[HGEG] Chapter 14: Last Teammate

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

What to do! What to do!

Xin Meng was surrounded by zombies, his clothes soaked in sweat. His original body strength wasn’t very good, but now he was also injured. Only one arm can be used. He takes advantage of the distance the steel pipe allows in order to not get close to the zombies, but his right arm is getting sore, he won’t last long.

He can only do his best to run to the gates!

The other two are even worse. The girl is alright, taking advantage that the iron chair from the supermarket is not easy to damage. Li Yougen has that stick given to him by Jie Zi, but he has been hiding in the crowd and didn’t have a chance to use it before, but now that he had used it, it got broken only after a few minutes! He took the two wooden sticks and screamed wildly while waving it around madly, it wasn’t a long-term solution, but at least, he could protect his body. They are still too far from the door. They still need to pass the tall building to even see the gates.

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Die!”

Li Yougen used the wooden sticks to beat the zombie’s hands, not stopping yelling. If Xin Meng wasn’t busy, he would tell Li Yougen to shut up right away and save his strength, but Xin Meng didn’t have time, so he let Li Yougen make a fatal mistake. His yelling consumed a lot of physical strength and made him out of breath. Because of the lack of oxygen, his vision was dark, and his strength was not good; he was getting slower and slower, creating holes on his defence; and the monster Xiong JiaBao quickly approached, catching Li Yougen’s arm.

Li Yougen’s eyes reflected extreme horror. In that moment of life and death, it was as if everything turned into slow motion. Li Yougen looked at the devil’s hand and looked at himself being pulled into hell…

At that time, the girl who had fallen behind catches up and ran past him. Li Yougen was stunned, he screamed, twisted and grabbed the girl’s arm, he pushed her over to Xiong JiaBao

“Ah!” That’s the first time the girl screamed. Xiong JiaBao’s sharp claws cut the flesh on her back!

The scene happened right in front of Xin Meng, who had just turned around and was shocked. He opened his way between the zombies and rushed to the girl. They weren’t far from each other, he could save her!

However, when he rushed to the girl and pulled her, he forgot about the zombies surrounding him. A zombie’s hand almost scratched his shoulder.

Xin Meng didn’t turn his head. He looked at the girl who had broken from Xiong JiaBao’s hold, rushed to Xin Meng and pushed him away. She was the one forced to be exposed to zombies. Her arm was cut from top to bottom, warm blood sprayed everywhere!

“Go!” Not waiting for Xin Meng to react, the girl pushed him fiercely away from the zombies, leaving her completely buried by the monsters around. A dense wave of zombies surrounded her in a tight circle, excited by the smell of blood, even forgetting about Xin Meng.

He couldn’t react, looking at the countless swaying head smelling the scent of blood, he could still hear the sound of chewing and eating…

Even as calm as he is, he couldn’t help but tremble, legs sore, unable to move from that place.

At the same time, the zombies who were after Li Yougen before slowly turned back and came at Xin Meng. When Xin Meng returned to his senses, he found that he was surrounded by zombies again.

Is he going to die?

Xin Meng had no special fear of death, that’s why he can keep calm all the times, but… He can’t accept he will be eaten by zombies after he dies!

If it’s like this, he will rather commit suicide!

Bang, bang, bang!

Just when he fell into desperation, he heard a series of gunshots rang in the air! A bullet hole appeared on the forehead of each zombie around and they all fell to the ground.

The gunman’s method of shooting is accurate and scary. The zombies around Xin Meng fell to the ground one by one. Only Xin Meng was unscathed.

The gunshots never stopped, until no zombie could stand and Xin Meng was completely safe.

Who saved him?

Xin Meng didn’t know who but didn’t even think about the other two survivors. His eyes fell to the direction of the gunshots and saw a tall figure standing against the dark sky.

The man turned to him and was slowly approaching.

Xin Meng’s hear jumped quickly.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the man, and he could feel that the other person was also staring at him. His legs weren’t soft, but he was unable to take a step.

Then the man approached, revealing a strong and handsome face.

“You… You are…” Xin Meng muttered, his heart beating fast, as if it wanted to tell him something, a strange familiarity came to mind.

… Has… he seen this person?

What’s strange is that his memory doesn’t have an impression of this man.

