[VHBF] Chapter 16: MianMian Is A Bully

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Translator : Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

The little girl was sitting on the man’s lap with her head held high. She was saying that she was going to suffer in place of her father with such a serious face that one couldn’t help but have their hearts melt into sugar syrups.

Which one of the people in the crowd were not made of flesh and blood? When they suddenly saw such a sincere and lovely little girl, they couldn’t help but want to hold and kiss her.

The little dumpling wanted to go to kindergarten very much. She was eager and her eyes were shining brightly. She had been asking about kindergarten with this little brother. But, when she heard that her father was going to work hard, she had to change her plans for him.

Mrs. Luo wanted to pick up the dumpling and kiss her. Such a lovely and cute girl was her granddaughter! Great!

Who would have known that her son would be the one to take the first step, he picked up the girl, put his other hand in his pocket and walked away.

Mrs. Luo: “…”

Return my granddaughter!!!

Mrs. Gu looked at the back of the man and said: “If you can’t even take advantage of that golden opportunity, I don’t know anymore who is more talented, you or your granddaughter?”

No one knew that the little dumpling was once squatting infront of the Luo family house’s gate for a long time before being adopted and accepted later because the Bai family and the Luo family were living in a small community not far from each other.

She was depressed every time she thought about that. If Guo family was the one living in this community the little granddaughter would have been theirs!

Gu Mian chased after the man. He was as sour as his mother. Just now, he too felt that brother Luo was lucky! Such a good daughter recognized him voluntarily as her father!

He said angrily, “Brother Luo, I also want to be YinYin’s father!”

The man stopped, turned his head and looked at him with pity. Gu Mian shivered, “?”

Luo Sheng said coldly, “No way.”

“Dream on!”

The ladies were looking at the little dumpling with their faces shining eagerly to try to hold her. Luo Sheng didn’t know what to think. He took the girl and left, but when he came to the other side sitting in their circle, several big men also looked at the small dumpling in his arms.

Not all the company heads here had seen the Bai family’s little doll. Most of them had only heard about her from their friends. At this moment, when they saw Luo Sheng, and the little head stuck out in his arms and looked at her curiously, they all laughed.

“Brother Luo, is this your daughter? How lovely she is! “

“Give her a hug?” A young man beside Luo Sheng rubbed his hands and reached out to hug her. He leaned over and smiled like a strange uncle who reminded her of the big bad wold after Little Red Riding Hood: “I haven’t hugged a soft baby in my life, is she called YinYin? YinYin will you let uncle hug you? I will buy you candy. “

Luo Sheng moved his body and put the dumpling on the seat on the other side. “OK, put away your disgusting smile. My family is not short of candies!”

This is connected back, other people did not dare to come up, a table of big men could only look at a small girl curiosity.

“Luo Ge, I am your brother and your daughter is also my daughter. Why can’t this brother hug his own daughter?”

He didn’t want to see this guy so he cut a small piece of cake without cream and gave it to the girl. She smiled and squinted contentedly. She took the cake and ate it and it tasted delicious. Then she looked back at him and said, “Delicious!”

Seeing that they can’t form a relationship as brother Luo doesn’t fall under hard or soft tactics. Some people put their ideas on Tuanzi.

The little dumpling was eating a small cake. Mrs. Luo limited the number of sweets she could eat. Although this small cake was not too sweet and Zizi cream, it was exquisite and delicious. The little dumpling ate beautifully and had no time to deal with a group of strange uncles.

A man came to the side of the little ball and said with a smile, “YinYin, you call me uncle. And I’ll take you back to eat more cake, strawberries, cream and whatever you want!”

She stopped and chewed on the small cake. Her cheeks on both sides were bulging, which made some big men who didn’t have daughters heart itch, she looked up and said, “Uncle, really?”

Afterwards she swallowed the small cake and thought that she hadn’t eaten candy for a long time. The milk candy hidden in her school bag was confiscated by Grandma!

The three-year-old Tuan had no self-control at all. She was easily attracted by the delicious food. She thought of all kinds of milk candies, cakes with cream, and with bright eyes she said in a tearful voice, “Uncle, don’t cheat okay!”

The man who coaxed the girl to call him uncle was named Chang Yi, who was a shipping king at home. His business was very big. Over the years, he gradually transferred projects to the mainland, so he made friends with
Luo Sheng.

Although he was born in a city, his accent was a bit strange after staying on the island for a long time. His personality was even more bold and unconstrained. He was called uncle by the little dumpling, delighted she clapped her hands and said, “No problem. I’ll find uncle Chang if I want to eat anything.”

