[NTBG] Chapter 21 (2/2): Innocent Carol

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Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi ~ Edited

Even if the Egg takes too long to hatch, it can still be used to make some egg dishes. Let’s entrust the villagers with the job of what to do with the egg.

There is a strong desire in me to keep rolling more Egg Gacha although the reason is unknown. [1]

Well, what will come out?

After the Gacha is activated, the various eggs are displayed at high speed one after the another. There is a button at the bottom of the screen. So I can stop it manually?

Some are like the chicken eggs but others have what look like toxic shells. There are various sizes, some of them cover the whole screen while other are about the size of a human little finger.

“Is it possible to stop according to my wish?”

In the first place, the problem is that content of the egg cannot be judged with just the shell.

I stared so seriously that my eyes started flickered. So I decided to close my eyes and just try out my luck.

After I opened my eyes, there was a long thin egg on the screen. It’s not like a chicken’s. It seems like a familiar’s egg but I haven’t seen that shape.

When the image of the egg disappeared, a text appeared saying that it will be placed near the the village.

I see, it won’t magically appeared next to the villagers but instead is left alone near the village.

A red dot blinks on the map. It looks like the egg was placed there. However, it is a bit of a distance from the fence in the forest so it can’t be found without careful searching.

“Should I tell them using the Oracle?”

It would be a waste to leave it there as I got it from Gacha.

“A weak life in a white shell lurks in the forest. It depends on your luck whether it can provide you with strength but the opportunity lies in your hand.”

Should I change the text to something easier to understand? I also have to mention that there will be some kind of an event tomorrow.

I is difficult to write sentences which bring about the dignity of the God and also not be unbearing.

After making some adjustments, just as I thought, the villagers read the oracle and entered the forest to find the egg.

Surprisingly it was Carol who discovered the egg.

“Wow, it’s an egg. We can eat egg dishes now.”

“No no, we won’t eat it. It was written in the Oracle that we can take it but it’s a gift from God so we have to cherish it.”

“Ok. Mom. I understand.”

Carol responds with suddenly lifting one hand.

And then moved in front of the Altair and placed the egg gently.

“Thank you God. I was told to cherish this egg so please keep it God.”

And prayed, then the egg disappeared.

This sight is same as when you give tribute…tribute…..wait that means you sent me the egg!!?

What are you doing Carol????? What are you doing my sending me the egg which I gave to the villagers??????

Her mother Laila was also very surprised.

Laila desperately apologized to the statue of God of Destiny. Don’t worry so much, Carol doesn’t seem to understand what she did wrong and why are you angry.

I will get the egg tomorrow. What should I do…..If it’s not a chicken then it will be dangerous to eat it… I would need to hatch it.

I do NOT like being sent unidentified eggs. [2]

I am no good with the reptiles and amphibians but I at least I can just throw it away. If its a bird it would be better.

I couldn’t help but be worried so I decided to upload the egg image to the internet and asked what kind of egg it was.

Opinions were gathered immediately, and it seems like it resembles a reptile egg. Maybe a snake or a lizard.

“Snake…..Lizard….I am pretty bad with them..”

Still I didn’t want to give away the gift which I received so I decided to check out the hatching and breeding methods online.

The reptile can be handed over to someone who like them after if I can’t handle it.

It is sent from the game world, but actually it is a gift from the game operating company right? but I still have doubts… What if it’s really from another really world?

If thats true then it might be a monster egg.

“No..no..no, it’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s an egg of a lizard or a snake which can be kept as a pet. If so then will my family be ok with it?”

Even if I keep it in my room, family consent is necessary. It would be troublesome if my sister can’t handle reptiles.

My worries have increased again.

I am not really angry at Carol but I guess I would forgive her if I just vent a bit.

Translator and Editor Notes:

Well the chapter 21 is completed. The next chapter will be the last chapter of the volume 1. We can consider it as a checkpoint or something. 😂 ~ Asada


[1] Its them dang loot box mechanics

[2] I mean thats true

[3] [ Basically say abusive word once] yea unedited word is pretty jarring

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  2. Please let it be a rare monster egg! I would love to see his parents faces when they discover a legendary creature inside their son’s room XD

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    Carol: “we cant eat it? Then i’ll return it to the hiki god~ dear god, please give us something delicious next time”

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