[IDDC] and [ISM] are dropped

Asada Translation here.

We have decided to officially drop the novels I am Summoning Master and I dedicated the dimension to the country.

There are various reasons for dropping the novels but the most important thing was that IDDC was not received well by the most of the audience and it also attracted low traffic, which was not proportional to the work done.

As for ISM, I am unable to contact its current Translator. The novel was received averagely by our viewers. We are looking for good novels which the audience really loves. So even if I am able to contact the Translator, she will start translation of a new novel which I promise would be on par with VHBF and NTBG.

Since these novels are dropped then we will start translations of new series. You can submit your suggestions to me on discord. I will do my best to deliver you with a new novel which is received well by the audience.

For now enjoy the regular releases of VHBF and NTBG or you can also read the youthful you who is so beautiful. It’s translations have already been completed.

Logging Off.