[VHBF] Chapter 15 (1/2): A Nice Name!!!

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Translator : Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

“This is my YinYin!” Mrs.Luo was sitting with several ladies in dresses with the little dumpling in her arms. “Our YinYin is smart and sensible. I have never seen a more lovely child than her in my life!”

It was the first time the little dumpling was meeting these people, seeing them she greeted them sweetly. Since she didn’t know the age or seniority of the well maintained good looking ladies, she sweetly called them aunties which sparked joy in all the ladies.

Originally, these several ladies could not stand each other but hearing YinYin’s voice they smiled and got along well.

Mrs. Wang, the rival of Mrs. Luo, was a shrewd woman as she was older than her. At this time, she was smiling and squinting at Mrs. Luo. “Oh, we have a lovely YinYin! What a sweet girl!”

She raised her hand and touched her hair. “Who told us to look younger than Yao Xin(1), right?”

Other women also chimed in, “Today, Yao Xin is proud, because he has more generations than us!”

Soft and cute little dumpling looked at them with wide eyes, confused, and did not know what these aunties were laughing at.

Mrs. Gu looked at Mrs. Luo and held the little dumpling over. “YinYin is so discerning!” She took out her handbag and picked up a jade locket. It was the king green coloured with excellent water head(2)!

She put her neck on Tuanzi. “A few days ago, your uncle Mian was lucky enough to gamble on a piece of imperial green jade. He asked people to make a decoration and two bracelets. There was only a small piece of broken material left, which was carved into a jade locket by Shifu.”

She touched the head of the little dumpling and said, “I heard what uncle Mian said about you. He said that you were a lovely and clever girl and it’s the truth when I saw you today!”

“It’s good for you to wear it. It’s a small Buddha locket. I’ve asked the master (monk) to bless it. It’s good for keeping evil spirits away and to keep you safe!”

Although the Buddha locket for girl was a little small and inappropriate for adults, it was still made up of emperor green jade, with excellent water head and high value.

She could splurge her riches for the little dumpling if she wanted to as long as the child was happy she would just give it to her. And even if she didn’t like it she could just bring it back anyway. Her family was that of jewellers and this piece of pendant would be the treasure of the town later store!

The little girl listened to aunty’s words and her eyes were bright. She looked up at her and said, “Is it uncle Gu? Dad said uncle Gu was called Gu Mian(3)! “

Then she thought of delicious and beautiful marshmallows, swallowing her watering mouth and said, “Haha, this name sounds good!”

Mrs. Gu almost choked. She was relieved and she could not help but hug her tightly as she laughed helplessly. How could there be such a funny doll?

“Aunty Gu, what are you laughing at?”

Others also started to laugh at her, Mrs. Luo flicked her forehead and scolded playfully, “Call her Grandma Gu!”

She went on to say, “Your uncle Gu’s name was the name grandma Gu decided for him while she was pregnant with him thinking that it was a girl, but in the end he turned out to be a boy. A fortune teller said that your uncle Gu’s name was hard, so he has to have a softer name. That’s how it’s used.”

The little dumpling didn’t understand what they were talking. It felt good to say the name no matter what. It’s delicious and sweet!

Mrs. Luo: “Your uncle Gu is a boy. His name is like a girl’s. He was laughed at by those stinky boys from childhood! You are the first person to praise your uncle Gu’s name!”

The three-year-old couldn’t wrap her brain around the logic. She still thought that the name sounded good and stupid. She said, “Good, good!”

Ladies: “…”

The girl then touched the Little Buddha pendant on her neck and said to Mrs. Gu, “It’s so beautiful! Thank you, Gu a… “Tuanzi wanted to say Gu Aunty. But after thinking about her grandma’s words, she said,” Thank you, grandma gu! “

Mrs. Gu: “…”

Mrs. Luo boasted, “Look, how clever YinYin! Good! “

Men’s guest area

A circle of young men were sitting together.

Huang Mao felt his ears and felt a little itchy. He looked around. His mother was talking happily with other wives and a small girl, and didn’t say anything about him.

Huang Mao breathed a sigh of relief and hit Luo Sheng with his shoulder.

“Ah, Brother Luo, introduce your little princess to us, so that she can recognize us, her uncles.”

Luo Sheng gave him a look: “Whose uncle?”

Huang Mao said, “Bah, YinYin calls me uncle Gu. I have to prepare a gift for her. Last time, uncle was in hospital and met in a hurry.”

Others also chimed in: “Bro Luo, we haven’t seen you come out to play since you became a baby’s father. I can’t even meet anyone! “

Gu Mian (Huang Mao)(4) frowned and then winked: “We Luo Ge now have his little baby in our hearts, how can we share to this group of ruffians?”

They were having a good chat and relaxing peacefully, occasionally sipping pleasant wine.

Gu Mian glimpsed his mother holding a little girl about three years old beckoning another boy about 4 years old. She was smiling gleefully, “YinYin, come here quickly. This is your Shi Yuan brother.”

The boy was dressed in a small shirt, a small blue back belt pants, a small bow tie around his neck, red lips and white teeth, like a little gentleman.

YinYin looked curiouly at the boy, slightly opened her big eyes wider, “Elder brother is really good-looking!”

The boy’s ears went red. He then went to girl near his age and reached out to shake hands with her. “Hello, my name is Shi Yuan.”

“I, my name is Yinyin!”

Mrs. Gu really liked the dumpling. She brought the two kids to her side, one on the left and one on the right. “When I was young, I was really smart and sensible. I couldn’t even find a kindergarten for my third birthday.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

  1. Yao Xin and Mrs Luo are same people.
  2. Water head: Characteristic in identification of jade. I am not too knowledgeable about it but it is related to high quality jade
  3. Marshmallows are called 棉花糖 (mián huā tánɡ) literally Spun suga.it is inspired from :- how are marshmallows made? In the 19th century, marshmallows were made by mixing mallow root sap, egg whites and sugar into a fluffy mold. … Corn syrup, starch, sugar and water are mixed with the gelatin. The fluffy mixture is piped through long tubes and then cut into equal pieces.
  4. Gu Mian and Huang Mao are the same person. Huang Mao literally means yellow hair. Some kind of nickname i guess.

Phew, is this the introduction of a rival to Dad? ~ Asada

Uhh, chinese naming is so confusing ._. ~ Bluehm

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