[HGEG] Chapter 13: Judas In The Team

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

What happened to Jie Zi?

How come you didn’t save them?

Until now… Why have you not spoken?

Xin Meng’s pupils tightened. He could clearly feel the warm body temperature of another person on his back, it showing close they are. He suddenly felt a terrible cold hitting his body, a wind breeze blew on his ear, and Xin Meng slammed forward, but he was slower. A huge force went against his left arm, and he could clearly hear the sound of broken bones, Xin Meng could only scream. He fell on his side, breaking in cold sweat, and his eyes were filled with tears. He painfully curled up on the ground and looked up.

Through his blurred vision, he saw…

Jie Zi’s grinning face, cruel and vicious, staring at him!

“You…” Xin Meng is about to lose his consciousness; his vision is dark. He wanted to ask why, but he had no strength to complete his question.

“I didn’t finish before,” Jie Zi said, pulling the corner of his mouths, looking unfamiliar to his former self. He smiled as he turned the steel pipe in his hand and approached Xin Meng maliciously. “You are the smartest in this team, so… Die.”

As he moved closer, Xin Meng could only struggle back up, his eyes looking at the other’s strong arms, his mind having an ‘eureka!’ moment as he clutched his arm, “You… Are not a player.”

“You see,” Jie Zi’s smile flourished and he stared at Xin Meng like a snake, licking his lips. “I said, in this team and in my heart, you are the most intelligent~~ Ha ha ha!”

Exactly the same words spoken by the same person, but just with a change of tone, it became particularly nauseous. His voice was full of malice, Xing Meng felt horrible!

This damn game, without a hint, arranged a “Judas” to hide between them!

“Don’t look at me like that,” Jie Zi suddenly changed his expression, looking at Xin Meng with pity, then at Xiong JiaBao, who was chasing Li Yougen. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Who made my task to prevent you from leaving? Don’t blame if you die, ha ha ha!

Task? Stop them from leaving?

What’s that… His task?

Xin Meng thought of this for a while but didn’t have time to think deeply about it. He was drawn by the screaming at the other side of Xiong JiaBao. He couldn’t even be regarded as a ‘person’, only a monster! Li Yougen was supposed to have been caught already, but perhaps fear gave him extraordinary powers. Li Yougen actually climbed up from the ground and struggled to move forwards, making the monster catch empty space. What was once Xiong JiaBao refused to give up and kept chasing after him.

Xin Meng looked at Xiong JiaBao’s rotten meat, suddenly had a thought and turned to ask Jie Zi, “Xiong JiaBao turning into this, is it your fault?”

“Hey!” Jie Zi smiles. “That wasn’t in my hands, but even if I say I’m not related, you won’t believe me. I just… Used his character a bit.”

Xin Meng instantly understood, recalling he was the first who proposed to take the thing, said it might be useful for clearance, thus inspiring everyone’s interest on it, and then followed Xin Meng away, avoiding having to get down and get the thing. Dong Xiu is cautious about his own life, but not the other’s. If he wanted to know what that thing was, he would make others get it for him. From those people’s characters, the one getting it would have undoubtedly been Xiong JiaBao!

Therefore, Xiong JiaBao becoming like this, it was all Jie Zi’s plan!

Looking back now, it also explained Jie Zi’s eccentric behaviour. Like that time, when he left the two car doors open downstairs, in order to let the zombies come inside and attack everyone. When they left, he also volunteered to drive and then deliberately created an irrational racer’s facade, smashed the car, putting everyone in danger, which was also a way to subtly guide Xiong JiaBao’s remaining reason into impulse, lead them here and temp Dong Xiu, which all led to the present!

Xin Meng was very annoyed. It was his fault he didn’t look for Jie Zi’s armband at that time. Why didn’t he get to the bottom of it, why didn’t he consider such possibility!

Moreover, he still has an irritating hypothesis. Jie Zi lead them here but didn’t push them all the way to death. Instead, he just sent them into danger.

He’s playing with them!

Jie Zi is like a cat, watching a mouse in danger, struggling to escape, suffering.

Over there, Li Yougen panicked and decided to go to that small building behind the parking lot. At the same time, the sky was getting darker, and nothing could be seen clearly inside the small building.

Xin Meng’s heart jumped abruptly. He quickly looked back at Jie Zi but saw he wasn’t going to kill him immediately. He even put the steel pipe on the ground, as if there was more pressing things to do, and just watched Li Yougen, who was about to run inside the building. Once again, he had a strange smile on his face.

