[HGEG] Chapter 11: Untouchable Beauty

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Even if they entered the station, they don’t feel safe. The zombies outside are blocked by the gate, but there are also a lot of zombies inside the police station, dressed in police uniforms, wandering in the sun. They are not like the wave outside, but still a threat.

The crisis was unresolved. The group can only breathe a little at the gates. Fortunately, they haven’t found any wounds on their bodies, but they are still at loss. Now it’s midday, the zombies are slow, and their clothes are thick, even if the clothes have different degrees of damage, their skin is intact.

“So dirty!” Dong Xiu teared the outer clothes with disgust, threw them on the ground and stepped on it with the sole of his shoes before he looked inside the police station and frowned. “How come I can’t see the zombies wearing military uniforms?”

Jie Zi answered, “I don’t know.”

The man looking at the rotten and horrible zombies, was a bit excited. Xiong JiaBao couldn’t stand it and elbowed him, “Why are you so happy? Don’t you think those cannibal monsters are terrible?”

“Ah?” Jie Zi was stunned for a while, then smiled. “They are. But I used to play a lot of zombie games, now I’m in a real one. I can’t help but be a little excited.”

Xiong JiaBao could only admire him. Is this the so-called art of being bold? He couldn’t wait for himself to have that kind of courage, but Jie Zi’s level was unattainable in this lifetime, he could only dream about it.

It said it was a police station, but it’s more accurate to say it’s the Public Security Bureau. From the map, they could tell the place wasn’t small. They are now at the gates, passing through the open space in front of the door. It’s a nine-story office building, the second tallest building after the mall. There’s an open space behind the Public Security Bureau, and there’s also a small building behind the parking lot.

The group took their time to discuss their next plan. Xin Meng asked Jie Zi, “You were saying that there were many soldiers outside, how come we didn’t see one?”

Jie Zi scratched his head and said with distress, “I was far from them, I don’t know how they disappeared. Maybe they went away?”

Xin Meng shook his head, “No. Even if you walk, you won’t get so far. Are they in the building? Should we look at it?”

Jie Zi was about to say something, but was interrupted by Dong Xiu’s cold tone, “No one knows the situation inside the building. You don’t know the number of zombies there; do you want to kill us?”

Dong Xiu has somewhat unspeakable feelings towards Xin Meng. He’s used to be the star since he was a child, he’s not only a good person, but also hard working. Both his business views and negotiation abilities are first rate. Young as he is, he has already a position between executives. He has always been the target of being greeted.

According to his thoughts, even if he goes to an inexplicable place and joins an inexplicable team, he should be taken as granted for a leader. Others should follow him. If there’s something you don’t understand, you should ask him first. But then there’s Xin Meng.

He can’t understand it. This young boy is not old enough, his personality is silent, he’s harmless. It’s fine to be like a younger brother, but there’s nothing special about that.

Usually, it seems that everyone is headed by Dong Xiu, but every time Xin Meng opens his mouth, he immediately attracts everyone’s attention, they go as far as ignoring Dong Xiu. This alone makes Dong Xiu think he’s unacceptable.

Now that the team is bigger and crowded, he can barely keep calm. After all, more people mean more ideas. He knows that he can’t conquer everyone, but how many people are in this team?

He can’t even completely conquer this small group, it’s a shame for Dong Xiu!

Of course, he wouldn’t say that out loud. In his heart, Xin Meng is still far from reaching his own level. In fact, not everyone is easily convinced by Xin Meng, but his calm surely infects everyone, that’s why the eyes are so often attracted to him. If the weight of speech was compared, Dong Xiu is better.

“We must plan carefully before doing anything, otherwise we will be completely destroyed! I think we should retreat before looking for a gun. First, look for a car on the parking lot that can be driven. Then look for a temporary place to stay, a safe one. We must find a place to stay before night, otherwise, even if we get a gun, we can’t last during the night!” Dong Xiu doesn’t look at Xin Meng, only talking to the others. Staring at the other party’s eyes can make words weight more on a person’s heart, he uses that a lot to negotiate with people.

Jie Zi was the first to talk, stupidly raising his hand, “I agree. It doesn’t matter if we are slow as long as we are safe. And… I think we can go to that small building in the back, there should definitely be fewer zombies!”

