[HGEG] Chapter 10: Accident

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Imperia

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Jie Zi couldn’t really drive. Xin Meng didn’t know that. He only knew that they had been on the car for five minutes and his head has been hit on various parts of the car. The whole car has turned into a kangaroo. They rolled over a zombie, Jie Zi held the steering wheel with both hands and a strange expression on his face. An excited expression, yelling from time to time, “I hit! I hit! I killed you! Hahaha!”

It’s like the person changed wholly. From the original muscle man to a car maniac, and the most terrifying is at the back seat. Chaotically, the four adult men squeezed side to side. Xiong JiaBao, who is sitting next to Xin Meng, is still cheering, fingers almost poking Xin Meng’s eyes.

Dong Xiu couldn’t stand anymore and slandered him with the backpack, “Noisy, what are you trying to do? Shut up! There are already enough zombies chasing the car” and then rushed to scold the first row. “Jie Zi, slow down!”

Shirt wrinkled, glassed knocked, he has never been so embarrassed since he was a child! This damn muscle man!

Xin Meng avoided Xiong JiaBao’s claws and struggled to escape the anger of the backpack. As a result, he was not steady and slammed his head in the front seat. He teared up. Bitterly rubbing his head, “Yes, slow down, or else you will break the car.”

However, Jie Zi didn’t hear it. In the middle of the ecstasy, he began to collide with more zombies, and the car shakes became worse. The zombie outsides were also attracted by the impact sounds and chased after the car, but fortunately, the speed was too high, otherwise they would be dead by now.

Li Yougen grabbed the door handle tight and screamed like a pig: “Help! Help! Change the driver! I ask for another driver! Change immediately!”

The others agreed, but they also wanted him to shut up. They are all speechless. With four people crowded in the back seat, if they don’t fix their bodies, they will be thrown out.

Only, the two at the front, are wearing seat belts. Their situation is better. At least, Xin Meng didn’t hear the girl’s voice. If it wasn’t for her long hair or inertia on this case, they would have thought there was no one there at all…

Xiong JiaBao turned to Li Yougen and screamed, “Don’t scream! You aren’t a woman!”

Li Yougen screamed back at Xiong JiaBao “You’re stupid!”

Xin Meng is sandwiched. There’s a type of unpredictable feeling. He has seen the car’s situation yesterday, if it’s hit without restraint, it will be the end of it. He’s dizzy, but he can’t leave the back seat. The co-pilot is a woman who refuses to talk. The situation is terrible!

Just as he tried to fix his body and say something, the Land Rover collided a few times, the engine made a loud noise, the vehicle was out of control, and the tire made a piercing scream against the ground. Immediately, the front of the car slammed into something, the entire car shook for a while and it stopped moving, black smoke appearing from the engine.

“Damn-” Xiong JiaBao had a mouthful and almost didn’t bite his own tongue. Several people fell against the back seat, each with a hurt nose and a swollen face.

Xin Meng’s arms were being pressed by Xiong JiaBao, and the pain came out. He tried to push Xiong JiaBao away, but Xiong JiaBao was stunned, his body not listening. He took a breath, and when was going to find a way to pull his arm out, he heard a strange voice: “You want to… Kill us.”

Rigid and numb, like it wasn’t used often, just a few words. However, each word was squeezed through her teeth. It was a female’s voice.

Is it the girl?

He looked up and saw that the girl now had a messy hair, exposing most of her face. There was no interference. The face illuminated by the sun was plain and pale, her lips were bloodless and her eyebrows were very light.

However, the girl, who looked like ice, looked coldly at the driver’s seat.

Jie Zi seems to have awakened from his delirium. He took a quick breath and straightened his posture. He continued to apologize with his hands together, “Sorry, I’m not used to the car. I can’t control myself when I touch a car. I forgot to say it before. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, guys!”

The last teammate completely broke his dreams of relying on someone, Xin Meng’s eyes darkened.

He didn’t have time to be depressed. The roar of the zombies was getting louder and louder, and looking out from the dirty window, they saw the dense wave of zombies was rushing over, attracted by the car. The distance was rapidly shortening, and there’s not much time for them to escape.

