[VHBF] Chapter 15 (2/2): YinYin is not afraid of hard work!

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Well, the eight characters are still in the same place. The Luo family hadn’t yet told the dumpling to go to school, but after listening to this aunty and the boy she was determined to go to school now.

After he finished, Shi Yuan secretly glanced at this beautiful little sister, who is white and tender, with chubby cheeks. She was so cute that one would want to take a bite out of her!

She must be very soft, that was the most beautiful little sister he had ever seen in his life!

In order to ask this sister of his to come to his kindergarten, the older dumpling tried his best to sketch a beautiful and attractive kindergarten life for her, even though he was usually shy and introverted!

“There are lions, tigers and rabbits in our class. You can call them with a click!” the little male dumpling then started talking about the big toys in his class.

He said: “There is a pair of fat brother and sister in our class, named GuoGuo and YuanYuan. They can play snowball. It’s really fun!”

“The teachers are also very good. Mr. Wang, the head teacher, likes us very much!”

“Me, me too…” the little boy said this in a very low voice. He didn’t let YinYin hear it.

She was fascinated by all this as she held her chubby chin in her hands and said longingly, “That must be really fun!”

She couldn’t go to kindergarten. Before she had started eating she was almost starved to death. Later, her father picked her up and raised her trying to nourish her body for a long time. Later, she couldn’t remember what happened, but she didn’t seem to go to kindergarten.

YinYin hesitated and approached this older brother, saying, “what were you taught at that time in YuanGe kindergarten?”

The little girl suddenly felt a little self abased. She seemed to know nothing.

She looked at the beautiful little brother with eyes full of anticipation.

Shi Yuan, with his small hands behind him, said solemnly, “We have learned a lot. The teacher taught us how to read, count, speak English, sing and dance.”

The more little dumpling listened, the bigger his eyes were, the more dazed she looked at him. She couldn’t bear it anymore.

She lowered her small head dejectedly and said to herself, “I, what can I do?”

She didn’t want to be laughed at by other children! YinYin knew what it’s like to be laughed at!

The boy saw this and quickly reached for his sister’s hand, comforted her and said, “It’s OK. before I went to the kindergarten and I also couldn’t do anything!”

In fact, Shi Yuan was able to. He was born in a scholar’s family. He has been exposed to these since he was young. The kindergarten curriculum was too simple for him.

But he dared not tell this to this beautiful sister about this. What if she was discouraged and was later unwilling to go to kindergarten?

A group of rich ladies were watching the male dumpling scratching his ears and blushing. He had thoroughly thought out many words to comfort his sister.

YinYin looked up at the beautiful brother and chuckled, “Shi Yuan is so nice! Can I have a class with you? “

“How about a table with you?”

The gentleman’s delicate chubby little face was red like a tomato, he was about to reply why not. Suddenly, he felt a chill on his back.

A low and lazy voice replied instead of him, “NO!”

The male dumpling looked up, and saw a tall, thin and handsome big brother staring back at him with gloomy eyes, as if he would throw him out.

The feeling was even more evil and worse than the wolf in the story the teacher said.

YinYin saw her father and her eyes brightened, she pounces onto his lap, huged him tightly, “Daddy, grandma said that she would take me to kindergarten for my birthday!”

She was happy. For the first time, the young girl would go to kindergarten. For the first time, she was a little nervous, but more excited and joyful.

The adorable girl thought hard about it, she won’t be able to see her father when she would be in kindergarten. She was reluctant to give up, but she also had a great longing for kindergarten. She wanted to go!

All of a sudden, her eyes brightened, she held her father’s legs, and her little chubby body turned into a little top spinning continuously. The lovely YinYin said excitedly, “Dad, you also come to kindergarten with YinYin!”

“So that I can see dad every day!”

She thought if her father was around, she was not afraid of anything!

Dad is so powerful, I will be able to learn everything with him!

The little dumpling’s eyes were bright and full of adoration and dependence on her father. Luo Sheng pulled the corners of his mouth, lifted the dumpling up and held her in his arms.


“Why not?”

The man paused, turned his head aside and said lightly, “To work.”

“Tut, you know what? It’s too much trouble to support you. You have to work to earn money! “

Mrs. Luo grinned and said, “YinYin, it’s hard to work. You go to kindergarten obediently. Your father has to work and can’t accompany you to school.”

I thought that according to the good nature of the girl, it would be an easy matter to deal with.

After hearing this, she frowned, her chubby face was wrinkled, making her expression painful.

At last the dumpling came to a decision and said resolutely in a heroic tone, “Daddy, then you and YinYin change roles, dad go to kindergarten, I work instead of Dad!”

“YinYin is not afraid of hard work!”

Translator and Editor Notes:

She is such a cutie pie. Bye I apologise for the irregular releases which are happening for this novel. We will soon get the issue fixed so 1 chapter can be published everyday except Sundays. ~ Asada

English in Kindergarten? All I learned back then was to not eat sand lol ~ Bluehm

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