Xiong JiaBao naturally supports his buddy. Li Yougen heard the words ‘retreat’ and ‘safe’ and couldn’t even wait to raise his hand, even foot, to vote for it. The girl didn’t speak, as always. Of course, no one asked her.

Dong Xiu, who got all the people’s votes, couldn’t help but to smile smugly at Xin Meng.

Xin Meng: “…”

He looked back innocently, but his heart was screaming like crazy-

‘Do you really feel accomplished by leading those stupid teammates?’

He’s not interested!

However, Dong Xiu would never believe him, so Xin Meng didn’t have to explain in vain. The minority obeyed the majority, they decided to listen to Dong Xiu. First, bypass the building from the side and go to the parking lot behind it.

In fact, the decision was correct. The situation inside the building is unclear, how many zombies are there? It would have been dangerous to go in. On the contrary, the outside is very open, if you are careful, you would not cross paths with a zombie. It’s also very convenient if they can find a car that can be opened. If one compared the two options, the answer would be obvious.

Xin Meng’s brain worked fast, and he had naturally thought about that too. The reason he didn’t say from the beginning was because he felt there was something wrong about it. In the end, he couldn’t say so. Xin Meng didn’t speak anymore, he only followed everyone else. He took the steel pipe and walked along the side of the wall.

The zombies who wandered around were attracted to the group and roared as they rushed over. They were all hit by Xiong JiaBao with his stick. He also broke the zombie’s legs, so that they wouldn’t be able to catch up with them.

After taking another down, he said excitedly, “Xin laodi, have you seen your gege? I was so afraid before, but now after killing a few, It’s not that scary. Now that we have so many people, I feel full of enthusiasm! I finally get why Jie Zi is so excited! I used to be beaten so much by the police, now I can beat them!”

Xin Meng frowned as he saw Xiong JiaBao was driven by Jie Zi, the bad premonition becoming worse and more obvious. He couldn’t help but try to persuade him, “Don’t be too excited, keep calm or it will be dangerous.”

Xiong JiaBao laughed, “It’s alright, it’s alright. Let all these monsters eat shit!”

Xiong JiaBao proceeded to send two zombies flying. Xin Meng didn’t help him, as Jie Zi was happily fighting next to him. Xin Meng just worried more.

The timid Li Yougen was in the middle of the crowd, on the safest position. Even the girl was pushed to the back. Listening to Xiong JiaBao’s laughter, his face went pale and he yelled, “You are too much!”

The group was noisy and attracted many zombies. Fortunately, their problems were solved, but a lot of unnecessary danger was added. Dong Xiu’s face was full of anger.

Walking around the building, they saw the parking lot behind, and the group all blinked.

They saw a huge hole in the centre of the parking lot. It looked like something smashed the concrete, creating a large pit, revealing the dark mud bellow and almost all the cars around were destroyed, the ground burned black.

“What the hell? Did someone throw a bomb here?” Xiong JiaBao murmured.

“You have a fly’s brain!” Li Yougen glanced at him. “If a bomb was thrown here, everything would have been destroyed.”

Xiong JiaBao hold a fist against him, “What are you calling me?”

Except for the two of them who were fighting, everyone moved to the edge of the hole. A bright red light was reflected in everyone’s eyes.

“Damn,” Jie Zi stared with fascination at the light in the dark hole, like magma, or a beating heart of a devil, incredible, filled with… temptation.

“What’s this?” Even Dong Xiu had his eyes widen open in disbelief. He took a step forwards nervously and couldn’t move his eyes away. “Too… Too beautiful…”

Xin Meng also looked at it in silence. He licked his lips and had to admit that Dong Xiu was not wrong. What the hell was that, no one could tell. Thick as magma, but it didn’t look hot at all, with a beautiful tone of extreme red, exuding light, but different from the sun, it was beautiful to the extreme, but… Strange to the extreme.

They shouldn’t touch it.

The thought appeared in Xin Meng’s mind.

In any case, you can’t touch it!

Translator and Editor Notes:

Well now I want to touch the extremely-suspicious-bright-red-goo. ~xTechon

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  1. The virus from the meteorite that hit the city?? Maybe it’s like an alien element.
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