[HGEG] Chapter 8: Temptation Of Guns

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

The two carefully avoided the sharp fingers of the zombies sticking out from the ground and climbed the simple iron ladder inlaid on the outer wall of the building. On the second floor, Xin Meng pushed the small door opened from the inside and Li Yougen, who was in tears, rushed out and grabbed Xiong JiaBao’s arm, pleading, “Save me, save…”

Xiong JiaBao patted his shoulder in a comforting manner and laughed loudly, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are here to save you. The zombies below have already been smashed by us. They can’t hurt us. Pack up quickly, we have a car and will take you to the place right away.”

When Li Yougen heard this his heart let out a sigh of relief, he looked at the zombies unable to move and grabbed Xiong JiaBao’s arm, dragging him away. He hit Xin Meng’s back and didn’t stop walking, neurotically chanting, “Then let’s go, go, hurry up. Take me out of this place! Fast, fast!”

Xin Meng stopped him, “What about your card? Have you got it?” Li Yougen collapsed and pushed Xin Meng away, yelling at him sharply, “Card? What card? Take me out of here quickly, who the hell cares about a card? Let’s leave, hurry!”

He had exceeded his limit for the day. The dirty, horrible monsters are so real, he could only sit and wait for death before. The process of waiting for death was more scary than actual death. Now he felt he would go crazy if he didn’t leave right away.

Xin Meng felt that he had terrible bad luck today, and he was very good at saving people, but he was pushed away for it. The female student pushed him, now this person too. He is a bit upset but can do nothing about it. He put his life in danger to save him, and the card must be obtained.

He made a quick decision, giving up on meaningless persuasion, Xin Meng directly bypassed Li Yougen and went inside the room to look for it. Fortunately, Li Yougen had thrown it back at the table after reading it, the white card was clearly contrasting against black table. Xin Meng took it and ran out of the house, followed by the two men all the way downstairs.

The Land Rover was parked right there, the pilot’s seat facing the stairs, and Xiong JiaBao went in first. He originally planned to go in from the pilot’s seat and move to the co-pilot so that he wouldn’t have to pass by the zombies at the front of the car. But when he had just opened the door, there was a great force behind him. He was unprepared and fell to his side from the collision. On the ground, there was a zombie with only its upper body, leaning forward, with its head raised high, and Xiong JiaBao slowly saw its eyes and nails getting closer…

Just when Xiong JiaBao’s heart was ready to stop, something grabbed his clothes and pulled him back. He sat down and looked up; Xin Meng had saved him. When he climbed into the car and sat down, he saw the two stare at him. His eyes flashed as he rubbed his forehead, apologizing sincerely, “Sorry, little brother. I was too scared- I didn’t see the monster…”

Xin Meng didn’t say anything. “How are you? Can you move?” “My legs are a bit soft… It’s good to take a break.” Xiong JiaBao’s legs were still shaking, as if he would collapse at any time. “If my mother knows I’ve encountered such a thing, I’ll be distressed…”

However, the question is: can he even leave this place alive and tell his mother about it?

Li Yougen won’t drive, he can only move to the front passenger seat, Xiong JiaBao sat behind him. Xin Meng drove back to the mall, killing all the zombies in his way. Crossing the door, Xiong JiaBao took Li Yougen to see Dong Xiu and Xin Meng checked the car slightly. At first glance, he frowned.

Although the Land Rover is stronger than an average car, it’s not unbreakable. After so many collisions, the front of the car has been broken, the right corner is sunken and everything else can be pitied. The situation is not good. According to Xin Meng, it’s hard to tell if the car can still be used on the road. It seems that the method of running over can no longer be used. Starting tomorrow, they would all have to kill the zombies with weapons.

Xin Meng clenched his teeth. He looked up at the zombies surrounding the mall outside, but since they were blocked by the door, he ran back upstairs.

No one is on the tenth floor, so he went to the fourth. In the bedding shop, Xiong JiaBao and the newcomer Li Yougen were in the middle of listening Dong Xiu’s current situation. Xin Meng walked over, took Li Yougen’s card and a small laser light he had found on the tenth floor, testing it on paper.

“Hey, I liked those when I was a kid. I would light a red dot on the wall and say it was infrared…” Xiong JiaBao looked at the laser with eyes of nostalgia. “I pointed it to a teacher’s eye in the middle of class. The teacher never found out who did it, hahaha.”

Xin Meng looked down at the card, avoided looking up, and corrected lazily, “Not infrared. Infrared is invisible, this is a laser light. If it’s pointed to a human eye it will cause blindness if pointed for too long.”

Xiong JiaBao “…” ORZ Teacher, please accept my kneeling… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

Li Yougen was sitting on the corner of the bed, too uneasy to sit still. He had heard Dong Xiu’s explanation about how light will attract zombies and seeing Xin Meng taking out the laser – no matter what type of light, it’s still dangerous!

