help but explain, “I checked, his armband is real. He is indeed out teammate. Before, Jie Zi was an NPC mixed in our team to block us from clearing the stage. You Yi saved me. We can trust him.”

“Can we really?” Li Yougen frowns, angrily rubbing his head. When You Yi kicked the door, he didn’t even think about pulling him away, so when the door opened, he fell and now had a huge bump on his forehead, hurting when he touched. His view against You Yi was very bad due that, “Jie Zi also saved us before, in the end, he betrayed us! Who can we trust?!”

Xin Meng thought of Li Yougen scarifying the girl with anger and didn’t want to deal with him.

Yes, the girl!

When he remembered, he took out a white card from his pocket and said, “She put this on my hand before she died. I didn’t look at it that time, I’ll do it now.”

The card looks like everyone’s else, the familiar instructions of the game.

The sky is not yet completely dark, and there’s a vague light on the house, enough for them to look at each other’s face, but they still needed a light resource to read. Xin Meng pulled out the laser light, wanting to shine the card, but his left arm couldn’t be move, only one hand could be lifted, and while he was dealing with it, the card was taken away.

You Yi held the card in front of Xin Meng.

Xin Meng glanced at him and thanked with a smile, thinking that this man looked very cool, but was also very considerate.

He first looked at the beginning of the front card.

[To dear Mrs. Qi XiaoKui.]

“Qi XiaoKui? That’s a pretty name.” Xin Meng whispered, but suddenly felt a strong stare from the side, turned around and saw You Yi staring straight at him, although his eyes looked calm, Xin Meng felt some darkness in them.

Is it my fault?

Why is it my fault?

He shook his head and crushed those thoughts. Instead, he gestured for the other to turn over the card. He read one word at a time:

[The colour of the meteorite is so beautiful, like blood. Like the heart of a devil.]

[Escape from it, unless you want to become a monster.]

“Fuck her mother!” After listening to the contents of the card, Li Yougen immediately yelled, “If the girl showed us the card before, that wouldn’t have happened! Xiong JiaBao wouldn’t have died!”

Now that they think about it, the girl was far away from them at that moment, since she knew the meteorite was dangerous, she kept far away from it, but no one noticed!

Xin Meng sighed, “We couldn’t get her trust.”

And now it was impossible to get it. When Li Yougen pushed her to the monster, they lost their chances to gain her trust. Even if she pushed Xin Meng away in the end, it was just the reward for Xin Meng trying to save her – she didn’t want to owe them anything.

“Go to hell with trust. You can kill us if you don’t trust us?” Li Yougen continued, scratching his face. “She didn’t tell us and was killed in result. She deserved!”

Xin Meng heard it. Her death was the result of her actions? It was clear that you were the one who pushed her! He was about to refute, but seeing Li Yougen’s arrogant selfishness, he dismissed his thoughts.

There’s nothing to say to Li Yougen. He won’t admit he is wrong. It doesn’t make sense to talk to him. So he only said coldly, “If we weren’t greedy, the danger could have been avoided.”

Greedy, that was directed to Dong Xiu, who only looked at the dark window, pretending he didn’t hear.

Li Yougen nodded. After today, he won’t take risks of touching weird things around.

Probably to change topics, Dong Xiu turned back at You Yi, “What about your card? Don’t say it’s lost.”

“What did you say?!” Xin Meng is completely disgusted by Dong Xiu’s arrogance, and after today’s events, his tolerance for Dong Xiu and Li Yougen has been greatly reduced.

He remembered the poor girl, who opened the supermarket door and prevented them from starving. As result, they became their enemies, and she died horribly…

Even if his temperament is calm, after all that, he is completely dissatisfied with those two selfish and self-centred guys. He was about to stand up against Dong Xiu, but then a card was silently exposed in front of Xin Meng.

Like cold water splashing down, it calmed all the uncontrollable emotions caused by the girl’s death. Xin Meng took a deep breath and threw those emotions away. He sat down, picked the laser light and read out the words:

[This is hell! We are surrounded by the devil!]

[God, if we worship the sun, will we be redeemed?!]

“What does that mean?” Li Yougen irritably grabbed his own hair. The horror from those past two days made him unable to maintain the appearance of the suit. The expensive suit jacket was lost, the white shirt was covered with dirt and sweat and there was a wetness in the middle of his trousers, he smells as terrible as the zombies.

He feels so bad that he even can’t calm down and think about what’s being said, he was only thinking about leaving this damn game and returning back to his life!

“It’s very simple. It’s about going to the East” Xin Meng said without much thought.

Dong Xiu nodded, “The sun rises at east. It means hope. Turns out that’s the right direction.”

The direction Jie Zi gave them was exactly the opposite!

Turned out he even misled them and brought them into a dangerous trap.

“What about the question in the end, what if it’s wrong?” Li Yougen scratched his tight as he asked.

Xin Meng said, “According to the contents of the car, the tips given by the game are very straight-forward, and there will be no useless words. If it’s not correct, then it should be the complete opposite. For example, if it’s written to the right, then it should be really the right, or the opposite, the left. This is the only answer that would make sense. But that’s not our case here. If we assume that it’s inducing us to the wrong direction, the East will be wrong, but there’s also other three possibilities. It would only tell us that the east is wrong, but not about the other three. Therefore, even if there’s a question, there’s no other possibility, just East.”

These words made Li Yougen stunned. He had to admit it. Xin Meng was really smart.

Dong Xiu was filled with dissatisfaction and his stare was cold and full of hate, “Such simple things, you don’t even have to think about it. There’s nothing to show off.”

Xin Meng knows he’s not pleasing at his eyes, so he didn’t answer. However, You Yi’s reaction was very cute (in Xin Meng’s eyes), he was very straight forward and praised Xin Meng, “Very smart.”

He doesn’t know what happened. When he was praised by Jie Zi, Xin Meng didn’t react like that. But now, You Yi is so focused watching him, even if he just said two words, it made his cheeks hot. Fortunately, the sky is already dark, and the others didn’t see it, otherwise Xin Meng wouldn’t be able to explain.

What is happening to him?

Translator and Editor Notes:

I think I’m updating too fast and some of you might be thinking ‘wtf, she doesn’t have a life’, which, in fact, I don’t, but that’s not why I’m here. Anyways, I’m very bored and there’s a cold war happening in my house, so all I can do is lock myself in my room and distract myself with this, I can’t even go out to eat QAQ… At least You Yi is cute… Enjoy the many updates TT  ~Zucci

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