[NTBG] Chapter 23 (1/2): Reunion And My Pride

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

[Star Bonus Event]

This is an announcement for the event that we have been waiting for. There is a golden combination of sweets and plastic bottles lying on my desk.

I also brought some fruits revived from the Village of Fate. If I eat the same thing which the villagers eat, it makes me feel a sense of unity.

I have already gone to the toilet, so even if it’s a long battle, I can still stay with the villagers. 

It’s the day after the Temptation of Evil God. The villagers actively scouted the surroundings so more part of the map is visible to me around the village base.

Let’s scout the surroundings again.

There are log fences in front of the cave to prevents the monsters from entering. They are reliable and played a major role in the last attack.

The inside of the log fence is currently filled with more logs but eventually they plan to build a field there. The space is reserved for that.

The trees which were close to the fence were cut down. As the area around was cleared, there are more visibility.

From the start, there were very few trees near the cave and ground was already leveled, thanks to the dwarves. It is a good place but further on, there is a dense forest where even sunlight cannot penetrate.

There were relatively fewer trees in the front of the cave and there was a small pathway for people to pass through as well.

Ahuge river is located 3 minutes away from the cave on foot. There used to be a bridge there in the past but now only it’s in ruin and only debris was left behind.

The wagon of the villagers has travelled from the south so that direction is visible on the map to some extent but the northern side from where the monsters approached, it is still covered in a fog of war.

“Now from which direction will the event occur?”

I thought that I could expect some developments and plan ahead but I gave up now because there wasn’t any hint of the event.

Since the villagers do not have a clock, it would be meaningless to tell them the event’s time using the oracle, so the villagers have not settled down since morning.

I think I should have told them a more concise period something like just before noon. Ooops I am really sorry.

“It’s quiet for now but I need to be cautious.”

All villagers are waiting inside the fence just in case. Gams was on the lookout for any trouble.

I have expanded the map to the maximum. I am watching it carefully. Huh , something seems to be happening?

Did something move in the forest?

I zoomed in at that point. There was one person walking towards the cave base.

The person who walked through the forest into a place with a good view had a very familiar face. He is handsome and carries a bow on his back.

“Why has Murus reappeared?”

This was a development which I hadn’t expected, it can be said that he was someone whom we needed desperately but I was still really surprised.

Gams confirmed the appearance of Murus and waived his hand. Murus look back but his expression was hard.

The villagers all relaxed at once, Carol climbed up the ladders and welcome him by swinging his arms, lining next to Gams.

It’s best to join and become part of the village.

That would be the ideal development, but seeing the expression of Murus, I don’t think it’s going to be easy.

In terms of games, this situation is too optimistic and safe to be considered a bonus event.

Even if I try to move the cursor and try to view the details of the event, I cannot see any information. From here on there is going to something problematic.

Th log placed at the end of the fence is actually a door which can be opened or closed. Murus entered from there.

Welcoming mood surrounded Murus.

“Murus!! Welcome home.”

Murus gently stroke Carol’s head.

“I am back everybody. It’s great that everybody seems safe. I am sorry for running away and congratulations on your success.”

Heapologize and bowed but the villagers doesn’t seem to care about it.

“What are you talking about? Mr. Murus has been staying with us in good faith. I should be saying thank you instead of complain.”

“Yes, it is as Laila says. It’s enough that we are able to meet again in this way.”

“I am happy to see you again. This is also due to the guidance of God of Destiny.”

I really love the villagers.

There are many good things in this game but the best thing is that the villagers like me.

“Thanks for the help from before Murus.”

Gams shows him the arrow that were stuck in the monsters. 

I noticed it so he must have noticed them too. [1]

Translator and Editor Notes:

The beginning of the new volume. Hope you all enjoy it. This is the regular chapter and isn’t sponsored. If you want to sponsor a chapter then support us on ko-fi ~ Asada

[1] Remember how there were arrows on some monsters on the day of Temptation of Evil God. It was Murus supporting then from shadows.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    β€œIt’s quite for now but I need to be cautious.”
    I think it should be “quiet” instead of “quite”.

    Expected more lizard(maybe wyvern?) scenes to come out but an unexpected guest seems intriguing in its own way.

    And am I the only one who thinks that MC and his previous coworker are playing the same game but with different roles.

  2. How freaky will this lizard be? Dragon maybe? And whats up with Murus? Sneak attack? Sabotage? Door to door selling magazine subscriptions? Looking forward to finding out.

    • Hmn it is but I want the aggregator sites to copy the unedited versions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      We usually get the editing done within 24hrs of release. Please bear with it a little.

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