[VHBF] Chapter 14: Raising a Baby Starts From Her Hairs

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Translator: Shi Xiao Ling

Editor: Bluehm

Early in the morning, the Weibo (microblog) exploded with activity, and the official blog of Luo Group, which grows grass all year round(1), suddenly sent a microblog.

This micro blog was not as serious as the general official blog. It jokingly read: “Our prince is going to be a father!”

Posted below was a picture of the household register and a family picture of four members.

The little dumpling was wearing a pink princess skirt, her little round face, with delicate and lovely facial features, smiling sweetly to the camera.

She sat on the shoulder of a young unruly but handsome man, and made a  V sign in front of the camera without forgetting to stretch out her another chubby hand to hold dad’s hand.

The young man seemed to be a little impatient, standing lazily, his pretty eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

But a netizen with sharp eyes would see that Luo Sheng’s other hand was still supporting her small chubby waist, preventing her from falling down.

This move was ridiculed by netizens as an honest new and arrogant newly promoted at home dad!

The netizens thought that microblog would block their comments or take down the post when he was exposed. Unexpectedly, they were left out in a daze when he replied at the bottom of the comment, that it was their little princess of Luo Group!

The comment section of official blog of Luo Group was immediately crowded!

Users asked who the little princess was?

Haven’t you heard that Luo Sheng is married and has children?

Some people envy that the little dumpling was really cute and were jealous of Prince Luo!

“All four members of the family are of high beauty value! But… Who is Luo’s daughter-in-law? Why can’t we see her in the picture?”

“It’s not an illegitimate child, is it?”

“Can Prince Luo be so careless with women?”

Netizens were scratching their heads with curiosity. It was clearly the time to work, but the comments broke through thousands in a flash, and tens of thousands in half a morning.

After the official blog was published, it disappeared. Just when netizens thought it was going to be an unsolved mystery. There were several comments at the bottom: “Oi, go to see it, Bai group has launched the blog!”

“What does the Bai group has to do with it?”

With such curiosity, some people followed the lead and went to the official blog of Bai Group.

And then, it blew up!

Bai group V: “Our common little princess. @LuoGroup: Our prince is going to be a father! “

Although both microblogs didn’t say who the little princess was, many netizens guessed the truth.

“So is Luo’s little princess actually the little heiress of the Bai family who was only three years old as mentioned in the previous news? “

“What??? The little princess of the Bai family has been adopted by the prince of Luo family?”

“Don’t forget that those relatives of the Bai family have done some evil things for the little princess’s heritage. They are still in prison now! So no one in the Bai family can adopt her!”

Apart from cute, more netizens were calling the little princess lovely!

Soft like glutinous rice ball was how the little dumpling looked like, she was delicate and lovely. She was a sweet angel!

Especially when she appeared with Luo Sheng, they had a strange feeling of huge contrast.

But there’s that mess.

It was hard to say as he went abroad to study for three years, but there was a lot of early materials to deduce from.

After all, he was not a good boy from childhood, especially when he was a teenager, a school bully and car racing delinquent who often fought and occasionally reported by the small media.

Some netizens began to question, leaving a comment on Bai’s Micro blog: “Can such a dandy really be a good father? Do you feel relieved to give the little princess to such a young man who only knows how to eat, drink and play? “

Soon, microblogging became popular among several people. The first one was topic building, our common little princess, followed by dandy father, Luo group’s statement, Bai heirs being picked up.

The second dandy father was hot search and was rising in the most searched topic rank list faster and faster, and it seemed that it would soon take over the No. 1 position.

Many left a comment below, saying that the Bai executives were too irresponsible to give their three-year-old princess to such a playboy. They were not afraid that the Playboy would lose the Bai family!

At the beginning, it was a rational question, but over time, with the addition of keyboard man, a blog that should have been fun became a battlefield with strong flavor.

Luo Sheng was the only son of the chairman of Luo group. He was young and handsome. He had a lot of dark history. He was only good at eating, drinking and playing. He was a typical dandy.

