[NTBG] Chapter 26 (1/2): The Fight

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited), TheMonitor (edited)

Gams slashed out with his sword from the opposite side of his opponent.

The One-eyed Red Demon glanced around and swung its stick, annoyed. At that moment heavy rain started to fall, and a dull crashing sound echoed as Gams flew backwards sliding on the rainwater.


I became anxious seeing Gams knocked down in a single blow, but it seems he’s still fine. My face had become distorted in shock as I saw that Gams knee was badly damaged.

The Red Demon didn’t move his line of sight from where Gams had collapsed, although technically he’s still not out of action.

“Brother!!!” Chem screamed at the top of her lungs.

Murus immediately took action. He shot multiple arrows but most if not all were stopped by the slight wave of the Red Demon’s hand, and even though some did manage to reach it, they just fell down after hitting the demon’s hard skin. The momentum of the arrows was not weak given that Murus had a record of killing multiple monsters with a single shot.

It seemed like Gams managed to stand up while the Red Demon was distracted by the arrows. I can’t help but feel the overwhelming difference in their power.

Right now…. I am really hesitant to have them fight with the Red Demon.

It just always points it’s stick to the sky, and then it swings down with tremendous speed while looking at Gams desperately trying to evade it. This one-pattern attack has repeated over and over again.

Is it attacking him like it’s trying to kill some insect? [1]

Gams was also trying to attack but he can’t make it to the demon due to its giant body and the stick it’s swinging. If you try to forcibly approach it then you’d be blown away.

“The Red Demon is not an ordinary monster after all. Even if it’s this powerful…. even if ordinary arrows cannot damage him. I can still use my poison arrows. Will they be able to penetrate its tough skin, in addition to all this heavy rain?”

I was relieved to hear the words Murus spoke while biting his lips.It’s true that Murus is a pharmacist and is familiar with poisons. So, if he wounded it with a poisoned tip arrow then there may be a chance.

However, it’s possible that this rain will wash off the poison. Then how about stopping the rain? Due to the rain Gams movement is restricted because of the wet mud. However, thanks to the heavy rain, the monster’s in the camps visibility was restricted and they were easily able to infiltrate.

Even if I stop the rain, the ground won’t immediately dry up. I think I should use a revelation and ask them to run away…. but wouldn’t it be more dangerous to run away in this situation? If you ease up your attacks and expose your back for just a moment, even I don’t think it’s a safe thing to do. Rather would it not be wonderful if they defeated it at this moment.

” What to do…What to do. There is no time to spare. Think! Think! What can I do? What can I do? “

When they were back at our base there was the emergency measure Golem Summon, so my heart was a lot calmer but currently there is no insurance or emergency measure.

Shouldn’t it have been possible to carry a wooden carved statue even if it looks ugly? No if they did that then their movement speed would have dropped drastically. If because of that we were not able to save the lives that could have been saved during that time difference, then I would have regretted it.

What I can do is use the power of the miracles and inform then about it using a revelation. However, it would be reckless to seek an immediate effect from a miracle related to their fate. Things that I could use right now are poisons, the Bible and the small sachet that Gams gave to Chem.

“Use your brain and figure out an idea even if smoke starts coming out of it.”

The surest way would be to abandon Gams and let Murus and Chem escape. If the two of them run away, the wise Gams will immediately realise it and will attract the Red Demon’s attention with some flashy moves. They’re all just game characters…. just NPCs.

“No… Everyone has to stay alive. There must be a way. A game that’s impossible to clear cannot exist.”

I realise that I don’t like being incompetent. That’s why, I’ll use all the knowledge from the games, anime and manga I have and combine it with all the knowledge that I’ve gained within the last decade.

I can do it! Are there any ideas that can be applied here? The most effective thing in this situation would be…. a miracle and items with elements of luck. All these thoughts slowly clear out of my head and a single path emerges.

“Can I do it?”

I activated the revelation and quickly entered my instructions.

“The Bible is shining…. there should be some guidance…”

Chem quickly took out the Bible and read its writings. She seems to be convinced by the contents.

After confirming that Murus is holding his bow, I executed a weather miracle. I adjusted its range so that it only covers the Red Demon.

The heavy rain was now only falling near the demon while Gams and Murus escaped the area at the last second.

Although it’s strangely only raining in the immediate vicinity of the demon, Gams isn’t surprised. He seemed to have figured out that it was a miracle from the God of Destiny and therefore glanced at Chem.

When Chem asked him to move away by gesturing, he immediately did so and fell back some distance. Only the Monocular Red demon was left in the rain, and it hadn’t noticed any changes.

Translator and Editor Notes:

[^1] Basically he is treating them as insects.

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