[HGEG] Chapter 9: Jie Zi

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Xin Meng returned the card to Li Yougen. He saw the expression they had and frowned lightly, whispering, “There’s still a problem.”

Xiong JiaBao quickly asked, “What problem?”

Xin Meng said “Think about it. Certainly there’s a lot of people that came from the army, they should be all concentrated together. With so many zombies, how can we get a gun without being injured? The car can no longer be used to hit zombies. We haven’t trained, it will be easy to hurt ourselves. Whether you want to take the risk or not, think about it twice.”

These words were like a bucket of cold water being splashed on their heads. The atmosphere filled with enthusiasm condensed, Xiong JiaBao and Li Yougen faced each other with eyes filled with hesitance. “Dong Xiu won’t let anyone rob his moment, moreover, he wants to take a gun, how can he let Xin Meng ruin his scheme?” he sneered. “There’s no other weapon as a gun. If the car gets broken, you can change it for another. There’re so many cars on the road, but you’re afraid you won’t find one that can be opened. If we get a gun, we can practice. Since it’s strong, guns and bullets should be indispensable.”

He turned around and stared firmly, “I propose, let’s simply vote. Choose!”

After watching, Xin Meng paused and nodded. “Sure. I vote no.”

Dong Xiu, “I vote yes.” Then he turned to Xiong JiaBao, who hesitated for a moment. Apologetically, he glanced at Xin Meng and raised his hand weakly, “I also vote for the gun.”

The three pairs of eyes looked at Li Yougen, whose face twitched. He cleaned his throat. “I think that weapons are a form of assurance. Although I’m a party member and won’t shoot, however, it will be useful…”

The result was three against one. Xin Meng has nothing to comment, just said, “We have another teammate, if we wait for him, the success will be higher.”

Li Yougen thought the number was wrong, “Isn’t it two?”

They remembered there was a girl on the first floor. He didn’t know if she will tag along, but Xin Meng decided he would go tomorrow and ask.

Dong Xiu took off his glasses, “We can’t wait forever. If the person doesn’t arrive for tomorrow’s afternoon, we’ll go without him, get the gun and then find them.”

In the end, early in the morning the next day, the last person was already standing in front of them.

“Wow!” Xiong JiaBao circled around him. “So cool!” After he had finished, he squeezed the muscles of his arm, his eyes becoming stars. “Man, what are you doing? How did you get those muscles?”

Muscle man grinned and showed a big white tooth and put the steel tube on the back of his neck with his thick arm, one hand on his pocket, “I’m a fitness instructor.”

The person is not tall, around one meter and seventy, but the body is full of muscles, a bit exaggerated, but in this situation, that’s very useful. The arrogant Dong Xiu took the initiative to step up and shake hands with him, explaining the situation.

The other two are around him, only Xin Meng stood a little further, watching the muscular man, not knowing how to feel. He felt something was wrong but wasn’t sure why. He looked at the other’s bronze skin and sleeveless shirt and suddenly asked, “What about your armband?”

Several people stopped and looked at Jie Zi’s arm, but didn’t see the familiar armband. Jie Zi scratched his head, “Ah, you mean that thing with an S? On my coat, but then it was scratched by zombies, now I don’t know where it is.”

Xin Meng looked at him suspiciously, but couldn’t tell from his face if he was lying. Jie Zi’s expression wasn’t different at all, instead, he looked back with a question mark above his head. Dong Xiu said, “It doesn’t matter, the armband. If you lose it, you lose it. Anyways, there’re very few players in this game, but many monsters. What problems can that bring?”

Xiong JiaBao whispered into Xin Meng’s ear, “I just touched it. I felt his heartbeat. It’s a living person, not a zombie pretending!”

Thinking it was also the case, Xin Meng looked at Jie Zi again, but didn’t find anything. Well, since he knows how the armband looks like, he should’ve really lost it. It doesn’t matter, he should get one back on the next game anyways.

The previous weird feeling was probably due Jie Zi’s body shape. The body like Schwarzenegger’s but a height like that looked a bit funny, that must be it. But after a long time, he had already got used to it.

Problem solved. Seeing the four people interacting, Xin Meng decided to do what he thought about yesterday – ask the girl if she wants to come with them.

In order to ensure the supermarket won’t be stolen, the entrance of the supermarket is separated from the rest. You can only reach there if you go down the stairs to the first floor, go to the escalator and then enter the underground supermarket.

Yesterday, they knocked on the door again. The girl had not closed it. In the morning, Dong Xiu went in and got some food. Now the glass door is wide open, Xin Meng walked around and saw that it was dark there.

He wasn’t sure if the girl was there, so he knocked on the glass and raised his voice. “It’s Xin Meng. Are you still there?”