“You will attract them!” He couldn’t help but try to grab the laser, which was sneaked away by Xin Meng.

Xin Meng pointed the light to his nose, making him look as ridiculous as a clown with a red nose. He stared at Li Yougen quietly, with a pair of round eyes that made him look pure and harmless as he whispered, “Quiet.” However, the red light that appeared in the darkness made the group feel strange.

Li Yougen froze.

He was a good observer. He recognized that the people around him are extremely unique. Dong Xiu’s family is very influential and capable, he is someone that can be reliable upon. Xiong JiaBao’s appearance was exaggerated, but his character was very simple, not putting too much thought into things. And this young one named Xin Meng has been relatively silent. Apart from the car skills, he seemed gentle and docile… But now… Was he wrong?

While he wanted to confirm his thoughts, Xin Meng had already lowered his head and continued to study the card. His expression is blurred in the dark.

Li Yougen licked his lips and saw that no one else said anything. The brightness of the laser was too low. He hadn’t heard zombies for a long time, so he had to close his mouth. The fact he had cried, hid under the bed, and even urinated his pants made his image not that respectable. Fortunately, it’s night and the darkness hide his appearance. No one noticed, but he feared Xin Meng will point the light to him. That would be too shameful.

Xin Meng used the laser to illuminate the back of the card a little: [The town has been filled with monsters. The country sent troops and the gunshots were heard around the town.]

[In the end, they all became monsters in military uniforms!]

[God, we were abandoned! The town was blocked! Run away!]

As Xin Meng read this passage out loud, the other three listened quietly. Dong Xiu fixed his glasses, analyzing casually, “So the task really is to escape the town.”

“But the card says the town has been blocked, how can we escape?” Xiong JiaBao scratched his head, and when Li Yougen heard it, he was even more frightened. He grabbed the hem of his suit, walked around as he kept his mouth going

“Damn this place. Damn this game!” Li Yougen said. “Fuck my mother, I have been good, and the boss would give me a promotion next month. But here I am, in this hell of a place, with monsters outside waiting for me to die! What to do! What can I do now?!”

The louder he gets, the more annoyed Dong Xiu is. He slapped the back of his head and screamed coldly, “Be as loud as you want, so the zombies[1] downstairs can hear you!”

Li Yougen turned to yell at him, “What the hell are you doing hitting people?” but in the end, he became afraid the sound would attract zombies, so he lowered his voice. Xiong JiaBao hurried to calm him.

“There may be a way,” a calm voice suddenly echoed. The three people stopped to look at Xin Meng, who still was looking down at the card, calmly. “Look, this said the town was blocked, but in the end told us to run away, it opposed itself. I think there should still be an exit, and according to the game’s routine, we should go look for it. The country sent troops and gunshots were heard around the town, what do you think?”

“Guns?” Dong Xiu widened his eyes the fastest. “They have guns!”

Having a real gun is a dream that almost every man has. The original world was strict, and no private guns were allowed, so they have never touched a real gun before. Now, as they were inside a game, the bureaucracy could be thrown away.

“The soldiers had guns. Although they’ve become zombies, they won’t use them if they are dead, so we have the opportunity to get those guns!” Dong Xiu’s excitement made even his fingers tremble, strongly satisfied. “With the guns, we can kill the zombies from a distance, with security guaranteed!”

Xiong JiaBao is also eager to try, but his reasons are very particular, “A real gun! I must touch it, take a shot and then go back and tell all my buddies, I’m sure they will be envious!”

He still wanted to show off even in this situation. They couldn’t be sure if he only had one brain cell or was simply stupid.

Although Li Yougen was happy that he would get a strong weapon to survive, he hesitated. He said, “I won’t get one, the country prohibits porting guns, I’m still a socialist citizen, so…”

As soon as they heard it, even Xiong JiaBao was dumbfounded. Dong Xiu glanced at him and sneered. This kind of person in the middle-lower part of the system could only be described as: weak. Such a person is not worthy of being bothered with.

After they talked about guns, the atmosphere seemed to ease a bit. Although it wasn’t said explicitly, things seem to have been settled. They are all thinking about how to get guns, except for Xin Meng.

Translator and Editor Notes:

So… Like. Am I the only one who believes is not a good idea to let DX have a gun…? freaking psycho. Anyways, I’m reading this as I translate and whoosh sometimes I get really weird vibes from XM lmao I love him already tho. But there’s something scary like, the contrast between his docile appearance and the way he acts… Well, anyways. ~Zucci

Editor: I’m here wondering why they think guns will be effective when the army had guns and they all ended up as zombies. If anything I’d want a sword, spear, or axe because it’s silent and better than their tiny knife. ~xTechon

[1] Dong Xiu calls them zombies so it was kept there.

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