What did Jie Zi say when they arrived?

He said…

He said “I think we can go to that small building in the back, there is definitely fewer zombies.”

Xin Meng used all the strength on his exhausted body to scream at Li Yougen, “Don’t go there! Come back! It’s danger-!”

The person running is full of panic and fear. Li Yougen couldn’t hear him in the middle of his crazy escape, like a mouse being chased by a cat, he could only see the small doors in front of his eyes.

As long as he ran there, as long as he reached, he could shut the monster out and everything would be safe!

With pain on his lungs from the heavy breathing, Li Yougen used his last efforts to open the door, and in the eyes of the onlookers, Xiong JiaBao’s speed is falling down, Li Yougen didn’t dare stop. He could only run forward. It looked like a dog was driving a sheep out of the flock…

In Xin Meng’s eyes, however, it was a wolf driving a sheep right into a pack of wolves!

“Don’t! Li Yougen, you can’t!” Xin Meng shouted, trying to save him, he struggled in the ground and stood up, but was kicked on the chest by Jie Zi, injuring his internal organs. Xin Meng rolled on the ground and coughed, his mouth overflowing with blood, but still staring at Li Yougen.

He was getting closer and closer, closer and closer…

Time seemed to solidify, Li Yougen still held the doorknob in one hand, but his body was stiff, his eyes were so wide that it was surreal. There was a liquid flowing down his trousers.

Hundreds of pairs of green and white eyes appeared in front on him.

Zombies! In military uniforms!

All the zombie soldiers were locked in that small building, thousands of people inside!

“Ah, ah ah!” His screams resounded through the clouds!

The door of the small building was opened, the cage of the demons was lost, and the countless zombies in military uniforms headed straight for the “food” in front of them, their eyes filled with greed and hunger. Li Yougen almost gave up, but then heard Xin Meng yelling from behind, “What are you doing? Run!”

Li Yougen reflectively turned to run, but he saw that Xiong JiaBao was still behind him! His mind turned blank, and he ran to the other side. At this moment, zombies began to emerge from the door. Fortunately, the door was small, so the zombies had to come out one by one. Sometimes, the zombies would collide and had to squeeze through the door, delaying time, otherwise, they would definitely die here. There was hope for escape!

Seeing the zombies rushing out, Jie Zi laughed fanatically, and his words just confirmed Xin Meng’s previous speculation. “I like watching you struggle in pain, having to die in despair! My lovely babies will be all out soon! Run hard if you want to escape, let me have a good look at this show, this is your last value! Hahaha!”

Then, he laughed as he went out, and entered the tall building!

There were more zombies coming out from the small building, moreover, Xiong JiaBao is still chasing Li Yougen and the whole parking lot is unsafe. They must leave immediately!

Xin Meng injured his left arm and was kicked on his chest and abdomen by a very strong man. He was very injured. He clenched his teeth and tried to stand up with one hand supporting him on the ground. There was a lot of sweat gathering on his forehead. When he was already at loss, he saw someone coming to his side. He quickly raised his head and saw the girl, who had been silently watching from the side, looked at him, then bent down to take him, picking him up with her right hand.

Xin Meng sighed, “Thank you.”

The girl didn’t answer, just looked at the zombies and ran away with her folding chair. Xin Meng quickly followed, and Li Yougen ran in the same direction. Behind the three, was a wave of zombies in military uniforms and the monster Xiong JiaBao.

The sky was getting darker, the zombie’s speed was getting faster, and the three quickly were surrounded. The fastest zombies chased them and used their dark claws against them. They were forced to use their weapons but were horrified to discover that those zombies were different from all the zombies they had seen before!

The zombies they met before were all ordinary people and could be cope with, but these zombies were different. When they were alive, they were all highly trained soldiers, in addition to their fast speed, they also can understand some attack moves and even dodge by instinct, which makes the situation even worse for the trio. After several hits, not even their clothes can be touched, let alone them be killed!

“Ah, ah, ah, I don’t want to die!” Li Yougen’s cry of despairs and death mourns echoed into the night.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Ngl I felt something like this coming from a mile away, of course there would be a ‘Judas’ if the Horror Game were to follow Horror tropes. Anyways, have a nice day guys. ~xTechon

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  1. Yeah it was predictable, and of course he’s going to be overconfident and not kill them directly. He’s setting up flags for himself.
    Also coward Li has crazy luck to be able to outrun a monster and horde of zombies at the nick of time

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