“Open the door. Run.” Xin Meng shouted at Li Yougen.

“No! I can’t open! I can’t open the door!” Li Yougen shook his head insanely, crying and screaming, holding the door handle tightly, refusing to lose, completely losing his judgment in a state of panic. “If I open the door, the zombies will come in! I can’t!”

Xiong JiaBao finally got up and freed Xin Meng’s hand. He turned to the door, “Why open the door, you want to let the zombies come in? Or are we going to get out?”

He didn’t expect Dong Xiu to answer the fastest, “Idiots! If they surround us, we won’t be able to run! Open the door!”

Xiong JiaBao is more obedient that Li Yougen. Once Dong Xiu spoke, his body moved faster than his mind. He opened the door with a bang and after Dong Xiu’s strong push, Xiong JiaBao was out of the car, followed by Dong Xiu. Next was Xin Meng. Jie Zi and the girl could open the door themselves. They were already outside the car. Li Yougen screamed for a while seeing he was the only one left in the car. He hesitated for a moment before ran off after them in an unimaginable speed.

Xin Meng’s sight was good. At first glance, he saw the dark blue sign 500 meter away. The police station was right in front!

So lucky!

“Quick, enter the police station!” Xin Meng shouted. The others saw the police station and fell into joy. They rushed there, but they didn’t run much and were soon surrounded by the zombies who were attracted to the road.

Before coming, they were all quick to pick up their weapons. Xin Meng still had the steel pipe with the bone-cutting knife. Dong Xiu grabbed the watermelon knife, while the others had sticks they had brought with them. The unique thing, at the most, is the girl, holding a folding iron chair she took from the supermarket, smashing directly into the zombies and sending them away, leaving Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao, who were ready to protect her, stunned.

However, the situation was very confusing. There was no time for them to think. There were more and more zombies chasing behind them. They had to be careful for the zombies to not touch them. Everyone is in a hurry and trying their best. Xin Meng’s steel pipe constantly hits zombies, not daring to pause, the knife at the end is already broken. He uses only the stick, and the people around him are the same. The sounds of the weapons against the zombies were like rain, the rotten flesh and bones flew around, the smell was disgusting, Xin Meng was sweaty and moved closer to the police station inch by inch.

As if to redeem himself, Jie Zi used extra force. He took the lead, opened the road, muscles tightened against the iron bar, his arms looking twice as thick and the eighty zombies blocking the police station were defeated by him alone, giving the exhausted people an opportunity to breath.

When they finally entered the police station, Xin Meng and Xiong JiaBao joined forces to close the iron gate and shut the countless zombies outside.

Immediately, behind Jie Zi, Dong Xiu pointed the wooden stick to Li Yougen, who was soft on the ground. He picked him by the collar and almost smashed him. Dong Xiu’s expression was distorted, and Li Yougen was stunned, “Did you want to kill me, huh?!”

“What?! I don’t know what you are talking about!” Li Yougen said as he tried to stand up. “I was confused, it wasn’t intentional, but you still want to fight me. You are unreasonable!”

Dong Xiu’s eyes went cold, turning his stare into a weapon. He didn’t talk more, instead, he just glared at Li Yougen, who felt as if he was bitten by a poisonous snake.

He wasn’t aware of his actions back then. It was the first time he was so close to zombies; the number was too much, he was only focusing on his escape, not caring for anyone else. He has long exhausted all of his courage, but now, looking at Dong Xiu’s appearance, he can’t explain it. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and whispered into Dong Xiu’s ear, “Don’t tell me that. Do you think I haven’t seen what you did?”

Dong Xiu was shocked, but he saw Li Yougen glancing at Xiong JiaBao. He knew that he had just pushed Xiong JiaBao in front of him. Li Yougen saw it. He’s not suitable to say anything more, just…

He blinked; a glimmer of light crossed his lens. It’s one thing for him to harm others, but others harming him, that’s another matter.

Li Yougen had harmed him, and he would remember.

He looked deeply at Li Yougen, and before anyone noticed, he looked away as if nothing happened.

Translator and Editor Notes:

It’s not like I am writing this for the sake of writing something ~Asada

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