The beautiful and dark brown pupils were reflected in Xin Meng’s figure. Xin Meng looked right into his eyes, and it was as if he was being sucked inside. He couldn’t look away at all. He has never felt like that before, very inexplicable. He wanted to get rid of this strange feeling. Then he heard the other party’s low and hoarse voice, “You Yi, your teammate.”

Xin Meng returned to his senses, he blinked his eyes and couldn’t figure out what he had just said, therefore didn’t notice the way the man said ‘your’.

This time, Xin Meng had learned his lesson and looked at the other’s arm, seeing the familiar armband on it and letting his heart soft, it’s indeed… It’s indeed his teammate.

Finding the last teammate this way, he couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry, but this wasn’t the right time to deal with emotions. Just now, You Yi killed more than 20 zombies around him, but there was still a wave of zombies coming, even the monster Xiong JiaBao became wasn’t dead. When he finishes eating the girl’s body, he will definitely go after them!

The man took Xin Meng’s right wrist and pulled him forward, Xin Meng hurrying to keep up. From time to time, he looked back. The zombies who were ‘eating’ actually caused a congestion and blocked the passage, adding valuable escape time. However, Xin Meng was a bit unsure.

Although they knew the girl could live in the next game, it was still very sad, he didn’t even expect the girl to make such an act.

The two quickly ran out of the passage and arrived at the door. There were sporadic zombies at the ground. They were probably killed by Dong Xiu and Li Yougen. They were at the front door and kicked it with force, Li Yougen let out cries of sorrow, Dong Xiu of embarrassment.

“What happened?” Xin Meng asked.

Li Yougen was crying and couldn’t speak. Dong Xiu was still calm. He noticed something was wrong back then and escaped before Xiong JiaBao fully changed into a monster, so he missed many events and couldn’t understand what was happening. He pushed his glasses and watched the man standing behind Xin Meng with vigilance. He asked, “Who is he?”

“He is our last teammate,” Xin Meng let out a sigh of relief. “Real teammate.”

With those words, Dong Xiu immediately understood the meaning. “Fuck, we have been played by this game!”

“Le “Let’s go, the situation can be explained later, hurry up and open the door before the soldiers arrive, otherwise we will die if we don’t leave!” Xin Meng didn’t say the man behind him had a gun. His hands were empty, and the gun should be now inside his backpack, obviously not willing to let the other know about it. And Xin Meng, completely out of trust for his remaining teammates after what happened, didn’t even think about telling them about that.

Moreover, compared to these teammates who he had spent the last two day understanding who they will push you down in times of crises, trusts more the man who had saved him. At least he could feel that You Yi is not malicious.

“Can’t op “It can’t be opened, it’s locked from the outside!” Dong Xiu pushed the door, that swayed a few times and opened enough to reveal a big iron chain. They don’t know when it was put there, but now they were all locked inside.

Meanwhile, the zombies in military uniforms had come out from the passage and were approaching the four people!

“Open the door! Open!” Li Yougen screamed, slamming the door in vain, but the gate didn’t even move. Others were nervous. Xin Meng didn’t know why, but he turned his head and looked at You Yi.

However, he found out that the man was calm and indifferent, as if he wasn’t facing a crisis, just a small trouble that could be solder in a blink of an eyes. His calmness made the nervous Xin Meng also relax.

When he was about to say something, he saw You Yi approaching the door, lifting his foot and kicking a certain part of the gate. They heard a sound outside, and the iron chain was broken in a snap of fingers. The door was also opened!

Great God! Dong Xiu looked at the man with amusement, his lens crossed a trace of unclear light and in his heart he was already starting to scheme.

You Yi seemed to have eyes behind is back and turned his head around, coldly staring at Dong Xiu. His eyes were completely different from when he looked at Xin Meng, now filled with a harm, giving a cold silent warning, as it he could immediately kill people with just a stare. Dong Xiu felt a chill coming from the bottom of his heart, and he didn’t dare look at him.

A terrible man! Someone who never has to be provoked!

Dong Xiu shivered and made that conclusion in his heart!

Translator and Editor Notes:

Finally! Our! ML! Is! Here! He’s so devoted to Xin Meng, it’s very cute, you will see~ Also, there’s one teammate for us to actually like… The girl with no name (yet)! And You Yi, of course. BTW, I didn’t comment in the last chapter but… Doesn’t Jie Zi looks a bit like Jay Z? lmao I couldn’t stop reading his name like this all the time ughhh
Also, “Li Yougen was busy crying and couldn’t speak”… mood. ~Zucci

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