[NTBG] Chapter 25 (1/2): God’s Miracle And My Worries

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

They observed the enemy’s base once again before heading into action.

The map has cleared to some extend depending upon the sight of the villagers

Eight or nine green demons are visible.

There are six huts. They were of average size so about five demons can enter into one hut.

There may be enemies lurking inside or where the people of the Murus’s village maybe confined.

If there were only the monsters then fire arrows lit with fire could have been used to set fire to the hits but that seems not to be the case. There is no sight of anyone taken away by the monsters.

Fire attack would be a basic strategy when attacking villages and towns but it’s bad that there might be children inside the hut.

We could have killed the monsters individually if there was some kind of building but unfortunately it’s an open place, so the situation will immediately get out of control.

Another way could have been usage of plant manipulation magic but the ground is bare and there are no weeds.

I thought it would be easy to attack as there was no fence but it doesn’t seem to be the case suitable for assault with a small number of people because there is no cover.

I was thinking of helping them with the knowledge gained through playing strategy game and reading books but I can think of a way.

“At least it’ would have been possible to sneak attack if it was raining….”

Murus looks towards the heaven.

The clear sky with no clouds is not suitable for a surprise attack. I wish I had a way to make it rajn but…….

I found “Weather manipulation” when I first checked out the miracles. I had forgotten about it, it was supposed to be used if the villagers had ran out of water.

If it rains then the footsteps could not be heard and visibility will deteriorate. Even if they hate the rain and enter their huts they could still be easily attacked.

After I click on weather manipulation, additional options were displayed.

{Sunny Weather} {Cloudy Weather} {Drizzle} {Rain} {Snow} {Heavy Rain}{Typhoon}

There are lots of different types. Well the fate points consumed are also different for each item. Points needed increase from left to right.

Some weather surprisingly require very few points while some are so expensive that they will make your eyes pop out.

{Sunny} {Cloudy} and {Drizzle} on left consume less Fate points and it will be safe to activate them. “Rain” is not a problem, but the “Heavy Rain” is expensive.

I have enough Fate points to by anything except Typhoon. What should I do?

Would it be better to have heavy rain here? It would be a merit that footsteps will be drowned out by rain. If it is a normal rain then you cannot expect the same effect.

I shouldn’t be fooled by the Weather Manipulation. Its hard to figure out how much rainfall will happen when activated.

There is a demerit that the heavy rain will make difficult for the allies to move but Murus was hoping for rain.

It would be regretful if someone taken captive is killed. 

This is my decision. After thinking about it, I clicked the Heavy Rain.

Oh so you need to specify the range in which the weather will be manipulated. The larger is the range, the larger the Fate points consumed. The smallest possible range is of 5 meters in diameter. [1]

Well, the enemy base seems a bit small so let’s cover a little more than the base.

The sunlight illuminating the area vanished, the screen darkens all of a sudden. Soon my view was occupied by rain drops.

I am looking down from the sky, I can still understand the surroundings to some extent but the people aren’t visible.

The green demons jump into their poor huts to avoid the sudden heavy rain. Everyone disappeared into their huts so no enemies were visible now.

“The weather changed so conveniently…”

I hear the unintentional whisper of Murus. That’s right if you look from their perspective then this is obviously unnatural.

“Murs-san, the Bible shined a little earlier. Probably it may be the help of God of Fate. He is watching over us. Thank you, God of Fate.”

Chen strongly embraces the Bible under her clothes so that it won’t get wet from the rain and expresses her gratitude.

It was quick to understand but I didn’t know that there was such a function that the Bible would shine when the miracle is activated.

It makes easier for them to sneak in but is it okay?

Gams and Murus are excellent warriors so my worries are unnecessary but even if I know that, I still can’t help but be anxious.

“Chem take my baggage. I want to be as light as possible.”

“Understood. Please be careful.”

Gams delivers the sachets and bags worn on his waist to Chem

Gams jumps out alone and creeps to the nearest hut. 

He seems to be listening to the sound on the other side of the wall.

Murus is holding his bow and is prepared for any emergency, while Chem is praying with her fingers crossed.

I peeped inside to hear any sound and secure their safety.

A sniper positioned at the back while a fighter checks the situation, I think it makes sense but as a brother I am aware that actually you don’t want your sister to see the dead body of any child.

“I believe in the game management. There shouldn’t be any serious development here.”

I tried to appeal to someone whose face I didn’t know. Of course there was no response.

There seems to be no one in the first hut, and now they are heading to the next hut. I witnessed two green demons entering it after the rain had started.

Of course, they are aware of it as well so he is taking steps more carefully than before.

I am watching for an unexpected encounter, but no one comes out of the hut.

Gams sticking out to the hut looks back and tells Murus something by his hands. It seems to be a simple signal which was decided in advance. Only Murus approached the hut.

And then they opened the door to the hut and jumped inside.

“Isn’t it strange that I can see inside the cave but I cant see inside the hut?”

Translator and Editor Notes:

The battle for the children beings. ~ Asada

[1] Most probably the range is set using a circular figure

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