[NTBG] Chapter 25 (2/2): God’s Miracle And My Worries

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi, xTechon and TheMonitor (edited)

I don’t know what’s going on inside. It’s frustrating to wait for them to come out.

Fortunately, both of them came out within a minute.

It seems like they are covered in blood, but it was soon swept away by the rain.

Apparently, no captive was inside, both of them shook their heads looking at each other.

They moved to the next hut while Chem waited in the same spot. They did this several times.

The number of green demons has been steadily decreasing but why is there not any children found?

The number of green demons turned out to be more than what we saw outside just before the rain. After all, not all the green demons were outside.

Is this really the best thing to do?

I understand that this is just a game, but for me the villagers are like my family. That’s why I don’t want to see painful or sad eyes.

While I was thinking of such things, there was only one hut left.

It was twice the size and height of the other huts. From the beginning, Gam’s party and I thought that it belonged to the leaders.

The three of them entered the nearest hut while I watched the situation through the door.

“I want you to be careful, but I am afraid that Murus will be rash as people’s lives are involved. How long will the rain last?”

Since the duration of the rain triggered using the miracle is unknown, there is desire in me to finish this as soon as possible.

Well, I’ll just trigger the miracle again if it expires…..points will be consumed but it’s not a problem because it can be replenished with everyone’s gratitude.

The three of them did not move but they realized that they have no other choice.

Finally, Gams moved to the hut.

With the door open, Murus held his bow and drew the string. Chem was tightly holding the bible.

Gams carefully approached….one step…two steps…

He would soon reach the walls of the hut. At that moment the door of the hut vigorously opened.

It wasn’t a green demon that appeared from inside the hut but a muscular armoured red skinned creature, about a head or two taller than Gams.

“Red Demon…..”

He is holding a stick that is as long as a clothesline. There is no blade like in a spear but if that giant creature wields a stick that long then it would still have tremendous destructive power.

He is barefoot with beast skin around his waist, yet he still gives out a strong aura. His beastly features start from the neck up. It seems like he has no nose or mouth, but just a wide crevice split cheek to cheek, with a single large eye above it.

Even though it was just inside the PC, it made me tremble. I can tell at a glance that this guy is strong.

I wasn’t prepared for such an appearance, this is definitely the position of a boss character.

“I never heard of Green Demons and a One-eyed Red Demon coexisting….”

Murus opened his eyes in surprise, but soon he regained his calm and released his arrow without hesitation.

The arrow looked as if it would pierce the opponent’s huge pupil but the Red Demon just shook his hand lightly and stopped the arrow.

He was convinced by this casual action that he was a strong enemy.

I operated my mouse and clicked on the Red Demon.

[ One-eyed Red Demon: They are Savage and Ferocious even within the demon family. They have a bad relationship with Green Demons. Their physical ability is high so they cannot be defeated by normal hunters. They eat human meat.]

The information I wanted to give to Chem is all over the place, and that last sentence is making me depressed.

…..It likes human meat? But it might still possible for them to survive. Let’s concentrate on defeating the enemy first.

I am confident that if I were in the position of Gams then I wouldn’t be able to even take a step.

The single eyed red demon appeared to be impatient. He seemed to think that his opponent was inferior, and all this was annoying. He swung the stick in his hand.

I wondered if there was a roaring sound from the wind. The stick passed through where Gams head was supposed to be.

Although Gams crouched at the last second, he could see his hairs clearly shaking due the wind pressure generated by the stick.

If you get hit by even one of those, you would be taken out…

Gams seemed to realize it too, he began to strafe around the One-eyed Red Demon.

Several times, Murus fired an arrow, but the red demon knocked it down with his hands.

My honest impression after seeing the battle so far is that there is no chance for them to win.

Should I instruct them with a revelation to withdraw?

They haven’t given up yet, no matter how I look at it.

Only I, the God of Fate can stop these two people and ask them to withdraw.

Do we want victory or to retreat?……I have to make decision knowing that their lives are in my hands.

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