[HGEG] Chapter 6: Emergency Light

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Xin Meng looked back at Dong Xiu, but he was lowering his head, and through the reflection of his glasses his expression could not be seen. Xin Meng looked at him deeply before turning back to the girl, “I promise I won’t let him hurt you, alright?”

After quite a while, when even Xin Meng was running out of patience, the girl finally stepped closer, slowly, like a ghost, and opened the lock from inside.

At this time, Dong Xiu, who was originally behind Xin Meng, rushed forwards, pulling the glass door open and lifting his fist to the girl’s face. Xin Meng was prepared and reacted fast. Quickly, he pushed Dong Xiu hard, the other hand pulled her behind. Dong Xiu was pushed in the opposite direction, staying there. After coming back to his senses, he suddenly snorted, expression unpleasant.

“Mr. Dong,” Xin Meng, upset. “Don’t you know how to treat girls?”

Dong Xiu glared at Xin Meng, but then smiled weirdly, “I just wanted to give her a little lesson, you’re overreacting. I don’t plan to do anything to her… And, you are doing too much for other people, it doesn’t mean they necessarily appreciate your actions.”

When he finished, Xin Meng felt something on his back. A strong force pushed him forward. He took two steps, looked back and saw the girl, seeming not willing to be too close to other people.

Dong Xiu laughed.

Xin Meng is helpless, “We are a team, we share the same goal. We don’t need to be intimate, just kind, and work together to complete the mission.”

This resulted in a strong nod from Xiong JiaBao, the other two didn’t look like they even heard.

However, the door was finally opened. The supermarket is filled with food. Although the fresh food, vegetables, fruits and meat are too bad to eat, the food on the packets are enough for them to last a long time. Xin Meng tried to look at the shelf life, to have a notion of time, and found out it was empty. It seemed to be a problem in the game.

The girl is probably not hungry. When they entered, she hid behind the shelves and no one cared about her.

The three people solved the late breakfast problem and each person packed a large bag to eat. Xin Meng wanted everyone to find a banner and other things to hang on the roof, so that the other teammates could find them. As a result, Dong Xiu sneered, “Don’t worry about the banner. No way you’ll find such a huge banner that people will be able to read from distance, there’s no such cloth in here.”

“What should we do, then?” Xiong JiaBao still had food on his mouth. He asked with a frowning face. He knew he wasn’t very clever and didn’t dare give any suggestions, so he just asked others. “Do you have another way?”

Seeing Xin Meng unable to think about something, Dong Xiu lifted the corner of his mouth, raising his chin and saying arrogantly. “There’s not a problem I can’t solve.”

Xiong JiaBao was overjoyed, worshiping Dong Xiu. He almost rushed to hug him, “Do you have a way?”

Dong Xiu pushed his glasses. The apparent calm of his eyes couldn’t hide his pride, “Of course.”

He patted the dust off his pants, sat on the chair at the counter and casually fixed the collar and cuffs of his shirts. It looked like he wasn’t at an empty supermarket but sitting in a conference room in the top of a multinational group, confidence on his face.

“When I first entered the mall and was running from a bunch of zombies, I saw the overall situation of the mall. There’s no banner to use, but there is a stationery store on the second floor with lots of coloured paint cans. We can take it to the children’s playground on the 10th floor, since there the windows there are round, and paint the words on the window. It can be seen clearly from the outside.”

“Good idea!” Xiong JiaBao applauded. “Dong-ge!”

Xin Meng: “…”

Although Dong Xiu’s attitude was problematic, the idea was really good, so Xin Meng has no opinion. Dong Xiu leaded the way and the two followed behind. On the second floor, there was indeed a store filled with paint cans. The three men took a few bottles and continued to go up, to the 10th floor, the highest one.

The 10th floor is a very open space. Like the first floor, there were no rows of shops around but instead divided into several areas directly. There are ice rinks and indoor amusement parks, all open. The ground is a chaos, they can see children’s toys scattered around, as well as dry doughnut floaties and torn children’s swimsuits, plus a few marks of dried blood. It looked a bit scary, but fortunately, since it’s surrounded with glass, the lighting is quite good, relieving most of the gloominess of it.

The three people discussed how to do it; the words needed to be understood from outside, so they should write it like a mirror. Xiong JiaBao couldn’t write like that, so he was taught and ordered by Xin Meng. Later, he became too much of a hassle. Letting Xiong JiaBao rest, he wrote it all himself!

To ensure that the words fill in the glass, one word per window, they decide to go with the words “teammates” and “assemble”. Since the windows are round, it can be seen from any angle almost the same.

