[VHBF] Chapter 18 (1/2): Scariest Bully, A Good Kid?

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

In the office.

One of her cheek was red, a glaring bite mark on her tender chubby arm. YinYin kept her mouth closed and tried her best not to cry infront of these people. She glared at the other two children ferociously like a baby tiger ready to launch her attack, or this was what the teacher saw.

The other two parents had come earlier. Their children had grown up being pampered like a princess, but today they were beaten up by some other random kid. One of them was a fat middle-aged woman. She pointed her fat finger at the little dumpling and almost poked her little nose at her fingertips.

In a commanding voice, she ordered, “Get rid of her! How can a child with no quality stay in this kindergarten and bring harm to other children?”

“My family’s little Ai is always obedient and never causes trouble. Only this wild child without parents, can be unreasonable and hit people!”

The middle-aged woman was rich. She had a round face like a big pie, with big eyes and her eyes were slightly protruding, especially when she was angry, she was really fierce and frightening.

The little dumpling subconsciously wanted to take a step back, but refrained from doing so when she heard that she was called a child without a father and mother. She was stunned; a pair of short legs were firmly glued in place. She courageously looked up and stared back at the woman and retorted, “I have a father, I am not a wild child!”

The middle-aged woman was not happy with the back-talk of a puny child. She wanted to slap the girl to teach her a lesson, but was stopped by the head teacher. Miss Wang thought about little dumpling’s father, the handsome young man, who seemed to be indifferent to everything. But if such a person gets angry, that would be scary, right?

The other child’s parents came, they were a couple. The couple seemed to be cultured and also had a high position. They were too lazy to care about squabbles between three-year-old children, and they wouldn’t do anything to a three-year-old child, but what they said was also not something so nice.

The middle-aged man said: “Miss Wang, we trusted our child to you. Now he was beaten up. What do you have to say?”

The angry YinYin was still a little more fierce. One little girl fights on par with two other children and wouldn’t fall behind.

But how strong can a three-year-old be?

It was nothing more than you pinching me and me biting you. You push me and I push you. 

There was a little red bump on her face. Her skin looked red and swollen. In fact, it was all a slight skin trauma.

It being summer, the little dumpling was wearing a short sleeved shirt, and her exposed arm was gnawed by another person, leaving a few small tooth marks.

The other two children, one is Xiaoai, the child of a middle-aged woman, the other is PengPeng, the child of the couple.

Little Ai and PengPeng look embarrassed. Their hair were scattered, their skirt was ripped, and there were faces are also painted with little red marks. Little Ai took a bite out of YinYin’s arm and she bit them back. Little Ai also left a little tooth mark on the back of their hands.

Now when the two parents came, they were hiding behind them and making faces at YinYin.

She was so angry that she called out childishly, “Teacher, they are saying bad things about Dad!”

There were still some important points in the young girl’s speech, and the anger was high on her head. But Miss Wang had been dealing with children all year round. When she heard what the girl wanted to say, she asked: “YinYin, Little Ai and PengPeng said bad things about your father, so you started to hit people?”

“They are bad!” said the little dumpling.

Her little milky voice has a snuffle, but she was stubborn and did not cry. She emphasized: “My father is not a bad boy, he is very good!”

“Dad sends YinYin to school every day, picks up YinYin to go home and braids YinYin’s hair. Dad can cook eggs and play ‘fly high’ with YinYin. Dad can do many things. Dad is not a bad boy, you are bad boy!”

She said a lot of things, swallowed her saliva, turned her head to the middle-aged woman and said, “This aunty, I am my father’s baby, not a little wild child!”

Her eyes were red, as she was fiercely threatening people: “If you keep talking nonsense, my father will beat you!”

The man standing outside didn’t know how long he had been there before he knocked the door.

When everyone looked up, a tall and handsome young man came in. He did not say why he came, but only looked at everyone at once, which was enough to scare people.

The middle-aged woman noticed that the Global Limited Edition Patek Philippe watch on the man’s hand was one of the only three pieces ever made, it was an antique watch. Now it’s was a priceless watch with a starting price of at least millions of dollars.

Her eyes brightened, and as she was about to talk. The other middle-aged couple saw that the visitor and went silent for some reason. They quietly stepped back and stopped talking.

At this time, a small ball rushed out from the side of the middle-aged woman, hugged the man’s thigh, with her eyes bright, and with a sweet voice she called out, “Dad!”

When the man let her hold her thigh lightly and took a look at the scar on the little dumpling’s face and arm, his eyes went deep.

He looked at the head teacher of his daughters class. “Two against one?”

Teacher Wang, the teacher in charge of the class, faced the man’s dark eyes and counseled him with inexplicable difficulty. She hesitated, “Yes, yes, but…” But your baby was the one who hit first!

The man turned his head to look at the couple and the middle-aged woman, and then looked down at the two little girls who were too scared to even look at the man who just came in.

“You beat my daughter?”

Facing the man who is as tall as a tree before three-year-old children, the two children stepped back. They shook their heads at once refusing. But under the intimidating eyes of the man, they nodded their heads in a hollow way.

