[HGEG] Chapter 12: Mutation

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Bluehm

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

“This thing is so beautiful.” Jie Zi pointed at it. “I have never seen something like that before. Do you want to go down and take a look?”

Xin Meng frowned, “Don’t. That’s too dangerous… Isn’t it the meteorite from the card?”

Jie Zi asked, “Why would the meteorite look like this? Even if it does, isn’t it like the game’s giving us a hint? Just like in a real game, it’s like a prop we can get. It can lead us to clearance or an extra life. If the card mentions the meteorite, it must have an intention. It’s not because of infection, if it was, we would have already been infected for being around it for so long!”

“Yeah, yeah” Xiong JiaBao nodded on the side. “I have played such games.”

Even if they said that, Xin Meng was still hesitant and preferred to believe in his instincts and not touch it.

The turned on his heels and looked around. Jie Zi and Xiong JiaBao looked at it intensely. Dong Xiu was expressionless, his lens reflected the light, so he couldn’t know what he was thinking. Li Yougen was timidly looking down. Curious, but frightened, so he decided to retreat, obviously not planning to take any risks. The girl, as always, kept some distance from them.

“I…” Xin Meng finally said. “I’m going to find a car to drive.”

Unexpectedly, Jie Zi, who he thought would go down to pick up the red thing, followed him. “I’ll go with you, if there’s a zombie around the cars, I can protect you.”

Xin Meng felt a bit strange, “Don’t you want to get that thing?”

Jie Zin went over and grabbed his shoulders, “Your safety is more important. I will come back after I find the car with you.”

Looking at his sincere concern, Xin Meng was really touched and agreed with it, so he and Jie Zi took their weapons and carefully walked to the outside of the parking lot.

The cars in the middle were burnt down and the cars around were also affected. It was probably due to a shock wave. Jie Zi’s worry, however, does make sense, because they found out there was zombies in four of the five cars!

Even though Xin Meng was very cautions, he was still surprised. They bypassed the first car with zombies who scratched them. One tried to open the doors to see if the cars were unlocked. Xin Meng was pulling the door handles and Jie Zi held the steel pipe, standing behind him, watching every single of Xin Meng’s movements.

Meanwhile, Dong Xiu and Xiong JiaBao were still staring at the hole.

Dong Xiu has been staring at the thing below and his emotions have been changing frequently.

In the end, he glanced slightly at Xiong JiaBao, who was looking at the side Jie Zi was.

Xiong JiaBao didn’t know anything and was worried about Jie Zi and Xin Meng, so he kept looking at the two of them from afar, but he heard Dong Xiu speaking coldly at him, “Aren’t you going to take it?”

“Ah?” Xiong JiaBao turned his head at him. “I’m waiting for Jie Zi to come back and go with me.”

Dong Xiu lowered his head and looked at the bottom of the pit. Since his head was hanging low, the emotions on his eyes were hidden. “Are you afraid? It’s very clever, if you die, you want to take a friend.”

“You, what do you say?” Xiong JiaBao was furious, he pointed his thumb to his chest. “You think Xiong JiaBao is like that?!”

Dong Xiu sneered, “Who knows what you are like. Some people talk about loyalty all day, but they are actually greedy and fear death, the easiest type to sell out their friends.”

This sentence hit right on Xiong JiaBao’s nerves. He used loyalty as a life motto. When he heard this, he forgot about worshiping Dong Xiu and took a step towards him and grabbed his collar, but then saw the girl taking two steps back in fear and quickly explained, “Ah, don’t be afraid! I’m not that kind of person! I’m really not! I won’t betray you, don’t be afraid!”

However, he didn’t find the girl’s eyes staring coldly at him, but at Dong Xiu!

Dong Xiu smiled at Xiong JiaBao, opening his fist and elegantly fixing his collar, mocking him. “That thing can be dangerous. If you are afraid, then wait for Jie Zi and let him go alone.”

The implication was that if Xiong JiaBao was in danger, he would push his friends to go on their own.

Xiong JiaBao blew up and jumped on his feet, not caring for Dong Xiu and shouted, “Don’t talk shit! I’m not that kind of person! I’m going down now! See if you can still say that after!”

After listening to their conversation, Li Yougen could only let out a sigh. Does he even have a brain? And Dong Xiu is even more terrible, using that method on one of his teammates just so he could have… a test object.

Li Yougen, a man of the same kind, naturally understood Dong Xiu’s intention, but said nothing. Like the girl on the side, he was just indifferent, as he also wanted to know the answer.

The irritated Xiong JiaBao walked inside the hole like a rambling locomotive. At this time, Jie Zi, who had already reached the outermost part of the parking lot, suddenly looked back, but turned around right away.

