[HGEG] Chapter 2: Monsters in the Dark

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Kylerboi

Proofreader: TheMonitor

What a damn hint, this is a dead end!

Xin Meng can’t wait to tear the card apart, but in the end, he can merely helplessly put it down, after all, this is the only clue he has.

He has already perceived all the information on the card, but he can’t achieve anything with it. Where he is, what is outside, what is the clearance task, there’s no clue at all, it seems that he needs to find the other five teammates and look around for information together.


Xin Meng is hesitant, seeking someone means you have to go out, going out means confronting the monster outside.

Yes, monster.

He can be certain that the thing outside is not a wild animal. It should be a monster. Because he just read [the species that purely exist in the darkness], it doesn’t mean they are only awake during the night, and it’s impossible for an animal to exist merely in the evening. This sentence reminds him of evil creatures, like vampires.

Although absurd, this is a horror game, what can’t be considered normal?

In fact, some things are not quite right, but Xin Meng subconsciously neglects it.

However, it is critical to first understand what kind of monsters are outside. The returns to the living room and gently shifts a few chairs and tables that jam the door, revealing the door viewer.

This apartment should be an old building. Unlike the newly built apartments, only two other apartments on the floor are, a door on the left and one in the right. There are three apartments on this floor. There is no elevator, only a dirty corridor. Xin Meng is in the middle door, looking out, just seeing half of the stairs, the lower half of the stairwell has a window, revealing that it is indeed evening. The glass is dark and sturdy, like a beast with its mouth open, ready to devour the sun. There’s light on the staircase, so Xin Meng receives enough light to look around, but he didn’t witness anything.

There was a rough and low-pitched noise outside, how could there be nothing?

Is the door viewer too small? Xin Meng was extremely close to it, not expecting the light in front of him to suddenly go dark and a huge bloody and green eyeball suddenly occupied the entire door viewer, looking straight at him!

Xin Meng practically fell from the table and chairs!

Shit! What the hell!

Unconsciously, Xin Meng however remembered to not make a sound; he has long been frightened!

The eyeball is extremely ugly. It’s not like the eyes of ordinary people, wrapped in the upper and lower eyelids. Alternatively, it’s a whole eyeball exposed outside, no eyelids, the pale colour of the eyes are gray, and the veins are a dark red. The pupil is gray and white, staring right at him!

Xin Meng’s hand began trembling again. In the silent room, he could only hear his own heartbeat, drumming on his ears, and nothing else! He almost turned around and ran to the bedroom, wasn’t daring to get close to the thing outside!

But reason ceased him. Xin Meng wants to live, and he not only wants to avoid being killed by monsters, but he also doesn’t want to starve to death. There’s nothing in this room, so he must not hide for long. Whatever is waiting for him, he always needs to face it, including the thing outside his door.

Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of…

Xin Meng comforts himself, renewing courage, and carefully approaching the door viewer again.

This time, he saw the complete picture of the ‘monster.’

A zombie.

It seemed to be a human whose skin has been peeled off. Apart from those words, there’s no more accurate description.

When the zombie was alive, he should have been an adult man, judging by the bloody suit he wore. His abdomen is smashed, and all the rotten intestines and internal organs are falling off his body. All hair is completely lost, a mottled green scalp, also rotten, with black and yellow pus. You can see the broken bones hanging with meat at first glance. The face is similar, with even the gums rotting.

There are many fallen meat hanging on the teeth… Wait, there’s another one, next to him, there is a feminine zombie!

At that time, the lights on the house attracted two zombies. In the present circumstances, they were jamming the door, walking around without aim. They made a groan and Xin Meng saw the feminine zombie wearing tattered pyjamas. The dirty, infested tongue is cut in half, and the bloody teeth were pulled out of the jaw.

They can no longer be designated human.

He doesn’t know if it’s a psychological effect, but Xin Meng now seems able to sense the disgusting smell in the air. There was a surge in his stomach and he almost vomited.

But more than the psychological and physical fear and bad feelings, the more important was that the situation was unoptimistic.

The lights in the stair are still on. Who knows how many monsters will be attracted by that light? Even if nothing else comes, there are still two blocking the door, what should he do?

Xin Meng was afraid and anxious. His mind was alright, but his physical strength was not remarkably good. He couldn’t say he possessed no strength on his hands, but he never practiced any martial arts like taekwondo. He retains the strength the zombies had when striking the door. He was completely helpless.

Fortunately, after the sensor light had gone out, it didn’t light up again.

