[HGEG] Chapter 5: Zombie Love Letter

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

The first thing that caught their attention was a watermelon knife. The shiny knife was dirtied with pus and minced meat, cutting the neck of a zombie. The sharp blade cure off the bare bones. Immediately, the zombie fell to the ground, a bit strange. The zombie that fell was not like the zombie that had their head cut off.

Xin Meng was keenly aware of this.

The person with the knife stopped and took a step forward, opposite to Xin Meng.

Xin Meng saw him and Xiong JiaBao reflected on his eyes, and then saw the armband on his arm. Then he pushed his gold-rimmed glasses and opened the revolving door, “Teammate?”

Xin Meng nodded, mutually confirming each other’s identity, but not being able to introduce himself, because the zombies that have been hit have already stand up.

Before, that person could face many zombies without being overwhelmed because he stood in a small space next to the big revolving door. The revolving door was filled with debris and couldn’t be moved, and only one person could pass through. As long as it was blocked, two couldn’t squeeze through. That person was able to cut one zombie at a time and hold for a while.

However, that wasn’t much safe. After all, when he was getting exhausted, Xin Meng’s arrival solved his problems, so he could breath for a moment. Xin Meng glanced at it for a while and smashed the pedal. The car was facing the door when the two jumped from the vehicle and ran inside.

As soon as they entered, Xiong JiaBao almost fell and Xin Meng was the one closest to him, quickly pulling him up. Turns out he was so scared his legs were soft, and he could not breathe properly. Xin Meng helped him in and allowed him to sit on the wall and take a break, turning his head to look at his surroundings.

They are still near the revolving door, on the first floor of the shopping mall. It’s very spacious, but there are not many things, only some festive decorations, but they are all dirty, scattered around the ground. There’s a few rotten pieces of meat and broken bones, a few dead bodies of zombies without their heads, but no moving zombies in sight. It’s safe.

“I’ve led most of the zombies inside”, the man with glasses gasped and looked at the watermelon knife on his hands with a disgusted expression. He threw it on the floor and slowly came over, looking at the two men on the ground. “I will finish them all, one by one.”

“Oh, buddy, you are too strong!”

Xiong JiaBao gave him a thumbs up, but Xin Meng was aware of the arrogance and highness hidden in those words. However, seeing how the man dressed up as an elite, he was estimated that his status was not low.

Xiong JiaBao was on the ground and couldn’t get up, but his mouth was restless. He first introduced himself and then did the same for Xin Meng, asking the other person’s situation, calling him brother.

The man pushed his glasses and faced the excessive enthusiasm of Xiong JiaBao with an unclear smile. “I’m Dong Xiu. The chairman of Kyushu Business, the main trade group of X City, is my father. I’m the general manager of the marketing department in the company. You should have heard about the Kyushu group?”

Xiong JiaBao was a bit dumbfounded. Of course, he heard about the leading company of X city almost every day on TV, he didn’t expect his teammate to be so big!

Xin Meng lowered his head and did not meet his eyes. Instead, he asked, “Can I look at the information on your card?”

It seemed he didn’t get the compliments and respect he expected. Dong Xiu was a little dissatisfied, but then he noticed Xin Meng’s ordinary appearance. ‘This clothing, he’s probably a lowly commoner, he likely doesn’t know about the economic news.’ Thinking that, Dong Xiu became excited and took the card from his trousers to give it to him. Xin Meng didn’t care and took it, turning over it see what it was written:

[The monsters are too tenacious, people are helpless. As long as they can see your appearance, hear your voice, smell your taste, they will do everything to tear your meat, drink your blood.]

[And then turn you in one of them.]

“Crap! Is this a zombie’s love letter or what?” Xiong JiaBao yelled.

“It turns out this is true, about listening and smelling. Anyways, as long as the head is still there, the zombies won’t die, if we can cut their heads, we will be able to kill them completely…” Xin Meng muttered to himself as he looked at the card.

Dong Xiu lifted his chin and glanced at him, “I see you are not that stupid.”

Xin Meng is not annoyed. He took Xiong JiaBao’s card out of his pocket and handed it to Dong Xiu. After reading it, Dong Xiu held the card for a while, but said nothing.

“Let’s find something to eat first. I didn’t have breakfast; I’m starving to death.” Xiong JiaBao caressed his stomach. The last time they ate was last night, and only drank some water in the morning. He stood up and looked forwards to search around the mall. “Dong-ge, where can I find something to eat here?”

It seems he wasn’t pleased by the ‘Dong-ge’ of Xiong JiaBao. Dong Xiu’s face turned into ice and the pointed to the escalator on the side. “There’s a supermarket downstairs, but the door is closed. If you want to eat, you should convince her to open the door.”

