[VHBF] Chapter 13: The case is too smooth!!!

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The investigation team’s work was surprisingly smooth. In just a few days they found out about the facts behind the crimes of Zhang, Su and Liu families and some matters involved conspiracies against the Luo and Bai families.

People only knew a little about the Luo and Bai families, that they were really unlucky these few days after the two unfortunate incident. Firstly Mr. Luo got into an accident, then a major building project had an accident and was a major problem.

At this time, the investigation team opened a press conference, and revealed that interpol will be in charge of arresting the involved members of Zhang, Su and Liu families.

At the press conference, the department head Lee was dressed in formal clothes, his expression looked grave as he reported the case.

The press conference was a live broadcast and could be seen on the Internet.

The barrage exploded.

The original Bai family projects had some problems, the broken capital chain was because of the three families jointly sabotaging them. The Luo family which agreed to support Bai family was met with an accident, in all these matters the three families were involved from the shadows. Even behind the bank and other people issuing complaints they were involved, a big conspiracy.

Worst of all, in an attempt to remove Luo family as quickly as possible, the three families planned an accident that killed two young people, injured many and even paralyzed some of them.

How bad can the evil of human nature be?

The public was stunned when Director Lee spoke of the Bai House of the couple who had lost power.

“There is only one child under three years old in Bai House. Bai familiy, together with Zhang, Su and Liu families, had planned and carried out a number of criminal activities including, looking for someone to hit Mr. Luo’s car with a truck, which led to his car accident and serious injury and scheming in order to get their hands on the orphan’s heritage.

What was amazing was, they claimed they did this all in order to provide a secure future for the three years old child.

Even more chilling was that they spared no effort to forge the accident, in response everyone on the Internet shouted, Zhang, Su and Liu families stocks fell to the bottom, and was forced to suspend trading.

Li Chu’s face was dark and solemn. He was a man who couldn’t bear the sand in his eyes. He was determined to reveal the truth, which was very typical of his nature.

Thinking of imprisoning, Bai relatives began to deny these claims by the investigation team, and when evidence was delivered, they cried and begged for mercy, asking to let them off.

Knowing that they were going to be prosecuted, Bai family relatives who had poor psychological endurance broke down and began to scold everyone saying that they were the only elder relatives of the little girl. Raising her in return for the rewards, what was wrong with that?

After she had grown up they would just take a little dowry before sending her off. This was good enough for them, it was because in the future when she would be married off, won’t the Bai Group have to change their surname?

The Bai relatives were from mountain villages, their custom was to keep the wealth of the household in the household, and prevent it from being gone to other families. They did not think there was anything wrong with what they thought.

Even when the Bai couple was still alive they had tried to persuade them to adopt a son in order to inherit the family name and wealth.

So when they said these things in a completely straightforward and vigorous manner, their words were half-empty, and they were angry that they used such small matters to try to arrest them.

‘Find someone else to take the blame of what happened to Old Luo, it was the fault of Zhang, Su and Liu families anyway. It had nothing to do with us!’

No matter what they claimed, the law was always the law; the wicked were in prison, waiting for prosecution.

Li Chu thought a little about this and raised his eyes, looked at the camera and declared “The facts about the crimes of Zhang Yu, Su Liang and Liu Houxin are established and proven, the press conference of the investigation results is over.”

At the end of the press conference, when the truth was announced, some people suddenly realized that it was not that surprising.

The most powerful business districts in city A are Luo and Zhang Groups followed by Bai family and Su family. The first two families were old families that had been passed on for many years. They were the local hegemons of city A. There was no fire or water between them. Generations of descendants were competing against each other.

The generations of people in power in Zhang family were fond of enjoyment and average in ability. They were going downhill year by year and would have been left behind by the Luo family soon.

The Bai family’s three year old golden doll wanted to recognize the Luo family’s son as her father, the Luo family also had similar intention as they agreed with her, but won’t that lead to the Luo and Bai family becoming one? What else could the Zhang family do?

The people related to the Zhang family didn’t know how to deal with the Luo family, as they were inferior to them in every other way. Secretly, they couldn’t figure out how to overthrow the Luo family and thus dominate the industry.

At this time, the Liu and the Su family fought against the Luo family together with them. It was not a surprise that they gave the Luo family a setback.

The only surprise was that those relatives of the Bai family had been conspiring with the tiger. The Bai group wanted people to go bankrupt and they were willing to do so for 50 million yuan!

The 10 billion group was not as attractive to them as the 50 million cash.

Director Li entered the car, his face heavy and silent.

Mu Bai hesitated for a while, and finally said, “Li Chu, do you think we’re going too smoothly this time?”

“How long has it been? In the past, for this level of case, it was not unusual for it to take about three to five months. This time, it didn’t even take two weeks. It seems to be going incredibly well. “

Li Chu lifted his eyelids. “The truth was not wrong. Someone behind it may have wanted us to find out.”

He pulled at the corners of his mouth and said, “Let’s just go along with it.”

Mu Bai was stunned and didn’t speak any more. Somehow, he thought of the young man he saw when he went to Luo’s house that day.

Aloof and loose, inexplicable as if he was not happy?

After the dust settled, the relevant departments approved the restart of Chengdong project, the bank executives involved were arrested, the loan was restored to normal, the capital chain of Luo Group was also restored, and a contract was signed with the two projects of Bai Group.

At the same time, other detained projects of Bai Group also returned to normal. Since the press conference, the stock prices of the two companies had been rising. In a few days, they were even higher than before, which was a surprise.

Mr. Luo was moved to the hospital for a few days. Every day, the little dumpling went to see her grandfather, either with her grandmother or with her father.

Every time she went there, she would always sit infront of her grandfather’s hospital bed, with her hands supporting her chubby chin, and looked at him with her big watery eyes expectantly, so that he could get better quickly. She was waiting to pick up bottles with grandfather!

Mr. Luo: “…”

Even if the girl came to visit everyday, she was soft, naive and lovely. He would have liked to get better soon. But unfortunately, the heartless doctors, uncles and aunts of the hospital adored her, praising that she was cute and sensible.

Mr. Luo pulled the corners of his mouth. When he thought about why YinYin was expecting him to get better soon, his heart was numb.

On the day of Mr. Luo’s discharge, all three of his family went to apply for an adoption certificate with the girl.

Mr. Luo was sitting in a wheelchair, and the child was being led by Luo Sheng. But the little dumpling was too short. Luo Sheng had a height of 180cm. After getting off the car, the man stood up straight and the girl couldn’t reach her father’s hand, even after standing on her toes.

“Dad, lower!”

Luo Sheng raised his eyebrows and laughed: “Dwarf!!!”

YinYin got angry, looked up and stared at her father. She turned to tell grandma and grandpa, “Dad is bullying me!”

Mrs. Luo pretended to be angry and scolded her son, saying how can he bully the little child?

“If you bully YinYin again, we will leave you here and go back. Let’s take her and walk by ourselves.”

The little dumpling heard that her daddy was being scolded. She quickly waved her hand. “No, no, daddy didn’t bully me. He was very good!”

Mrs. Luo: “…”

“Tut, little girls are such a bother.” He stooped down and picked up the girl. “OK? Let’s walk! “

The little dumpling smiled contentedly and rubbed against her father’s cheek. It was a bit rough but warm.

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