[NTBG] Chapter 20 (2/2): Old Wounds

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi ~ edited

My sister has never been caught up in the past. Even now, it was me that is trying to be return to who I was. [1]

I have to protect my sister until the end. In the past it was fine because the opponent who stabbed me ran away. But now, he might attack my sister as well.

I wallow in my past when I am all alone. For now I need to re-assure my sister.

I talked with her about my work and cleaning on our way home.

When I was talking about the cleaning technique which Mr.Yamamoto and Misaki, she laughed a bit.

The cold winds were blowing mercilessly in the winter night. We were just chatting but I was getting far more warmth than any hot tea.

My sister asked me to go to the bath first, so I quickly washed up my body and immersed myself in the bathtub.

Up until recently, she always used to say she doesn’t like to bath after me. [3]

My younger sister might like to wash up soon so I stopped my usually long bath and got up early.

“I’m done Sayuki.”


I got out of the bathroom. I return to the second floor with a drink.

We talked on the way back home that I would regularly pick her up to avoid future stalking problems and if it was impossible for me then father or mother can pick her up instead.

Something has already happened so it will be easy to convince my parents. I feel a bit relieved.


After the attack, I was really worried about the state of Village but guess I was overthinking things.

With the end of the Temptation of the Evil God,the monsters seemed to have lost their ferocity.

When I checked on the villagers, they were all asleep in their rooms. Naturally, I am going to sleep too.

But first there are stuff to do. I read past logs, and just like usual Chem and Carol battled it out for Gams and only Lodis and his wife seemed to have some serious conversations.

Should I use the Fate points to activate a miracle now that the situation is fairly stable? There is the problem about my sister’s stalker so I want to reduce my concerns a little.

Which miracle should I trigger? There are various security miracles but they are not necessary for now. I want to replenish the various daily necessities by inviting some travellers.

I was worried about the purchase price, but I am relived as the materials extracted from defeated monsters stored in the cave can be sold.

While scrolling through the miracle list. I found a item in a different color. It was a limited time miracle. 

[Limited Bonus Event] You can get a permanent companion or a powerful item or both.

This is attractive. I don’t want to miss these events as a gamer. Is the time period only for today?

If I miss the timings then I might probably never get that companion and item.

The Fate points are sufficient. However, the cave of the villagers falls in a remote area. I cannot regret it later on if the RNG is bad.

It’s not like a normal game.

It’s pretty regrettable but I guess it cannot be traded for the life of the villagers.

“It’s already late. I’ll go to the bathroom and then sleep.”

I was a little sick, when had sat on the toilet. Footsteps approached me from the hallway and my sister’s voice was heard.

“Hey, can I borrow your PC. My data are at their limits.”

“Oh..ok sure.”

I am not sure what a packet is but there is nothing wrong with lending my PC……PC?!!!

“Wait a minute. Don’t use the PC.”

I shouted but heard no reply.

I told my sister roughly about the game but I didn’t tell her the exact details. It would be a problem if some strange operation is performed.

I rushed, wiped my butt and enter my room, my sister slowly turned around.

The swear that flows from her temples and her awkward expression is giving me a bad feeling.

“I am sorry. I clicked something wrong and got this.”

My sister moved away from the PC, the screen entered my sight.

Large letters were on the screen.

[Bonus Event Activated. It will start 10:00 am day after tomorrow.?

It was displayed.

……At least Sayuki luck was better than mine…….

Translator and Editor Notes:

He should be thankful to his sister for probably saving his life or he might have been injured again. ~ Asada

[1]: Listen mates. This might sound confusing but here we are talking about to returning back to their behaviour and life 10 years ago and not the time travel. I also hope the editor can move my comment to the notes section because I am too lazy to do it. [2]

[2]: Big bruh moment. Unedited was pretty confusing

[3]: Rules for taking baths are first shower off with soaps etc, then you relax a bit in your bath, thats why he quickly wash first. And of course to save water everyone have the same bath(water), thats why Sayuki would say that.

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