There’s a black shadow in the corner of a shelf, however, it didn’t come close, standing in place. He asked, “We are going to look for a way to leave town, do you want to come with us or stay here?”

The shadow didn’t move.

Xin Meng asked again without getting an answer, he concluded the girl wanted to stay here.

Compared to the outside, here’s much safer, and the girl’s defence is too high, she doesn’t trust them. It’s normal to hide. Xin Meng is not disappointed. That’s her own choice, so he won’t interfere. “Then we will go first. If in three days the game is not cleared… It means that we’ve failed. Now, remember to take care of yourself.”

After he finished, he turned around and left. When the escalator was halfway there, he heard the very light footsteps coming from behind and looked back, seeing that the girl had followed him. Still hanging her head, the straight, long, black hair covered her cheeks on both sides, revealing a small slit in the middle, looking at Xin Meng without any emotion. Xin Meng got quickly got scared.

Thinking of his teammates, he can only hope that the last one is reliable.

When the group saw the girl without any idea of why she changed her mind, Li Yougen and Jie Zi, who had never seen her, stared with curiosity. The girl didn’t care for them at all, not she approached. She kept her head down, staring from a certain distance.

So far, no one has known the girl’s name, age or experience, only knows about her high defence. When she stared at people, the coldness of her stare made them freeze. The others were not ignorant and did not try to approach her.

“Xin Meng laodi[1], what’s on her card?” Li Yougen said on Xin Meng’s ear.

Xin Meng, “I don’t know. I asked, she didn’t answer.”

At the moment, the girl kept staring at him.

“That can’t be done.” Lin Yougen frowned. “If the exit is written on the card and we don’t look at it, we will be walking around like a headless fly! Dangerous! Try asking again?”

“Impossible!” Jie Zi suddenly interrupted. “Because the exit is on my card. We need to go west.”

“Where’s your card?” Xin Meng asked.

Jie Zi scratched the back of his head, “It was also on my coat, I lost it. Anyways, it was very interesting. In fact, I was already heading west when I saw the others in the window, so I came back. In the west, there’s a police station with lots of zombies in military uniforms and holding guns!”

Military uniforms! Guns! That’s the soldier zombies they are looking for!

A few people were very excited, specially Xiong JiaBao, forming a gun with both hands, his mouth going ‘dudududu’, like a primary school student. Dong Xiu seemed to have expected it and was the first to distance himself from Xiong JiaBao. He pushed his glasses and walked out, back facing the group, waving his hand, “Let’s go.”

Xiong JiaBao and Li Yougen immediately applauded, “Handsome Dong-ge! Formidable Dong-ge[2]!”

Dong Xiu arrogantly overlooked everyone.

Xin Meng “…”

The group began packing their things to go. Everyone had several layers of clothing wrapped tightly to prevent being scratched by zombies, a backpack filled with food and water and went downstairs. The Land Rover was still stuck at the door, and the doors of the cab and co-pilot were widened open.

They looked at Jie Zi, who scratched his head and apologized with embarrassment, “I came from there. I was looking for you and forgot to close the door. I’m really sorry.”

Xiong JiaBao patted his shoulder. “That’s alright, just be careful in the future. Fortunately, there’re no zombies around now.”

Li Yougen was squatting at the side, “What the hell is fine, leaving the door open. If the zombies had come inside, we wouldn’t have even been able to run.”

Jie Zi was very embarrassed and kept apologizing, forehead sweating. He looked at the girl and Xin Meng who kept quiet and bowed.

According to the usual, Xin Meng was responsible for driving, and the others were squeezing in the car, but when Xin Meng was about to enter the driver’s seat, Jie Zi quickly stopped him, “Won’t you allow me to drive? I know the location of the police station; I can lead us there.”

Xiong JiaBao also bargained, “Xin laodi, Jie Zi said he used to race!” After that, he even made thumbs up sign to Jie Zi, winking.

Jie Zi was embarrassed and scratched his head.

The two have met for the first time today and they’ve had only talked for a while, but they were already so familiar. They could ever share a pair of underwear already. Before, Xiong JiaBao didn’t stick to Xin Meng either. The loyal brother changed people very fast.

Xin Meng watched it and didn’t say there was a navigation on the car. Quietly nodded and let the seat empty. Jie Zi asked him to take the co-pilot. Xin Meng glanced at the girl and said, “Let her. After all, she’s a girl; it’s not appropriate to squeeze with us.”

The girl stared at him from the crack in her hair.

Xin Meng “…”

That’s too terrible QAQ

Translator and Editor Notes:

[1] It means brother in a team environment.

[2] Don-ge = Don gege = Older brother Don.

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