“There’s someone there?” Xin Meng was shocked.

Dong Xiu sneered and threw out a word, “Teammate!”

Xiong JiaBao couldn’t figure out the situation. “There is a teammate inside the supermarket, but they don’t want to open the door. Dong-ge, why don’t you explain the situation to them?”

Dong Xiu was a little angry.

“Who knows what she’s thinking. She was already there when I arrived, I was chased by zombies, she didn’t even help me. I also wanted to go to the supermarket! It was a woman, OK, I asked her what was written in her card, she didn’t tell me. I said I wanted to go inside to get some food, she even closed the door on me! She’s sick!”

“Woman? Is she scared?”

“Frightened.” Dong Xiu shook his head. “She’s horrible, looking at people from behind her hair, more terrible than a ghost. It’s enough she didn’t scare the zombies!”

Sounds a bit troublesome.

Anyways, they still have to go there. The three people were hungry; besides, they would have to wait for the other teammates here. He didn’t know how long it would take and didn’t prepare enough food.

The three men decided to open the door. Xin Meng was responsible for persuading her and Dong Xiu was holding the watermelon knife for the final “military coercion”. They went down with the escalator and saw the closed glass door.

Xiong JiaBao rushed and knocked on it. “Hey, beauty! Open the door!”

Xin Meng stared at the dozens of knife marks visible on the glass and glanced at Dong Xiu. With the watermelon knife in hands, Dong Xiu met his stare and snorted. “I tried to break through the glass. Seems like it’s a thick bullet-proof glass, I couldn’t open it.”

Xin Meng nodded, staying quiet.

Inside, behind a row of shelves, a black head appeared quietly, silent under the dim light, and nothing else could be seen. Xiong JiaBao, scared, jumped behind Xin Meng, hugging his neck and crying, “Mom! I will give you my older brother, I’m afraid of female ghosts!”

Xin Meng’s couldn’t smile. He has better vision and could see at first glance that it wasn’t a female ghost. Well, it was a woman. To be exact, a girl, not very old, probably the same age as Xin Meng. She is wearing a blue uniform and her straight black hair is too long at the forehead, almost blocking her eyes. When you look at it, the impression is of a head filled with hair.

Even if Xin Meng’s vision is good, the girl had her head low, hair falling forward and covering her face, so even he couldn’t see her appearance, only a pale bit of skin. Her skin, delicate chin and small lips seemed to be very gloomy, and even if he didn’t see her eyes, he could clearly feel two sinister glares directed at them under her bangs.

It looks a bit scary…

Xin Meng is also a bit anxious, but approaches the door, speaking to the girl inside. “Hello, my name is Xin Meng, I’m your teammate. Reading the contents in the card, we don’t know how we got here, but we must work together to get through the mission. Don’t you want to go back to the real world?” His soft and juvenile voice is very good. Like a warm wind during the summer, it’s relaxing, like Xin Meng’s whole person.

The girl didn’t speak, just glanced at Xin Meng, still gloomy. It sent a chill down his spine, but Xin Meng noticed that she seemed to be analyzing him.

Her precaution is too much.

At this time, Dong Xiu spoke coldly, “Although as long as there’s one person alive, you can enter the next game even if you keep hiding like a rat. But if we all starve to death, you can still live here. Such a dark place, not even seeing the sun, no other people, only zombies outside, waiting for you to finish the food here. Either you live to starve or accompany us!”

The girl blinked, staring at Dong Xiu with ice, attitude cold.

“You!” Dong Xiu became anxious, raised the watermelon knife and tried to cut the glass door, Xin Meng quickly stopped.

“Don’t do that, I’m talking to her” Xin Meng gestured for Xiong JiaBao to hold Dong Xiu and approached the door once more. Xiong JiaBao looked at the imposing Dong Xiu with guilty, but thinking about the girl inside, it wasn’t appropriate to swing a knife against others, and held Dong Xiu’s arms.

Xin Meng tried to make his performance more harmless and reliable and continues to persuade her. “Don’t you wanna go back to the real world? Think about your friends and classmates, parents and siblings that care about you. If they never see you again and never find out you were trapped here, how sad would that be?”

He didn’t know what sentence touched her, but her eyes flashed. He saw it, and with the bottom of his heart, he raised his hands and gently touched the glass, “We are thinking about leaving now. You don’t need to talk with us. It doesn’t matter if you tag along. We won’t follow you. We are not forcing you to do anything, but we only don’t want to starve to death, so can you open the door? We only want to eat. We won’t hurt you”

The girl’s gaze stayed on Xin Meng’s face for a while, then suddenly moved to Dong Xiu.

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