Xin Meng, slightly relieved, retreated a little, staring at the door viewer with his brain spinning rapidly.

Two zombies at once, he can’t deal with it, what if he deals with them separately? Pull one in, leave the other outside, kill one and then kill the one outside…

No, it won’t work. Not only the zombie is so violent, he can’t be certain he can pull one inside the apartment. And if he indeed captures one, he may be unable to deal with it without being killed by it.

Definitely, Xin Meng is not going fighting the zombies. Who knows if there’s any harmful bacteria on their filthy teeth, it’s better to not bear risks.

What else can he do?

Since this is a game, it had definitely considered the material characteristics of the player, so it should have a way for ordinary people, it should have a way to escape.

Don’t worry about it, don’t worry… Think about the characteristics of the zombies… The zombies will be attracted by light, so one he turns on the lights, he will allure them… What if it’s dawn?

Xin Meng suddenly asked himself what would happen once the sun rose. The zombies ‘seek light’, so if the sky is brilliant outside but the room is dark, will they go outside?

Waiting inside, this idea is unsafe, and it takes longer to lose more physical strength. In due course, he will have to confront an even bigger dilemma, but Xin Meng has not discovered a more effective way. He can merely try this first. Try it, and if doesn’t work, he will think another way.

Waiting for the daylight, he went back to the bedroom and tried to obtain a weapon he could operate. He didn’t want the zombies close, so the kitchen knife was useless. He had to look for something long, that would be the best.

He really found one. On the balcony, a stainless-steel pipe was inserted in the middle of a flowerpot, wrapped with vines. Xin Meng smashed the dry stems, pulled out the steel pipe from the vase and wiped the soil off. The pipe was a bit longer than his arm. He directed it around and it was relatively smooth.

After thinking about it, he went to the kitchen and discovered a boning knife. After binding it to the end of the pipe, he developed a homemade weapon.

At that point he sat by the door and waited for dawn.

The house didn’t have any items that indicated the time. All the watches and alarm clocks were broken. The phone was broken in half. His wrists were bare. Therefore, Xin Meng couldn’t perceive the current time.

The low groans of the zombies and the heavy footsteps that came back and forth were counted by his hear, full of uneasiness.

He had never thought the night was this long.

Finally, he didn’t know how long it had taken, but the sound outside was a little different. He heard the gasps become heavier and then became lighter, getting farther and farther together with the footsteps. He abruptly stood up and went to the door viewer to see it. He was thrilled to find that the window in the stairwell was shining, it was dawn!

The zombies undoubtedly left the gloomy corridor and stumbled downstairs. Their joints were stiff and inflexible. They couldn’t advance down the stairs one step at a time and half rolled down it. Going down, they still didn’t feel pain and continued to walk. Observing it, Xin Meng sweat cold.

But it all confirmed his hypothesis from before, the zombies were really attracted by the sun, this is his chance to flee! He pushed the furniture jamming the door and once again confirmed trough the viewer that there were no zombies around, then found some fairly good clothes to wrap around his exposed skin. Holding the pipe on his hand, the opened the door.

The breeze, coming from the window, was cold like water vapor, shaking Xin Meng’s spirit, and the exhaustion and drowsiness of the night was slightly relieved. He gently opened the door and went out.

In the corridor, except for the windows, the light is very faint. The iron handrails are rusty and crumbling. He went down the stairs. The next floor is the first floor. He gently opened the door and went out. It should be an old neighbourhood. It’s surrounded by old six-story residential buildings. There are not many people living here, and he sees many houses empty and windows without glass.

This should be a excellent thing; it means the number of zombies wouldn’t be that high around.

As Xin Meng expected, there are only a few zombies in the neighbourhood, hauling their ruined bodies and stiff limps under the sun, slow and purposeless as puppets. As they walk, a yellow trail of pus if left from time to time on the road, along with rotten, minced meat. The odour of the bodies lingers around, making people unable to resist the urge to puke.

A nightmarish scene.

Xin Meng tightened the hands holding the steel pipe, tried to regulate his breathing, and carefully walked on the shadow of the building, not daring to make a sound.

This method was remarkably effective. The zombies were constantly walking in sunny places and did not mind the shadows. He does not want to be quick, but seeks stability, as there’s is not much shadows. This way, he gradually moved not significantly from the building he fled.

However, he couldn’t move on, because there was a vast open space in front of the building. There were no shadows, and there were around twenty zombies swaying beneath the brilliant sunshine.

He could not avoid them!

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This is the beginning of an unique story. Comment your views. I would love to read them. ~ Asada

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