[HGEG] Chapter 1: Don’t Turn The Lights On

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Translator: Zucci

Editor: Kylerboi and Asada

Proof-reader: TheMonitor

When Xin Meng woke up, the sky was still dark. It was summer, but even if the temperature was extremely hothe didn’t turn the air conditioner on. Half awake, he got up from the bed and decided to go to the kitchen to have a glass of water.

When he touched the floor with his feet and was unable to locate his slippershe opened his eyes and looked down. It was a gray floor.

When did the floor get so dirty?

This weak thought soon disappeared without a traceXin Meng, a heavy sleeper, sat on the bed, yawned for a long time and rubbed his eyes again. The house was gloomy and silent, and he scratched his head a little bit, almost falling asleep again, until he felt thirsty again. He swayed his head and tried to clear his brain.

When he ultimately opened his eyes and looked for his slippershe inadvertently glanced at his surroundings and suddenly his eyes went wide.

A cramped room with dilapidated furniture, a filthy environment.

So strange.

What is this place?!

Xin Meng is 100% sure this is not his homenot his furniture, and the room size isn’t even the same! What is even more frightening is that he finally found out why the house is so dark. It’s not merely because the sky is clouded outside, but also because…

Stiff, he twisted his neck a little bit to the left

The window is blocked by a board!

The wooden board is like a piece of furniture. It’s stuck across the window frame, leaving only a narrow gap, and the surface is exposed with many huge and rusted spikes.

The curtains were destroyed, and only a little bit of it remained, still swaying at the top. The rags scattered on the floor were covered with dark brown stains, and the desk next to them was full of messy footprints.

This room is not only unfamiliar, but also filled with a bloody atmosphere. Dozens of terrible thoughts rush into Xin Meng’s mind. One of them gains the upper hand – was he kidnapped???

His heart jumpedhe couldn’t take it anymore and ran to the door with his feet bare. He walked through to another unfamiliar living room and stopped at the front door, but he was surprised to find the mess there. The door is barred by furniture!

What exactly is going on?

He hesitated for a moment before standing in front of the pile of furniture. He didn’t touch it, but sharply opened the doors of the other two bedrooms. However, not matter which one. He saw no living people. In the three-bedroom apartment he was isolated, and all the windows were blocked.

That’s unusual.

There are no other people in this house, but everything is obscured from the inside, just like… as if he had done it himself.

Xin Meng’s forehead begins producing cold sweat. He is isolated, standing in a strange living room, a cold chill sliding down his back, and his hands can’t help but tighten.

He forced himself to calm down and looked around the living room in a frightened way, observing the chaos happening here: the wardrobe and TV cabinet were jamming the door, and many things were scattered all around the placesofas and chairs were turned over, the TV screen was broken, the oil painting that originally hanging on the wall had fallen to the ground and was stepped on, fragments of vases all over the floor as well as a standing lamp brutally dismembered…

For nowthe lights! How did he forget turning on the lights?

Used to the darkness, his eyes were extremely comfortable with the environmentXin Meng even forgot to turn on the lights for a while, but now he wants to see his surroundings clearly. Carefully bypassing a pile of debris on the groundhe pressed the switch on the wall, and the crystal chandelier flashed twice before lightening up.

Everything in the room was instantly exposed to the pale white light. Xin Meng was blinded by the brilliant light and waited for a while for eyes to get used to it. He put down the hands that blocked his eyes and the moment he looked around, he froze.

In the ruined living room, on the filthy ground, there are countless bloody footprints!

More than that, the dilapidated and dirty furniture is full of blood marks and a viscous liquid. Xin Meng’s heart went cold for a while. Standing stiffly, he suddenly remembered something and quickly looked at his feetfinding out his feet were also covered in the blood-like liquid. When he didn’t know, he didn’t feel anything. Once he knew, the slippery feeling became apparent and he wanted to turn around and escape, disgust filling his stomach. He couldn’t help withdrawing two steps back. He turned around and almost fell to the ground with fear!

On the snow-white wall in front of him, wet words were written in bright red characters — 【Don’t! Turn! On! The! Lights! 

The huge bloody words were shocking. Every stroke consists of an extended stretch of blood, like tears falling down, accompanied with bloody exclamation marks.

Xin Meng is not that young, even so, he can’t help but feel frightened. He rapidly retreats away from the wall, but what should he do next? He had no idea, and all he can do is pray. He hopes it’s all a prank from his friends, although the possibility is incredibly limited… Who would put on such an effort to pull a prank on him?

Standing in the living room for a while, the blood stings his eyes. He felt more and more uncomfortable with the blood on his feet. He wanted to cleanse it up immediately. So, he decided to go to the bathroom and find a pair of shoes, and whatever he can find is good, he is going mad with the sticky feeling on his soles.

As for the words in the wallhe has no idea about it and does not intend to do something about it now.

Who know who wrote that, what was their intention?

Moreover, light can bring a certain sense of security to human being, no exceptions.