Such a person was absolutely a very suitable object to hate the rich.

Many radical comments made Luo Sheng appear worthless, and even speculated that Luo family adopted the little dumpling’s for the sake of Bai family’s property, just like those Bai relatives.

Otherwise, Luo Sheng was not married, had no children and liked playing around. Why do you have to pick up a milk bottle and go home to raise her?

“@ Bai group, you should be careful not to have your surname changed one day without knowing it.”

“@ Bai’s group, after all, a dandy is always a dandy. Aren’t you afraid to bring your child to such a person? Hurry up and get the child back!”

There were many people who advised Bai group to get the child back, even those neutral passers-by’s thought that he was not reliable.

The chivalrous keyboard warriors seemed to have stepped on the painful feet of Luo Sheng. Just then, the master appeared!

A new account called Your Uncle Luo Sheng posted a blog, which was forwarded by the official blog of Luo group. People went to see it along the way, and tens of thousands of fans immediately followed the small account.

He wrote:

Your Uncle Luo Sheng: “Tut, I love to raise, it’s none of your business?”

Melon Eating Crowd: “You’re lying through your teeth!!!”

Keyboard man: “…”

“This Luo Sheng is too hard to beat! How does it feel to be a little handsome?”

“Tut, I’m so angry!”

“Admit it, a dandy can’t raise a child. Don’t teach the little flower of the bad things!”

The man was holding his phone, his face was dark, his fingers were flying, one comment followed by another, and then soon he gets a title on the Internet, which was “Crazy” by netizens!

At this time, the little dumpling was lying on the sofa next to her father and playing with toys. She was very sensitive. Seeing that her father’s face was not looking good and the toys were not playing, she leaned closer to him and grabbed his big hand. “Baba!”

Luo Sheng looked down at the little dumpling and her clear eyes for a while. He didn’t know how to smile.

With a lazy smile, his hands touched her head. “It’s just raising a baby, what’s so difficult?”

“What did you say, daddy?”


“Dad, you’ve messed up my hair!”

Luo Sheng listened to her, thought about it, and tried to be make the disorderly hair tidy. To raise the baby starting from the hair!

“What are you doing, dad?”

“Tying your hair.”

YinYin heard that and her eyes brightened up, cleverly sat on daddy’s leg, “Daddy tie up my hair!”

The man looked at the pink butterfly rubber band in his hand for a long time, and then started to move strangely.

The little dumpling was young, with short, thin and loose hair. He couldn’t catch any of them. He can only grasp the middle part in his hand.

Finally, after several tries, a little crooked pony was formed on the top of the head of the dumpling, it was tied into a braid, and matched with the cute and beautiful face of the ball.

The little dumpling felt the small pull and smiled contentedly, “Daddy is so nice!”

Mrs. Luo came down and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She wanted to tie her hair again. She said, “It’s too ugly!”

The little dumpling held her head and refused to let go. “It’s not ugly, it’s so good for Dad to tie it!”

Luo Sheng’s mouth was cocked up into a smile, but when he saw the crooked little clench on the top of the dumpling’s head, he couldn’t help frowning, thinking of those people on the Internet saying: “He is a dandy boy who can’t even take good care of himself, how can he take care of a child?”

As long as it was not a big deal, the three members of the Luo family won’t rest assured and let them go. As for the small illiterates who don’t know a few big characters, they don’t know anything.

Mrs. Luo was busy organizing a birthday party for the dumpling. It was the third birthday of little dumpling. She planned to invite all the well known people in the circle.

One thing was that the Luo family were thrilled and happy, and the other was that they wanted to take this opportunity to officially introduce her lovely little granddaughter to the outside world!

It’s like having a baby and they couldn’t wait to show off! Especially with her granddaughter’s rivals, to envy them!

Translator and Editor Notes:

  1. Which grows grass all year round: [常年长草] not much activity most of the year. ~ Shi Xiao Lin

Yea, the internet can be scary ._.
BUT! our community is supportive and know how to appreciate work.
I really thank you for this! ~ Bluehm

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