Dong Xiu crossed his arms in front of his chest with a provocative expression behind Xiong JiaBao, focusing on his back.

Xiong JiaBao’s denseness is too big, he has no idea of what’s going on behind him. He sighs and proves he’s not a coward, a traitor, but a loyal warrior who won’t hide on his friend’s backs!

The pit is very deep, and the surroundings are slope, it’s no good. He half climbs, half walks, until he finally reaches the bottom. He looked up and the sky had become an irregular piece. He is like a frog trapped in a hole, only able to see the limited sky, far away from freedom, getting farther and farther.

Xiong JiaBao throws away those thoughts and looks at the ‘meteorite’ that resembles magma. He crouched down and carefully reached his hand out. Even when his fingertips were about to touch it, he still didn’t feel the heat. He didn’t have to be afraid of being burnt, so he completely grabbed the meteorite…

Creak, creak, creak.

There was a strange sound of nails scratching the window. Xin Meng bypassed that car and went to the next to the one. Jie Zi swayed behind him, staring at his back.

His back is very small and doesn’t look very strong.

After all, he’s so young, he must have just graduated before falling into this game.

How sad.

Jie Zi sighed and suddenly said, “You are the youngest, but the smartest.”

Xin Meng is pulling a Volkswagen door and did not bother looking back, casually saying, “If we are talking about being smart, I think Dong Xiu is the smartest. I heard he jumped several years in school and then even became a manager of a big company at such young age…”

Jie Zi shook his head and insisted, “No, no, I really think you are the smartest. In this team and in my heart, you are the most intelligent.”

The straightforward praise makes Xin Meng a little embarrassed, he doesn’t know why Jie Zi is saying all that so suddenly. So he doesn’t answer, just smiled at him and went to the next car.

Unnoticed by Xin Meng, Jie Zi also smiled, then his lips moved and he said something, but since there was no sound, the sentence was unknown.


Suddenly, a scream rang through the parking lot!

Xin Meng fiercely turned back and looked at the owner of the voice, Li Yougen!

Next to the pit, Li Yougen sat on the ground, staring at the bottom of it, his eyes opened wide, screaming, and Dong Xiu was pale, in panic, rushing back. He couldn’t wait to get away from that pit, the farther the better, and the girl is the first to hide!

What happened?

Xin Meng is confused, but his heart hurts and the bad feeling on it only gets stronger.

He immediately runs to the pit and Jie Zi follows after him. Xin Meng doesn’t care about him. His eyes moved to the bottom of the pit, seeing an unforgettable scene…

Xiong JiaBao was holding the ‘meteorite’ in his hands, close to his chest, his eyes were widened to the limits until they were torn, bleeding, his mouth was opened, an awkward expression. His whole body was shaking, screaming, swelling. Just like a balloon that had been blown up, the soft muscles that lacked exercise became knotted all over his body. The veins are like terrible cyan worms crawling under his skin, and there’s a sound of bones continuing to shatter. It’s creepy, his body keeps on getting bigger and bigger, his skin acquires a purple colour, his eyes become red and his pupils disappear. His stomach is getting bigger and bigger, until it finally bursts, his internal organs and the pit is filled with disgusting residues…

Xiong JiaBao, dead!

The blood on Xin Meng’s face faded, he couldn’t believe the horror in front of him!

He couldn’t understand why the companion that had just laughed became such a monster!

Is this a nightmare?

How could it be like this? How could it be?

The monster encouraged the muscles under the blue veins and groaned. Then it looked up at the one closest to him. Li Yougen, unable to escape due his soft legs, was full of fear. Those terrible eyes stared at him, in his direction, and Li Yougen felt a shill over his entire body. He couldn’t stand up, just threw himself backwards, screaming in horror, “No, don’t come over! Don’t come over! Help! Jie Zi! Jie Zi! You like to be the hero! Save me!”

He instinctively asks for help from the strongest person here. The whole person was already scared to the point of collapsing, he struggled to go towards Xin Meng, but then he turned around and discovered the monster that Xiong JiaBao became was already chasing after him, faster than him. Coming at his direction!

“Don’t-!” Li Yougen screamed wildly, his legs were shaking too much, but his body didn’t listen to his commands. His view was blurred with tears. The purple monster was getting closer and closer to him, closer and closer…

Xin Meng has long been watching the scene, unable to react. Dong Xiu and the girl had long been running, only he was left, still standing at the same place… No. There’s still Jie Zi.


That’s not correct!

Translator and Editor Notes:

His teammates are really crap. What do you all think? ~Asada

Edited ~ Bluehm

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