[NTBG] Chapter 22 (1/2): Lizard Loving Family

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi (edited)

In the evening, my mother called me from the ground floor to receive the egg parcel, so I went down with heavy steps.

“Is it meats and fruits again?”

My mother curiously looks into it.

I had to explain it to her anyway so I opened the parcel in the living room.

Inside the box there were shock absorbers and an egg was buried at it’s center.

It feels quite hard after taking it out. According to my research yesterday, lizard and snake eggs are often soft but this seems to be quite hard.

“Oh it’s an egg, but this is not a chicken’s.”

“Well, I think it’s probably a reptile egg.”

I peeked at my mother’s face to confirm her reaction…..but she wasn’t making any disgusted face…that’s surprising.

“Maybe you … are you trying to raise a reptile for Sayuki’s favor?”


I don’t understand what my mother wants to say.

“That’s because she likes reptiles. Dad also likes them, so it’s in the blood.”

“Is that so???????”

“When he used to live alone, Dad used to keep a lizard but I could’nt handle it so after the marriage he left it at his parents house. Sayuki seems to liked it a lot so she now keeps it in her room.”

I didn’t know that.

Sayuki is a reptile fan???

… Well it made sense I guess. I havn’t entered my sister’s room for almost a decade. Reptiles don’t make much noise so I never heard it scream or anything.

“It seems like you become accustomed to lizards by watching it. It’s amazing that I get used to it as well”


I was in total shock. I didn’t know what my sister liked but I didn’t think that she kept a reptile as a pet for years.

It’s all because of the past decade, I used to avoid excessive contact with my sister and escape the reality. I really need to improve my relationships.

Thanks to my family’s unexpected tastes, the egg problem seems to be solved quite easily.

Maybe I can ask my sister about the hatching method when she comes back today. Should I wrap the egg in a towel and leave it in the room for now?

Surely, if you want to hatch an egg then you would protect it carefully, but this egg’s shell is hard, almost like an iron, so it should be okay.

Water is important. I borrowed some soil from my mother’s kitchen garden, moisten it using the spray bottle and left the egg on it. [1]

This is all I can do for the time being. I should follow my sister’s instruction without doing anything excessive now.

I texted my sister saying that I have something to ask her when she comes back. I couldn’t help it but I should probably check if she is free.

“I am coming home early today so we can eat the dinner together.”

Sayuki, aren’t you working?

I was a little worried about whether she could be annoyed because I disturbed her work. Since, I am left behind a decade so I don’t know about the common sense of today’s working society.

Now that my worries have been resolved the next is the limited time event tomorrow.

However, I can’t do anything about it as the contents are unknown, what can I do to prepare?

I wrote in the Oracle something like “I feel happening of a fateful encounter tomorrow.” So the villagers seem to be looking forward to tomorrow.


 My sister returned home at 6 o’clock in the evening, and since my father was already home, so the whole family had dinner together.

It was a scene which I couldn’t image a month ago.

I was missing from this table everyday. This way the dinner feels warmer and more delicious than usual.

I was going to talk to my sister after the dinner but remembered that my father also liked reptiles so I decided that I could get more accurate answer if I ask now. I put my chopsticks down.

“I wanted to ask Sayuki something but I want Dad to know about it too.”

After I finished, my father and sister stared at me.

My sister is dissatisfied for some reason and my father is trying to maintain his stern expression but his cheeks are a little lose. [2]

“What do you want to ask?.”

“Is that about text message which you sent today?”

“Well, I told you that I was helping a village and I received a gift from then. Well, there was a reptile egg in it. I think it is a part of the village promotion. “

I thought about this village setting till late at night.

For now, it seems they are listening without any suspicion.

“That’s why I wanted to talk about how to take care of it. I heard that Sayuki and Dad like reptiles?”

It’s not like I knew before. I learned about it just today.

My sister and father responded to my rather timid question.

“That’s true. I don’t know much about them, but I can teach you some basics.”

“You can ask me anything. There is a set of breeding tools already stored in the warehouse.”

Oh, they are more supportive than I imagined.

I brought the egg from the second floor and asked then for the advice.

“This shape looks like a reptile egg but has a hard shell. It might be an aligator or a crocodile.”

“Wait a minute Dad! Is keeping a crocodile legal?”

The two are a bit excited and are giving their opinions on this and that.

They seem to be reciting reptiles name like a chant. They are telling me about the light, room temperature, etc… I can’t even understand 10% of what they are trying to say.

The result was that a nice little reptile nest was completed in my room.

Imagine something like an aquarium with sand and driftwood. There is also space for some water in it. By the way, everything used here was provided by my sister and father.

Since they made it easy for me to complete, I would like to thank my father and sister for their time.

“I can’t judge what it is till it’s born, so let me know when it hatches. Don’t forget to upload its photo Onii-sama!”

“Tell me immediately ok?”


Translator and Editor Notes:

This family is scary. What do you think? ~ Asada

ED:[1] yes yes very tru

[2] Imagine when you try not to smile

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