In the bathroom sink, he cleaned his feet and finally the refreshed Xin Meng walked back to the previous bedroom, carefully avoiding the blood on the floor and found his shoes under the bed. As soon as he looked up, relieved, he discovered a white card on the table. He took it with curiosity and appreciates the gorgeous calligraphy produced with a black pen. The first sentence was —

【Dear Xin Meng. 

Xin Meng’s heart clenched, he thought it was a message from the kidnappers and hastily read it.

【Congratulations on being selected to become the number 9,317,623,858 player of this game. 

【This game is called: Horror Game Escape Guide. 

【After entering the gameyou will personally participate in different horror games. You can enter the next game after reaching the clearance conditions. If you failyou will be punished with death. After all the games are completed, you will get back to the real world. 

【This game is played with six people; each person receives their clearance related information. 

【Your five teammates can be randomly found in the game, please find them. You can recognize them by their black armband. 

【The game provides you a chance to resurrect, as long as one player remains alive, the other five can be resurrected in the next game. 

[Special Tips:]

[First, collecting all the information is crucial for game clearance.]

[.Second, the number of resurrections has a limit. After three deaths, the player will be completely obliterated.]

[Third, this is not a joke.]

【I wish you a happy game. 

Xing Meng is holding the cardworried, what the hell is this? Am I still dreaming?

He was about to raise his hand and knock on his head when he suddenly perceived a little movement.

Thud thud thud

Dull, slow, as if there’s something slamming the ground, not from inside the room, but outside… It seems to be coming from the corridor outside the apartment.

The sound was intermittent, with certain frequency, and Xin Meng couldn’t help but stop. Still holding the card, he listened carefully, only to find the sound was getting closer, louder and louder.

What’s coming to him?!

A sense of crisis promptly strikes his head. He took a few steps back. When his calf had barely approached the edge of the bed, he heard a loud bang. It strikes the door!

He instantly ran out the bedroom, and the furniture that blocked the door was shaken by the hit. The broken handle on the cabinet fell to the ground and generated a slight noise, but whatever was outside kept striking the door. It seems to be stimulated by the noise inside, hitting the door with even more strength!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The impact is getting stronger and stronger. The wall next to the door trembles and shakes and the dust flows around. It is closeXin Meng can overhear it, and he can hear it from the other side of the door. The sound is similar to a savage beast!

What is it?!

Xin Meng feels numb, his heart is almost jumping out of his chest, his mind is blank and he instinctively perceives one thing – never allow that thing come in!

His eyes swept quickly through the living room and he also moved things like chairs and tables to jam the door, but the noise outside only got louder, it even seemed that something else joined. It had doubled! The door began trembling. If this continues, the door will be knocked down!

The fear was like a enormous wave drenching him. Xin Meng’s hands were shaking, his breath was short, and he was anxious like an ant in a hot pot. He knew that once that thing came in, he would die!

Desperate, he used his back to support the furnituretrying to add the weight of his body, but it didn’t promote anything. Xin Meng nibble his lower lip, refusing to surrender that easily. He continued looking around the living room, but there’s no more furniture to be used.

Is he going to die here?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xin Meng’s legs kept on trembling, the horrible premonition of death made him sweat cold, dripping from his forehead into his eyesmaking him blink hard. Opening his eyes, he saw red.

He turned around and looked at it to find the five words on the wall – don’t turn on the lights!

Don’t turn on the lights?

He didn’t have time to conclude anything. Moved by fear and desperationXin Meng quickly rushed to press the light switch.

After the ‘pop’ sound, the apartment fell into darkness.

Unlike when he woke up, he was unused to brightness and couldn’t see anything around.

The darkness was like a bottomless abyss, engulfing humanity.

However, it was instantaneous, the hits on the door became calmer. After two or three hits, it stopped. Although the beast was still there, Xin Meng was saved. The feeling of escaping from death swept through his whole body, his legs couldn’t stand and slid down the wall to the groundnot even daring to make a sound, hand covering his mouthadjusting his breathing.

In the end, what was the use of lights?

His heart went crazy in a unusually short time, almost coming out of his throat. Xin Meng did not calm down for a long time. The feeling of death was extremely overwhelming, he was only one step away from the reaper.

Everything is horrible, how did he get there?

What was that outside? It is still

At the same moment, he looked at the house and comprehended why he had to seal the door and windows in the apartment. It was to prevent whatever was outside from coming in.

He leaned against the wall weakly and suddenly remembered the card he had read before. Inexplicably, he experienced a desperate urge to look once more at it. The card had been thrown to the floor, but it was dark, and he couldn’t perceive anything except for the faint outline of a rectangle.

The light switch could not be flicked, but he vaguely remembered there was a lamp in the bedroom. Xin Meng got up and tried to go through the living room without making a sound. He reached the other room. For certain, there it was on the floor. He wasn’t certain if the lamp could be used.

Although he had no hopehe was cautious as he plugged in the power and covered the desk lamp with a quilt.

The switch was turned on.

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