Seeing that the young man was the father of the child, the middle-aged woman didn’t stare at the watch in his hand anymore, but turned her eyes to him and said, “It was your child who hit our family’s child first. See what it looks like. There’s a tooth mark here!”

She said in a scornful way: “This is what a savage child can do, she’s unexpectedly so rude!”

“I don’t care. My daughter’s skirt is limited edition, and you have to be responsible for her injuries!”

“Oh, by the way, Miss. Wang, I suggest that we should expel the ill bred child for the long-term development of the kindergarten!”

The middle-aged couple took a silent step back to get away from this crazy woman.

They knew about Prince Luo. Even if they didn’t care about other people, his status was real. Recently his family had taken over the Bai family, which made him the most valuable and richest man in ‘A’ city. What about being a dandy? He was the most influential man, why would anyone care about him being a dandy or not!

The more the middle-aged man thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable. He raised his hand and pinched his unlucky child, causing her to let out a little scream, “Dad, why did you pinch me?”

The middle aged man whispered to his child sternly: “Be quiet!” 

And prayed silently in his heart that ‘Don’t let that overlord Luo Sheng notice them.’ [1]

Just now, when he heard that the kid who bullied his child was from Luo family and there was also another child who was bullied by her, they went and discussed and searched more about him. They thought that a person like Luo Sheng was heartless and thus wouldn’t mind much since the child was not his own daughter. But who knew that this person would come here in person.

At the thought of what he had said back at home and also all those atrocious things just now in front of his children, his bowels were blue with regret.

But a certain middle-aged woman didn’t know when to stop. Her family had started from mining and was known as an upstart family. She used to live a tough life and was good at all kinds of things in the countryside. Now when she saw the father of the unlucky child dressed so well, she began to scheme.

“It’s not that we can’t discuss. You just have to make up for the loss our little Ai has suffered, as well as the mental damage and the medical expenses. And I may perhaps let you go. I won’t go to the principal to sue you!”

Luo Sheng raised his eyebrows, “How much is it?”

She turned her eyes, stretched out her pair of thick hands and turned them over. “This much!”

“Five million?”

The middle-aged woman was shocked. She only wanted to say 500000.

Her circular face blossomed into a smile listening to him, “It’s still adults who know how to be polite and sensible. Young people, although my family’s little Ai is scared, but these five million should be enough to buy her some small gifts. I don’t want to take any more than that. Let’s go with five million.”

The wife of the middle-aged man took a deep breath from the corner of her mouth and said to her husband, “The upstart is still an upstart. This woman’s eyes are too shallow.”

Luo Sheng picked up the little dumpling and said, “Who hurt you?”

She was held in her father’s arms and the courage to select many people alone was gone. All the fear and grievances she had suppressed till now came up. She buried her face in his neck and rubbed, which made his neck wet. It was rare for Luo Sheng not to dislike it.

The little girl sobbed, her eyes were red and she raised her head and pointed at the red mark on her cheek, afterwards raised her arm and pointed at the tooth mark, “This is where little Ai bit me, and here…”

The little dumpling raised her short legs in her father’s arms, only to see that her legs and belly were bruised. She wrinkled her little chubby face and thought for a long time. She couldn’t remember who hit her. She shook her little head and said, “This was from when Little Ai and PengPeng were fighting together against me!”

The little dumpling had known that they didn’t like her, they never played with her, and once they broke her watercolor box.

But when they said bad things about her father, she couldn’t bear it anymore. YinYin got very angry. Her eyes went red, and seemed to burn a fire. Little YinYin’s nasal sound was very heavy: “Daddy, they said bad things about you so I beat them. They said bad things about others behind their backs, not good children!”

Whe she was finished, she stretch out a little chubby claw to hold her dad’s good-looking face: “Dad is not a bad child, right?”

Luo Sheng stiffened up. Facing the clear eyes of his little daughter, he had to say “Hmmm…”

The little dumpling smiled contentedly. “Dad is a good boy! The best! “

The middle-aged husband and wife took a deep breath from the corners of their mouths. The most scariest bully in ‘A’ city since childhood to adulthood, can also be called a good kid??? Isn’t the double standards a little too overwhelming? Can his skin be any thicker? 

The big ruffian who was hard to get close to before, now in that same man’s arms, he was holding a soft and cute girl, letting her little hands make play with his face and say childish words to him.

Miss. Wang’s heart melted when she saw it. She secretly said in her heart that the father and daughter were very kind. She looked after children for so many years and rarely saw such a warm and frank girl.

People who were not used to seeing her like this were also envious of her father’s feelings for her.

Translator and Editor Notes:

I really like the title of this chapter. What do u think mates. BTW should we continue to use little dumpling or do you all have any suggestions. If yes, then please do comment.~Asada

[1] So Luo Sheng turned into an undead, nice going there 😀 ~ Bluehm

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  1. this situation make me angry 😠because similar situation happen to my little nephew he was bullied by a boy in school later that bully shift the blame and act like the victim naturally the parent have been called out but without waiting for my Brother in low to come they start the trial 😠imagine a 9 years old alone against several stupid adult 😢that why i think the teacher should not say anything until all the side are present in the meeting and the children will be present when that happen
    everything should be fair

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