[NTBG] Chapter 26 (2/2): Victory

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited), TheMonitor (edited)

Only the One-eyed Red demon was left in the rain, but it hadn’t noticed any changes.

He was raising his stick as usual but then everyone’s vision was filled with a sudden light. The sound of thunder penetrated their ears shortly after the flash of lightning.Then…


The One-eyed Red Demon screamed.

The current situation was that I had changed the weather miracle from “Heavy Rain” to “Thunderstorm” so that lightning was more likely to occur. The stick that was held up high acted as conductor and caused the lightning to strike it.

Although smoke seemed to be coming out of the Red Demons body, it was unbelievably still alive…

“Why didn’t you just die from the lightning strike?! That was unexpected but….”

Murus didn’t miss this perfect opportunity. The Red Demon’s whole body was in pain so all it could do was stand there screaming in pain. The arrow Murus had fired was aimed for at its wide-open mouth.

The arrow was poisoned, and the mission would have ended if it had entered the Red Demon’s big mouth.At that moment though, being convinced of our victory, a huge hand appeared and blocked the arrow.

It’s eyelid which had been closed up until this moment, was now slightly opened. The corners of its mouth arched up into a smile as if mocking us.

“You’re the one that has been played.”

Just before the arrow hit the opponent’s hand, an object separated from the arrow. It was a small statue of the God of Fate, holding a small bottle of poison.

The statue jumped over it’s huge hand and slightly bounced off it as it jumped into the open mouth with the bottle. [1]

The Red Demon tried to shut its mouth in a panicked rush, but it was too late. I controlled the statue using my gamepad and made it break the bottle of poison.

The Red Demons body shuddered considerably as it fell on its knees scratching at its throat in pain. It slowly fell forward. When it hit the ground, it was no longer able to move.

“Ooooooooooo great! It worked!”

I threw my gamepad and made a big guts pose. [2]

Although there were a lot of instructions in the revelation, we somehow managed to do it.

Here it is what I told them in the revelation:”Soon there will be a Thunderstorm focused only around the Red Demon. This will be followed by a lightning strike. When it screams, shoot an arrow at its open mouth. Rather than just poisoning the arrow and aiming for its mouth, attach a small wooden carved statue to the arrow and provide it with a very small bottle of poison.” 

As my focus was on typing quickly, the majesty of God had been lost in the process, but I couldn’t have afforded to care about that.

Immediately after sending the revelation, I activated the Golem Manipulation miracle. In the past, a question came to me when the statue carved by Gams functioned as a Golem. Can I use Golem Manipulation on anything that has the image of the God of Fate? I remembered the statue Carol gave to Gams in the form of a talisman, and it turned out that I can use Golem Manipulation on things that have the image of the God of Fate.

There’s a mistaken belief that lightning only strikes metal objects, but that’s only a myth. Lightning is more likely to strike objects that are at a high altitude.

The Red Demon with its habit of attacking by holding up its long stick along with the reduced area for the Thunderstorm, would definitely be struck by the lightning.I was worried about Gams also being affected but it was helpful that he understood Chem and took some distance.

I was able to see the image of the small statue grasping the arrow with a small bottle of poison. The contents of the bottle were poisonous enough to kill a ferocious beast with a single drop.

The reason I controlled the statue was to make sure that the bottle was broken inside the Red Demon’s mouth. It might have been okay to just poison the its skin, but I needed to consider the effects the heavy rain would have on it. It is often said that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

I wanted to immerse myself in the joy of victory, but I didn’t do so.

The rain has stopped now, and dazzling sunlight is descending from the heavens.The three NPC’s stand around the body of the giant Red Demon lying on the ground. If you only looked at this scene then it’s fantastic and beautiful.

I was amazed by it. I would like to congratulate and be happy with them, but today’s revelation has already been delivered so I’ll do it tomorrow.

There’s still work to be done after this fierce battle.

All we have to do is check the last hut.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] Okay. The statue used the Newton’s third law. It jumped over the arm and kicked the back of the hand which was facing his mouth. There was an equal and opposite force exerted on the statue thus boosting its speed and entering the monster’s mouth.[2] Not sure whether to leave as “big guts pose” or change to “triumphant prose”. ~TheMonitor

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