One big one small talking back and forth, intimate and warm, looking like a pair of uncle and niece. Soon, the brown haired man on the side ruthlessly pressed the small head of the girl, “Eat your cake, but not too much.”

Looking at Chang Yi again, a man with a pair of dark eyes said, “You talk so much nonsense?”

Chang Yi touched his nose and doesn’t mind him. It was not easy to get a sweet uncle title from this guy’s daughter. He decided to rob his daughter from Luo’s house if he gets offended by Luo Sheng!

Other noisy onlookers were looking with hot eyes. The little dumpling looked as if made of jade and snow since she was born. She was also brother Luo’s daughter. Their hands were itchy. It was not enough to let her call him uncle. He still needed to get a hug!

He tried his best using all kinds of means to coax the dumpling, however, their brother Luo was like a fierce beast protecting his cub. He was careful not to let them touch even a strand of hair of the dumpling.

Some people had an idea, and started to flatter their way in: “Brother Luo, your daughter looks so much like you, beautiful!”

Others disdained his lowly actions and started to push them away saying, “Go ahead. It’s no use flattering.”

Who knew that the father daughter pair just refused to heed their praises as if saying you are all strange people, just stay away from us. Satisfied Luo Sheng smirked with a cold hum.

Later, he didn’t make any other reactions and approached the little girl tentatively and praised her for her loveliness. He didn’t mind the man and didn’t say anything else giving the man more courage. He put out his hand in front of her and picked her up, “She’s such a cute little chubby girl!”

Even though the little dumpling was picked up by a strange uncle she still didn’t panic. She was not afraid even if it was a big ogre who eats people, with her father nearby she was not afraid of anything!

YinYin had just finished eating the piece of cake, she looked at her little fat belly protruding out. Looking at it she subconsciously started trying to hide her belly that now looked like a little drum, and her face blushed.

Others held back their laughter and didn’t dare to laugh directly looking at her. Even if she was only three years old, she was also a woman who loved beauty and should not be laughed at!

Only Gu Mian, who has no sense, held his belly and started laughing and rolling on the sofa, “Hahahaha, don’t hold back, YinYin. Just eat till your belly bursts. Your uncles won’t dislike you!”

Little dumpling: “…” Rubbed her chubby face red, she struggled to come down from the uncle’s arms, pounced on her father’s lap, buried her little face in it. She was angry and ashamed!

Even though she was only three years old, she was very proud, especially in front of her father she could never make a fool of herself!

She was angry. When she raised her face again, she had tears in her eyes. Even those uncles stopped laughing. She learned how to call grandma Gu. The angry little milky voice shouted: “MianMian (marshmallow), you are too bad!”

As soon as the childish accusation came out, everyone couldn’t help it. They all laughed so much that they lost the image of rich and cultured.

Gu Mian: “…??”

He pulled out his ears and couldn’t believe looking at the dumpling. “YinYin, what did you call me? Say it again? “

YinYin was a good and obedient child. Worried that her uncle didn’t hear her clearly, she put her small hands on her mouth in the shape of a trumpet and shouted, “MianMian, you are too bad! You bully children! “

The little dumpling knew that she was a child. Grandma often told her father not to bully her. Because Yinyin was a child, adults can’t bully her. So Gu Mian made fun of her and laughed at her, she can naturally make fun of him and complain.

The little childs’s tender and clear voice still had some weight, which made many people look at her, and it was quiet.

Gu Mian: “…”

He saw that his mother seemed to be rolling up her sleeve to teach him a lesson. Gu Mian forced a smile and explained stiffly, “Then, YinYin is not fat, YinYin is the most beautiful girl, the most lovely, OK?”

After that, he picked up his coat and rushed out of the door. “I remembered I have something else to do. I’m going back first.”

Mrs. Gu shouted at the back, “MianMian, come back!”

The yellow haired youth stumbled and ran faster.

After the birthday party, Xia Yang, the deputy vice president of Bai group, came to visit.

He was a man in a black suit, about 30 to 40 years old, wearing a pair of glasses, with a standard elite appearance. He saw Luo Sheng and took the initiative to reach out, “Hello, Master Luo, I’m Xia Yang.”

He shook his hand and sat opposite him. “What can I do for you?”

But Xia Yang smiled and said, “The chairman notarized a will before the accident. Now Luo Sheng has officially become the guardian of the chairman’s daughter. I think it’s time to fulfill the will.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Sorry about the irregular updated my dear readers. My new job requires me to work long hours and due to that I couldn’t find enough time to translate. I will try my best to post at least o e chapter per day. ~ Shi Xiao Ling

Luo Shengs jealousy is really adorable 😀 ~ Bluehm

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