[ISM] Chapter 18: The Pursuit

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Translator: MadameAileen

Editor: Kylerboi

As the male elf said those words while riding that majestic looking Spirit Beasts Mount, Hall couldn’t help himself but feel uncomfortable. 

“Have you seen a female elf on your travels? If you did, tell us and we will reward you handsomely. And don’t try to deceive me, I…” 

“Hey! Elf! I don’t like your condescending attitude in the least. Is this the right attitude while asking for information?” Steel interrupted, and the other elves with bows and arrows picked up their long bows and pointed them at him. If the leader makes an order, they will shoot the disrespectful dwarf in front of them and turn him into a hedgehog!

“Hey! What, you want to bully us? Our Black Iron Dwarves are not afraid of death!” Steel said to them.

Hall once felt that it was a wrong decision to take Steel with him. Damn! You are full of bark but no bites!

At this time, Nosia spoke.

“Stop! Eswell brother! It’s me Nosia!” Nosia said as she took off her cloak.

The male elf named Eswell heard this and held his hand up. The elf warriors immediately put down their weapons in a neat and uniform manner, staring coldly at Hall and others!

When Eswell saw Nosia, he finally showed a smile. One minute he has the cold demeanor, and the next is a pleasant face with a brilliant smile! The speed of changing his face is really amazing!

“Her Royal Princess Nosia! Finally, we found you!” After he had finished, he immediately gave a one-handed bow to Nosia.

In addition, after hearing who is in front of them, all elf warriors gave the same bow of courtesy befitting a royalty. 

“Her Royal Highness, let’s go back! Her Majesty is worried about you. We have already called on Gilardino!” The arrogant tone in Eswell makes Hall very uncomfortable. He doubts that this is really a noble and peace-loving elf.

“Well, okay! This is the summoner, Mr. Hall, who saved me, so I want to thank him! But there is nothing else in my body except the ring… Eswell brother, what did you bring? It would be best if it’s a space ring!” Nosia said.

When Ewell heard this, the corner of his eye twitch a little. Although it was very subtle, it was still seen by Hall. Hall become even more wary with this elf called Eswell.

“Oh, this is the case, well, this way, this is the space ring made by our elf master. About two meters or so, it is the reward for saving the Princess! Summoner?” He asked.

Hall took over the ring that was thrown over, not only Hall, but even Nosia’s brow wrinkled slightly. She thought that I seemed too impolite to act in such a way as a noble of the elf tribe.[1]

Hall simply looked at it, a delicate ring filled with complicated symbols, and tried it. It really had two meters of space, much more than the space bag!

“Thank you!” Since this elves warriors doesn’t seem to be welcoming, Hall feels it is better to leave early!

Nosia glanced at Hall with an apologetic smile, and then, with the urging of Eswell, followed the elf forces and headed for the forest!

“Hey! A space ring like this, the elves can have it! Our dwarfs are not worse than him! I have heard of this Eswell, a Son of the Dark Forest, lineage of Hills. It is said that he is a fourth-tier warrior! A young elf who is only two hundred years old, his future achievements must be extraordinary, but he is too proud! Today I am seeing it!” Steel rant as he looked at the departing backs of the elf force.

“What did you say? Two hundred years old? Still young, you are not kidding me right?!” Hall ask. 

The steel shut his eyes, and then looked at Hall with unbelievable expression. “You really don’t know? I thought you humans, like to watch the Continental Traveler’s Travels. Do you know how old I am? I will remind you. I am already an adult!”[2]

Hall looked at Steel that was full of hustle and bustle, and his mouth kept twitching. “Are you laughing at me?” Steel said indignantly.

“Hey, really!” Steel looked helpless and touched his head.

Hall looked at Steel with a black face, and Lina couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Seeing Hall looking at her, she quickly hid her smile, “Steel brother, you have to explain it to my Master!”

“Okay!” Steel said with frustration and touched his beard.

With Steel explanation, Hall understands that the dwarf’s life span is four hundred years and higher! So now the 64-year-old Steel is already considered an adult![3]

The elves are even more powerful, with an average lifespan of 1,200! So a 200 hundred years old to them is really considered young!

Hall also asked about the age of Nosia. Steel didn’t say it, but Lina told Hall, when he got the answer he was shocked!

One hundred and sixty years old!

The life span of human beings makes Hall a little bit more comfortable. The average civilian is 120 years old, much higher than on Earth!

The longest known to live seems to be the hero of the mainland, the god of war, Haliat Zibot, lived for six hundred years!

Well, I came to a fairy era! He thought.

After Hall transfer everything in the space bag into the ring, he handed the space bag to Lina. Lina didn’t mind accepting it.

Just as Hall and others were about to leave, another group rush forward. At the beginning, Hall thought that the elves, had to come back for the space ring, but when he heard the sound, he was stunned.

“Not good! Chasing troops from the Devils Mercenary group!” Hall urgently said.

Hall quickly said to Steel and Lina, “You don’t talk and let me handle the talking!”

Not long after that, more than a dozen of spirit beasts mount appeared in front of them. And the people who are riding them dress just like the members of the mercenary group that they have killed.

“Their leader is chasing us!” Steel and Lina looked nervously at the people approaching.

“Halt!” The leader shouted.

The group directly surrounded Hall and others and looked at the three of them with a kind of unscrupulous eyes!


[1] You found out that the person saves one of the royalties you serve and you act as if he/she is just a nuisance to you.

[2] And what age does the dwarves considered an adult?

[3] 64 and just considered an adult. In human terms it already an elder.

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Unfortunately, this is the last chapter translated for this series, thank you everyone for your time, and hope you had fun ~ Kylerboi

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