[HGEG] Chapter 7: Rescue

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Li Yougen turned off the emergency light. He almost tripped during the panic but was lucky enough to stabilize his body. He looked out the window and broke out in sweat.

He was in a very large car wash shop, in a long row of two-story buildings. The shop had three large doors on the first floor covered by rust-stained metal shutters, and the second floor being a staff dormitory with several bunk beds. There was a small yard outside the building with a brick wall nearly two meters tall. There’s a big iron door, locked.

If this were a normal situation, the people inside would have slept calmly and relaxed, but the situation seemed different now.

Under the moonless night sky, all the light was swallowed by strangeness. Outside the big iron gate, some people were moving, swaying around, and hitting the iron door with their bodies.

Where no one could see, the three locks were quietly broken.

Li Yougen hid behind the curtains of a dormitory on the second floor. He sneaked out and saw the hellish horror scene, it was so shocking that he almost peed himself.

He didn’t know what was going on, how did he arrive at such place, he had no memory of it. He wore his coveralls as usual, holding a briefcase as he went to work, just getting off the bus. While pondering about how to start a conversation with the boss, he crossed the road and suddenly, a runaway truck crash into him. He closed his eyes on instinct but didn’t feel pain. When he opened his eyes, he was lying on the lower bunk of the dormitory.

‘Am I alive?’ Li Yougen was ecstatic at first. Looking back at the accident, he would’ve lost his arms or legs if he didn’t die first. He would have to stay in the hospital for a few years. This was great. Whatever happened saved his life. It also saved money.

However, after only one day, he was unable to laugh again.

There’re monsters outside!

Li Yougen’s position wasn’t bad. From the second floor, he could see clearly the scene outside the big iron gate. There were many horrifying monsters going back and forth. At the time, he just looked out the window with eyes of a dead man. It was entirely different from Xin Meng’s frightened situation, Li Yougen’s legs trembled, and soon his pangs became hot and humid.

When he calmed down and noticed the monsters couldn’t get in, he retreated to the house. His wet pants can’t be changed and he’s anxious and scared. For a moment, he thought he was cursed by God. After a while, he cried and prayed for someone that would save him, that’s how he accidentally saw the card placed on the table. He slapped his face to confirm he wasn’t dreaming, and almost fainted again.

Fortunately, he saw the inkjet words at the mall’s window before it became dark, but he didn’t dare to leave. He could only look for the emergency lights in the house and try to get the attention of those so called ‘teammates’ of his, hoping that they could come save him.

However, it seemed he made a bad decision, because the moment the monsters saw the lights, like ants after nectar; moths that saw flames; they started to madly slam against the door!

The overworked lock finally broke completely, and the door was slammed open. Countless monsters crowded in the small courtyard, rushing towards the small building, scratching the metal door with a loud noise!

Li Yougen let the light fall off his hand due the fright. It slammed on the floor and broke into pieces. The light flashed a few times and then disappeared. The room fell into darkness. The impact of the monsters became smaller, but Li Yougen didn’t notice those changes. He was completely curled on the ground, hands holding his hair and he mourned, crying.

The monsters who fell into confusion after the light disappeared were once again attracted by the sound of humans. Stimulated, they once again slammed against the shutters, and it was no sturdier than the broken gates. It would soon be completely destroyed. When that happens, the monsters will rush in and not even pleading to God Buddha will help!

“Ah- save me! Help! Someone save me! Ah–” Li Yougen covered his ears and couldn’t stop hearing the howling of the beasts and the sharp fingernails against metal. He collapsed and squatted on the ground, huddling down under the dusty bed while shivering.

Suddenly, a loud car horn was heard outside the window, Li Yougen immediately rolled out from under the bed and flung himself towards the window to see the car. The car was outside the gate, sending a few monsters along the road flying near the stairs.

Looking closely, he saw a shivering young man sitting in the passenger seat, looking out with a colourful head, waving at the direction of the second floor, shouting, “Hey! Anyone there? We are your teammates, don’t be afraid, we are here to save you!”

In the past, when Li Yougen saw such ‘degenerate youth’, he would be respectful and stand far away. He would still act arrogant and say something like ‘this world is going down’ to show his superiority, but now he was afraid they would leave without him. He quickly opened the window and shouted, “I’m here! I’m your teammate! I’m on the second floor, come and save me!”

Xiong JiaBao excitedly waved his hand at the window and turned to tell Xin Meng, “Found him! Quick, save him!”

Xin Meng is not so optimistic. He tightened the hands on the steering wheel to control the Land Rover, trying to maintain his balance as he crashed into zombies, which was difficult in such a small space. When they arrived, Xiong JiaBao pressed the horn, and Xin Meng watched as many zombies gave up on the building and surrounded the car. Xiong JiaBao still yelled, he was truly something.

“You are too much. If the car is surrounded, we can’t run inside” Xin Meng’s annoyance stopped Xiong JiaBao, who finally noticed the situation wasn’t optimistic. The zombies used their bodies to hit the cat. On the glass, a yellow and white mark was left. A zombie’s face was attached to the co-pilot’s window. Its white eye was staring at Xiong JiaBao. Xiong JiaBao, who was once so excited, shut up his mouth.

After a few hits, the Land Rover controlled the yard. A few zombies remained following the car under the building. Xin Meng looked out the window and yelled, “Come down, we will meet you here… Remember to bring your card!”

Li Yougen who was watching the scene grabbed the window to stay still. “No… I can’t… I can’t go down; those monsters will eat me! You, come up, come up to save me!”

Xin Meng: “…”

He turned around and saw a large group of zombies behind them. Looking at the open door, his heart couldn’t help but pound. The night was very quiet, and the car was blaring, if he delayed even a bit, they would attract even more zombies, and the trouble would be greater!

Seeing that the teammate refused to descend, Xin Meng wasted no effort. He turned the car and rushed to the zombies. The obstacles made the Land Rover bump and toss, making their head hit the roof several times. Fortunately, thanks to Xin Meng’s reminder, they were wearing seatbelts, otherwise they would have flown out the windshield.

Despite this, Xiong JiaBao held his head and screamed with pain. He turned to look at the expressionless Xin Meng and couldn’t help but admire him, “Little brother, you are really amazing. Your gege really admires you!”

Xin Meng held back the impulse to roll his eyes and forced the throttle to the maximum. The surrounding zombies were hit and flew to the air. Although not dead, the missing limps would hinder their actions.

After knocking the zombies down, Xin Meng ran over their heads and legs. Even if they can only bend the limbs of the zombies, they can affect their mobility. As they don’t know pain, they still tried to reach the car, but they can only climb slowly from the ground, giving them more time.

Even like this, the teammate upstairs refused to come down, squatting at the window and waiting for someone to save him; Xin Meng’s headache increased. Xiong JiaBao didn’t even consider leaving the car himself. Xin Meng frowned, clenched his teeth and got out of the car.

Translator and Editor Notes:

XM is so done… Poor guy… Well, better comrades will appear, please don’t be annoyed guyz, but tbh I would be like XJB if I were in his boots. Or worse, I would probably stay hidden till the end of the game and let them solve it all by themselves. Sorry XM… soon your boyfriend will come and show you how reliable he is… Just a few chapters…. Stay strong TT ~Zucci

This chapter kept changing between “monsters” and “Zombies” so every time it was narrating from Li Yougen’s point of view I made it “monster” When it narrated from XM’s point of view I kept it as Zombie when I could. ~xTechon

[1] “gege” means Elder brother.

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