In fact, it wasn’t difficult, just a little time-consuming. After wall, the shopping mall wasn’t small, and there were many windows. Dong Xiu had the idea, so he decided to sit on the side and watch like a grandfather, letting Xin Meng do it all. When they were finished, the sun was almost set.

The last empty can was thrown away and Xin Meng, tired from the activities, had sore shoulders and arms. Gasping, Xiong JiaBao quickly handed him bread and water. Xin Meng was no longer paying attention, kneeling on the ground and eating his dinner.

“It’s already dark” Xiong JiaBao drank half of a bottle in one breath and sighed with relief. “If I wasn’t here, I would be going to work at this time.”

Xin Meng remembered that he said he worked as a waiter in a bar, he was out all night.

“But now I can only sleep,” Xiong JiaBao sighed. “It’s too painful to have no nightlife.”

Dong Xiu sneered, “You can go out and play, all the female zombies around will like you. I’m sure you will never see so many women chasing you in your whole life.”

Xiong JiaBao thinks about the pus and rotten meat of the zombies, as well the broken bones being shown off, and immediately loses his spirit.

The sky has completely darkened, echoing the endless scene of the dilapidated town. There were no moon or stars in the sky, only darkness. The air was filled with a rotten smell, without any sign of human civilization. Not even insects can be seen, only zombies with heavy steps and a wild breath.

Xin Meng planned to sleep on the first floor, so if a companion came over, he would be able to pick them soon, but Dong Xiu insisted on sleeping on the fourth floor selling bedding items. He talks about the clean bedding, says it’s too late and no one will see the words upstairs, and seeing him insist, they began to go downstairs.

Xiong JiaBao, who was listening behind, suddenly yelled, “What’s that?!”

Xin Meng turned his head and found out there was a faint ray of light in the glass. He and Xiong JiaBao ran quickly. Looking through the glass, they saw a light spot on the road, not far away, particularly eye catching in the darkness. “A flashlight?!”

The two looked at each other and Xin Meng shook his head. “Not a flashlight. It’s reaching the 10th floor, it should be an emergency light.”

Dong Xiu originally walked in front of them, but he saw it and returned, snorting. “Isn’t that idiot afraid of zombies finding him?”

Indeed, they who stand on the tenth floor can vaguely notice there are many black shadows getting close to the light, but the person is persistent, seeming desperate trying to catch their attention.

Xiong JiaBao is a little anxious. “He hasn’t seen Xin Meng’s card. He doesn’t know that the lights attract zombies. We must hurry and save him!”

“Hey!” Dong Xiu is leaning against the glass, voice not warm or cold. “It’s night outside, the best time for the zombies. That idiot is holding a flashlight, it’s estimated that he’s surrounded by zombies. If we try to save him, we will all die.”

It was clear that he refused it. Xiong JiaBao didn’t get it. “But we are teammates, how can we let him die? This would be too ignorant, right? Xin Meng?”

Xin Meng nodded, but thought about it. About the white card. “Go, let’s go down drive. Mr. Dong, can you give us your knife?”

Dong’s expression is not even willing, but since Xiong JiaBao was glaring angrily due to his indifference and Xin Meng also started to stare at him, he grinned and threw the knife at them.

Xin Meng took the knife and ran downstairs with Xiong JiaBao. Through the hallway, they could see the Land Rover still blocking the door. There were no zombies outside, the situation was unusual, and it meant they were all attracted by the light. They quickly got on the car and the watermelon knife was put in the hands of Xiong JiaBao.

Xiong JiaBao didn’t want it. He didn’t have Dong Xiu’s skill or intellect. Even if he knew the zombies could be defeated by cutting off their head, the hand holding the knife was shaking, but he couldn’t drive either and he couldn’t change places with Xin Meng. He could only hold the knife, afraid of hurting himself.

Xin Meng didn’t care about him. It was estimated that the zombies were grouped closed to each other. The light began to fade, then, disappear. He didn’t know if something happened. If the man died, then the card on his possession… Thinking of it, Xin Meng slammed on the accelerator, and the Land Rover rushed like an arrow.

Translator and Editor Notes:

What’s a team without one acting like an a**hole? Dong Xiu kinda reminds me of Byakuya from danganronpa… Though I hope Dong Xiu doesn’t mess up with the clues to make it more difficult for them lmao What’s the fun in teammates if they don’t despise each other, right? ~ Zucci

Very tempted to write “Avengers assemble” on the windows. Also, the Land Rover is best Waifu. ~ xTechon

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