[HGEG] Chapter 4: Car Crisis

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: xTechon

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

Early in the morning, the two took the keys and weapons, slammed the door and went downstairs.

Today the sun was strong, and the zombies were sunbathing early, they were lucky not encountering any accidents. Xin Meng unlocked the Land Rover with the key and took the driver’s seat, throwing his backpack at the backseat, Xiong JiaBao quickly took the co-pilot seat and closed the door.

“That…” Xiong JiaBao could see a few zombies wandering outside the car glass. He got quite nervous. “Are we going out just like this?”

“Yes” Xin Meng didn’t start driving right away, turning on the car navigation. He wanted to try his luck and see if there were any maps on it. Though he didn’t expect it to be true, but it showed just this town, outside it was all blank.

Sure enough, this was provided by the system. The only key, the only vehicle that can be started, the only map that can be found, it seems that their actions have been correct so far.

“After going out, we need to find a place like a mall or a supermarket to get some food. It’s better if it is a high place. Then, we can make a signal for the others to go. There’s something here.” Xin Meng studied the map and, finally, he found a shopping mall.

“Let’s just go there first”, Xin Meng made the decision. Once he turned the keys, the car was started, the gears moved and the throttle rushed out. The huge inertia caused Xiong JiaBao’s head to hit the back of the seat.

It wasn’t that Xin Meng had started driving so fiercely. In fact, when he started the car, he was shocked to find out that all the zombies around them twisted their heads in an instant, their horrible blue eyes widened. Staring at the two with hunger, attracted by the sound of the engine, as if someone who starved for a year was looking at their favorite dish.

Xin Meng does not have the strength to fight them, and can only rush before they are surrounded!

“Faster! Faster! They are coming! They are coming! Quickly, go faster, ah-!!” Xiong JiaBao was the first to speak. He widened his eyes and looked at him with pure horror.

The disgusting monsters that gradually approached urged Xin Meng and he naturally wants to drive faster, but it’s easier said than done. The speed of the zombies is not fast, but they are too numerous. Soon, the Land Rover is surrounded by zombies. They bumped into the car and made a slamming sound. It was worse than the sound of the wall being hit. Dizzy, Xiong JiaBao also screamed, and Xin Meng is sweating coldly and his hands had slid from the steering wheel several times. He clenched his teeth, held the wheel hard and stepped on the throttle, knocking three or four zombies blocking their way.

Fortunately, this was a Land Rover. If it was the previous Passat, the car would already been turned over!

The impact caused the vehicle to bump violently. Before Xin Meng had time to tighten his seat belt, his forehead slammed into the front glass, making warm liquid flow and break out in pain. There were too many zombies around him; to prevent distraction, he wiped his forehead with his hands and let the blood slide to concentrate on the wave of zombies.

The zombies outside were stimulated by the smell of blood and became crazier. They crashed into the car like moths to a light, knocking the car off the main road.

“We’re finished! We’re going to die! Ah! Help me! Mommy! Mom, save me-!” Xiong JiaBao was curled in his seat, holding his head and yelling out of fear. However, Xin Meng didn’t have time to appease him, so he could only endure.

He struggled to stabilize the car and grabbed the steering wheel. Finally,
after the car rolled over twenty zombies, he rushed out of the parking lot to drive to the main road. It was a very spacious road with many obstacles and shops on both sides, but all the signs were worn out, as if they had been abandoned for a long time. Driving to the market on the map, the zombies were still chasing them. However, the road was much wider now, giving Xin Meng the chance to show off the Land Rover. Going forward, the problems gradually disappeared. Soon, the zombies walking on two legs were run over by the Land Rover, reducing the Zombies. Xin Meng finally had the chance to breathe.

“I’m gonna be eaten! I’m finished! Mom, ah, save me-!” Xiong JiaBao was still yelling, historically calling for his mother to save him.

“Stop shouting!” Xin Meng couldn’t bear him shouting and shouted. “Do you want to attract the zombies?”

“Help! Help-…” Xiong JiaBao stopped yelling. Like a frog, with his eyes bulging, mouth open, his breath was heavy, face white like paper. “I… Are we still alive?”

Xin Meng couldn’t spend time comforting him. he quickly checked the state of the Land Rover, “ah-”, his heart sank, those zombies are too powerful, the car can still work, but after the recent impact, its full of terrible dents.

And he noticed that, even after being rolled over repeatedly, the zombies continued to stand up and chase them.

This is bad, it means they shouldn’t let the zombies near them.

“When we enter the mall, remember to look for long-range weapons. Don’t let the zombies get too close.” Xin Meng stared at the road ahead, driving the frightened Xiong JiaBao, who could only stare with a pair of scared eyes. He’s not sure if he heard it.

The Land Rover quickly crossed the street. From the scenario, the town was
completely collapsed. There were no traffic lights, only dead walked the
streets. No living people, even plants, went missing. It was a dead city, a

When Xin Meng saw the mall, there was a division between them. He didn’t
know why, but the number of zombies around is few and sparse, and having previous experience, he sees no danger. Xiong JiaBao seemed to have calmed down, watching Xin Meng full of blood, he offered a handkerchief to him. Xin Meng took it and thanked him.

“You are bleeding too much, are you alright…” Xiong JiaBao said with hesitation, stunned. There was a bloody thorn on Xin Meng’s face, it looked a bit scary.

“It’s nothing, just cut myself a bit, it’s no longer bleeding.” Xin Meng smiled at him.

“It’s incredible, you are obviously younger than me and so brave. Let me tell you, I almost peed my pants!”

“It’s fortunate that you held back, otherwise we would have to change the car” Xin Meng jokingly said, hand turning the steering wheel, the car smoothly passed through the last street and the mall’s door appears in front of them, but the situation felt somewhat wrong, Xin Meng hurriedly stepped on a brake.

A huge wave of zombies blocked the door, gathering around the mall. They were organized in a circle, smashing their teeth and claws together, as if they were attracted by something.

“So many zombies!” Xiong JiaBao was shocked, quickly puling Xin Meng’s arm. “Don’t go over! Turn around!”

Xin Meng thought a little. What attracted the zombies? There’s the sun in the sky, so it shouldn’t be the light, and to make the zombies that excited, it must be… Living people!

“There’s people there, maybe our teammates.” Xin Meng wanted to see the situation clearly and opened the car door. Xiong JiaBao was more anxious than him and leaned over the window. Vaguely he saw a figure waving a long knife.

“That’s true,” Xiong JiaBao hurried put his head out. He yelled at the other party, “Hey buddy!”

Xin Meng couldn’t stop him, pulling him the moment he saw it. The large group of zombies heard his movements and more than twenty zombies fiercely turned back and found two more human beings. They abandoned the previous prey and rushed towards them!

“Crap!” Xiong JiaBao saw it and quickly retracted his head. He cried and looked at Xin Meng, “It’s over, they are coming…”

Xin Meng clenched his teeth. Of course, you shouted so loudly, if they didn’t come what would they be?!

‘Anyways, this can do’ Xin Meng thought. In order to disperse the group of zombies, he did not turn around, but instead floored the gas, ramming Land Rover into a group of zombies, which revealed the mall’s door, allowing the person in front of it to appear on their view.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Too much ‘land rover’…. for a moment I was like, wtf author? are you being sponsored? Is the ML a land rover?
Btw, ML is the last teammate to appear… It will take a few chapters, but, well. ~ Zucci

Xin Meng is now Venom Snake. I’m also new here, I hope my editing made this as enjoyable to read as possible. ~ xTechon

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