[NTBG] Chapter 19 (2/2): Winter and Me

Translator: Asada

Editor: Kylerboi ~ edited

Two days have passed since I cleared the Temptation of the Evil God.

A large amount of Fate points were consumed but now the Fate points rates have increased due to the villagers gratitude. Still its value is far away from the original value.

This is a game where rich people have lots of advantage. They can enjoy it without a problem and you can even survive the Temptation of Evil God.

We enjoy a month free of any charges but then they throw a high difficulty event after you get addicted to the game. The player who wants to continue must spend money if they want to continue.

“This is an excellent strategy.”

I am annoyed but I need to make money.

I know I am being manipulated in such a way but still, I am doing the cleaning job.

Rather than the usual super market cleaning at midnight, today my job is to clean the floors and windows of a multi purpose building.

It was really bad at the end of the month. Really I appreciate their help.

Mr. Yamamoto is apologizing for breaking the schedule in front of the vending machine when he was taking the break.

I was rushed due to the sudden job but the attack has already happened and there were no problems with this incident.

“This is good. Would you like to have a drink?”

You should receive kindness without hesitation. It’s rude to refuse.

“Is this the hot milk tea.?”

“Yosh. Is it okay?”

I took the milk tea of my favorite brand.

Thanks for the hot drink in this chilling days of December.

“By the way, what was the sudden erand?”

“Oh, that’s right, but will you keep it a secret from the president?”

“Yes, well. I won’t tell anyone.”

Aren’t you shouting too loudly to keep it a secret?

“Actually…..If you have the same game you can understand. There was a limited time event for a game.”


I couldn’t reply unexpectedly.

It may be a scene where I can blame him like “So, that was the reason.” but I have no right to say anything because my reason was the same.

“Well to be honest, I understand your feelings. Was it a rare event?”

“Oh, you are truly my comrade. So you understand. I was super terrified that you are going to be mad. It needs a lot of preparation.”

It seems he was really happy that I understood it.

I don’t feel like blaming him because I can understand him as a gamer. It’s not unusual for a a game to have some kind of event at the end of every month.

However, the end of the month event reminds me of Village of Fate. Should I ask him about it?

“Is the game about city building or roleplaying?”

“No..it’s not. It’s a pretty intense action game. It’s interesting to do what you can’t do in real life.”

Although its a lousy thing, but recently a survival game in which everyone survives by killing each other with guns has become popular. It’s interpersonal warfare, the behavior pattern changes depending upon the opponent so you will never get tired of it.

Many people like Mr.Yamamoto are addicted to such games.

“I have played such games but I am not good at it.”

“I would recommend it to you…oh but it’s impossible.”

I am thinking while crossing my arms.

I am really excited to talk about games in my break time.

I drink my milk tea all at once while appreciating the good luck with which I was blessed.

So let’s do our best in the second half too.

“It has gotten quite late.”

“Today there was more work than usual.”

The schedule was supposed to end in the evening but the client was a “meticulous” person and was pointing out everywhere saying it was dirty here and dirty there persistently, so before we knew it the sun has already gone down.

I wanted to replenish my sweets and drinks so I walked to the nearest convenience store on my way home.

“Meat bun is best on a cold day.”

While I was walking on the road with the bun in my right hand and tea in my left hand, I heard the ringtone of my smartphone.

I threw out the remaining meat buns into my mouth and took out the smartphone.

My sister is calling me?

It’s the first time that I got a call from Sayuki.

“What happened?”

It was too much for me to eat at once.

“Oni-sama there seems to be a stalker following me that I talked about before.”

I was surprised, and swallowed the remaining meat buns in my mouth.

“Where are you now?”

“I am exiting the nearest convenience store to home.”

So she is back at the store?

I turned back the way I came from.

I need to reach to my sister. I have to.

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