[NTBG] Chapter 20 (1/2): Reliable Sister

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi ~ edited

The lights of the convenience store can finally be seen.

I arrived at the front of the convenience store. It’s been a long time since I ran so seriously…oh right since the Temptation of the Evil God.

I am having difficulty breathing.

“Gasp!~…yeah…. where is Sayuki?”

When I looked inside the store. I saw my sister all alone in the store except the clerk.

There was no stalker like figure.

My sister seemed to have noticed me and my expression relaxed a bit.

I wanted to go inside the store but stopped when seeing her pointing outside.

I pretended to make a phone call on my smartphone to avoid suspicion and turned around slowly.

Is she pointing towards that direction? I went to a corner. Kept my ears on the smartphone and kept an eye on the surroundings.

I don’t know for sure because of the dark but it seems like there was someone hiding there.

Should I approach and check? Even if I don’t want catch him, I can plan my actions depending upon his reaction.

“I am near the convenience store. You haven’t picked me up yet? Is it cold?”

I got out to the road while talking in a bright voice.

I was pretending while gradually leaving the convenience store and approach the person. I need to be patient and walk in a natural way to avoid suspicion and alert the stalker.

… Only a bit further then the figure of the person will become clear…

Suddenly the figure dash way in the opposite direction even though I was walking carefully while being restrainted.

Oh, shit he escaped. What am I going to do now? It’s better to make chase and clear this situation up.

My smartphone started ringing as I was about to sprint. When I checked the screen, it was an incoming call from my sister.

“Don’t chase him, it would be dangerous.”

I listened to my sister voice who seems to be about to cry, this changed my mind and returned to the convenience store.

My younger sister stopped me with such a desperate voice, probably recalling the time when we did drive away another stalker in the past.

……When my sister was still in junior-high, I was a college student. I couldn’t tolerate the stalker so I caught the kid who was hiding without thinking.

The other party was not a classmate of my sister but was someone who had caught up my sister by accident.

Speaking of sense of justice, it sounded good and I was emboldened because my opponent was a kid in junior high, a decade younger than me. I can win if he is alone, so I thought.

When I was seriously screaming at the stalker, the kid took out a concealed knife.

At that time I freaked out.  

I was only thinking about how to run at that moment. I wanted to run away even though my sister was behind me. Just without thinking about it I tried to escape.

I don’t remember what I said but probably it was a pitiful reply.

I still remember how my sister looked when she was crying.

The other party sharply cut open my belly with his knife where I couldn’t avoid it at all. I still remember clearly the pain and sensation of a foreign object entering my body.

And before I noticed, I was already rushed to the hospital.

The bleeding was severe but fortunately the internal organs was unhurt and recovered quite quickly, even after those injuries.

At that time just before losing my cool, my sister’s face that had been crying seemed to have revived again.

Assuming the stalker to be a same kind of person… how can I protect my sister if I was to be injured seriously again.

I do not have any means to counter the blade. What am I going to do if he have a weapon in his hand.

If I was stabbed and passed away, if the stalker got arrested it might be a good solution but I still have the villagers. I can’t be irresponsible and abandon them. [1]

“And I don’t want to be unprepared again.”

The scar of my arrogance still remains.

While touching the old wounds gently from top of my clothes, I rushed to my sister who was standing in the convenience store.

“Onii-sama. I am glad that you came to pick me up, but I told you not to mess up.”

“Oi oi since it’s pretty late keep your voice down.”

While deliberately acting oblivious I offered my hand towards her.

She inflated her cheeks and faced me. A gesture which I was familiar with since I was a child. We have grown but it still hasn’t changed.

“Let’s go home.”

“Yeah..well, thank you Onii-sama”. She grasped my hand.

“You are welcome.”

Translator and Editor Notes:

Ok pay attention a stalker is here. I repeat a a stalker is here. BTW do me a favor and leave me a comment on whether you prefer Onii-sama or older brother. ~ Asada

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